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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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EcoSocialist Meeting Report

14-10-2007 20:29

More than 60 activists from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States belonging to various political parties and ecological movements took part in this meeting.

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Peace and Unity March : Nottingham 2 Event in Square

14-10-2007 14:08

Saturday 13th October 2007 meeting 12noon at Forest ground.

People came together in Nottingham today to voice their opposition against the city's gun crime and gang culture problems. The families of victims of violent crimes, such as the killing of Nathan Williams in the Meadows last year came together to call for 'Peace And Unity' and to put an 'End To The Killings'.

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Peace and Unity March : Nottingham 1 Demo

14-10-2007 14:02

People came together in Nottingham today to voice their opposition against the city's gun crime and gang culture problems. The families of victims of violent crimes, such as the killing of Nathan Williams in the Meadows last year came together to call for 'Peace And Unity' and to put an 'End To The Killings'.

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Peace And Unity! In Our Community! - a radio piece

13-10-2007 23:47


Over 300 people came together in Nottingham today to voice their opposition against the city's gun crime and gang culture problems. The families of victims of violent crimes, such as the killing of Nathan Williams in the Meadows last year (read article) came together to call for 'Peace And Unity' and to put an 'End To The Killings'. A march started at the Forest Recreation Ground around midday and made its way to the city centre along Mansfield Road. The march was very loud and cheerful and attracted a lot of attention.

On arrival in the centre a rally started in the Market Square, with talks and speeches by members of families that have been affected by violent crime as well as people from various groups and organisations working on the issue. One of the speakers was Paula Platt, who lost her 14 year old daughter Danielle in 2004 as she walked through the St Anns area. Sarah Wallace, who lost her 20 year old son Daniel over a year ago in a stabbing in Radford, was also present and briefly spoke to us. All in all, it was a beautiful sight to see so many people coming together over this very important issue. Download the radio piece below (mp3 or ogg format) or listen to the stream.

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RBS Update and Leaflets

13-10-2007 21:07

Leaflet Front
It's only a few days away! There are plans afoot all over the country, and
there's still time for you to organise something in your local area. A few things that might help:

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Long Live Thomas Sankara!

13-10-2007 20:11

Thomas Sankara was a bold revolutionary leader who gave Burkina Faso its name
Demonstration on Monday 10/15 at Burkina Faso embassy in Washington DC
commemorates assassination of Thomas Sankara. will also interview Sankara's brother Paul, Sunday 10/14, 11am-1pm U.S. Eastern time.

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Social Economies and Political Conflicts

13-10-2007 16:42

Most of our serious social, ecological and economic problems can only be solved bottom-up with the insight and will of concerned citizens. The challenge consists in the radical democratization of the economy. Resistance and mobilization against the policies of neoliberalism are essential. Otherwise we only put the cart before the horse and bridle the horse by the tail.

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Cardiff Total blockade 13th oct

13-10-2007 14:20

Total garage blocked for second time

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Interpol APB proves police agencies can now unscramble digitally blurred images

13-10-2007 07:34

Digitally blurred images from protests or other actions which can incriminate people involved are not safe to post publicly. Police now can unscramble the encryption behind this security device.

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Burma's dogs and graffiti artists continue the protests

12-10-2007 22:10

Protesting Dogs Are Now on the Regime’s Wanted List, by Saw Yan Naing writing for Irrawaddy, October 12, 2007

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Demands for government intervention aimed at strangling post dispute

12-10-2007 20:04

As we go to press, talks are under way between Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union (CWU), as unofficial action that began at postal sorting depots in London, Glasgow and Liverpool Wednesday spread to several other offices by Thursday morning.

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For a Future of Solidarity and Justice

12-10-2007 16:32

The European social model is an alternative to the American mini-welfare state. The irrationality of finance capitalism appears in that the stock price rises while the value of labor falls. The economy produces more every year with fewer persons. Labor is shamelessly robbed of its rights and dignity.

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Few more picture from Vicam

12-10-2007 16:20

Encuentro Vicam, 11 de octubre

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Vicente Fox disrupted in NYC by questions about Oaxaca and Brad Will

12-10-2007 09:03

A book signing at Barnes and Noble turned tense when audience members
asked about Brad Will…

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Resistance, Not Repression, Is the Real Story From Burma

12-10-2007 00:44

Note: the events within Burma described below come from a member of the exiled pro-democracy leadership of Burma 8888. This individual is now deeply involved in the current movement's strategizing and communications, and is in regular contact both with groups on the Thai-Burma border and within the country. Because of the sensitive nature of his work, he has asked to remain anonymous.

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New South West rave forum

11-10-2007 18:19

Here is a new rave culture forum for the southwest-covering all aspects of rave

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Animal day in Leeds, report

11-10-2007 16:17

What happened and where the money went.

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Post workers face political struggle against Royal Mail/Labour government

11-10-2007 15:57

Unofficial strike action broke out at several postal sorting offices across the UK early Wednesday morning in response to deliberate provocations by Royal Mail.

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“First, Identify the Enemy”

11-10-2007 15:05

Town by Town, the People Are Fighting Energy Mega-Projects and Neoliberalism in Oaxaca
By Nancy Davies
Commentary from Oaxaca
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