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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Netherlands: VIDEO - kids try to free detained pupil; police violence.

30-11-2007 10:35

Netherlands. Watch this video and see whats going on in Netherlands since pupils from all over the country are on strike and protest against a new governments´ law on education. Police acts brutal against the kids. More information on:

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Peter Hain can't be just another dishonest, corrupt or sleazy politician!

30-11-2007 04:58

Peter Hain administrative error bureau

Announcing the many items of news celebrating the success of Mr Hain in getting away by lying.

Mr Hain blames the staff.

He is not to be sullied

He remains above reproach.

How could anyone in their right minds ever even imagine that a man of peter Hain's record as a successful career-maker could be just as corrupt, as dishonest as any other politician?

Here are some of the news items that are accessible at the time of this post.

I say accessible at the time of this post in the expectation that they may get removed under some secret state dicta brought in to protect Mr Hain

The Guardian web site,,-7115204,00.html

Sky News web site,,91211-1295081,00.html

The Scotsman


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PHILIPPINES: On Makati Siege; A crisis of institutions

30-11-2007 02:03

PHILIPPINES: On Makati Siege
The incident unfolding in Makati City today is not surprising. It is a logical conclusion to the abuses committed by the Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) administration, from the dismissal of the impeachment complaint to the clamp down of democratic and constitutional processes.

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Irish Law is a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.

30-11-2007 00:08

An evil monster is growing in our Irish legal society which encourages in them a dogma of belief that there is no wrong in Slander, Liable, Defamation, Secrecy, Corruption, Threat, Deception, Perjury ,Theft and a host of other perversions.

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Netherlands: All high-schools on strike! Riots cops against pupils.

29-11-2007 22:36

The past few days have been exiting in the Netyerlands because suddenly the pupils of almost all (high)schools in the Netherlands walked out into the streets and started to create a big mess.

In Amsterdam riotcops on horses chased 13-year old kids over the Museumplein and applied the watercanon on them. 250 kids were arrested (in the whole of Holland). At many places small riots broke out, kids pelted buildings with egs and stones. One of the buildings attacked was that of the main media centre in Hilversum and that of the parliament in The Hague.

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Campaign launched to save Al Masrah' villagers.

29-11-2007 19:30

A Brighton group has launched a campaign to free five villagers from Al Masrah' in Occupied Palestine, held on remand after protesting against the theft of their land.

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Amazing high-school revolt in Holland

29-11-2007 15:55

Suddenly the tranquility of the Dutch polder is being disrupted because highschoolkids collectively decided to stop staying in their schools. They go into the streets and create mayhem...

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Squat raid by Rottweiler in Brighton

29-11-2007 11:38

According to the local rag The Argus, a squat in Kingsway, Hove was raided on Monday afternoon by a gang of six men carrying crowbars and baseball bats led by a Rottweiler. A group of 12 men and women have been using the site for about 3 weeks and were so terrified that they had to barricade themselves in an upstairs room.

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France: university strikes and occupations against the LRU continue

29-11-2007 03:22

Students across France have been voting on the next step in the ongoing struggle against the so-called reforms of the LRU law.

November 28th, 2007 by jef costello
Reposted from

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riot caracas

29-11-2007 00:20

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Save Leeds Corn-X From Food Emporium for the Rich

28-11-2007 22:39

As most people form Leeds know, the Corn Exchange plays a major part in the city's youth alternative culture and has done for decades. On any day you'll see goths, punks, emo kids and just general teenagers meeting there, making new mates, getting along and having fun.

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4WardEver presents 'Sounds for Justice'

28-11-2007 21:45

Muzik Makes Peace
4WardEver has announced a new section on its website to promote artistes' and their music that speaks for the struggles of oppressed people of the world.

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The Five Cuban Prisoners --- Defending Against Terrorism

28-11-2007 16:37

Commentary by Philip Agee for European Solidarity Tour

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Move into the Light?: Postscript to a turbulent 2007

28-11-2007 16:34

"Move into the Light?: Postscript to a turbulent 2007"

By Turbulence

At the beginning of 2007, the Turbulence collective commissioned 14 articles from around the global 'movement of movements', asking authors: "What would it mean to win?" We edited their responses into a newspaper and printed 7,000 copies, most of which were distributed at the mobilisation against the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, Germany, in June. A few months later, we want to return to the question of winning.

As we resume our search it's no surprise that we keep coming across the problem of visibility. When we think about winning, our eyes are drawn to things that are highly visible or easy-to-measure, such as institutional or legislative change, the opening of a social centre or an increase in membership. That's where the light is. But we also need to assess victories in the less tangible though just as real realm of possibilities. Winning in this realm may involve increased potential, changes in perception or patterns of behaviour. Yet these seem to exist at the very edge of the luminous zone.

This problem leads into another: our experiences create their own luminosity and consequently their own areas of darkness. When we think about winning we are drawn to movements, people and events that are familiar to us; and we have expectations about how things should turn out if they are to constitute a victory.

So how can we overcome our night-blindness once we move beyond the familiar?...

To download the new Turbulence booklet, "Move into the Light?", as a PDF go to:

To help distribute the booklet, or to offer a translation, please write to:

A web-banner linking directly to the article can also be downloaded from:

Copies of the booklet can be ordered via our website,

And, as ever, we're keen for comments, criticism and feedback on the text.

The Editors

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New Deal boot camps

28-11-2007 16:05

An in-depth undercover investigation into New Deal boot camps.

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Peak Oil Activists Gather, Plan for Hard Times, Will Lead the Way

28-11-2007 14:49

YELLOW SPRINGS, OHIO – Former professor and author David Korten told close to 300 applauding peak oil activists that they are not a fringe minority but the leading edge of a super-majority "and it's time we start acting like it."

Korten issued his rallying call in October at the "Fourth U.S. Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions" where activists from 30 some states discussed ways to respond to declining oil production and other coming planetary woes. Korten joined a dozen other speakers in "Planning for Hard Times," the theme of the three-day conference sponsored by Community Solution at Antioch College.

"The day of reckoning for our profligate ways has arrived," Korten said. "Peak oil, climate chaos, exhaustion of freshwater, species extinction, financial collapse, and social disintegration are causing a great unraveling." Now is the time, Korten said, for a great turning from a 5000-year history of empire, driven today by a suicidal competition over the earth's remaining resources, to a cooperative earth community which shares resources to maintain healthy communities, families and natural systems.

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We’ll Come to Gaza - END 'al Nakba' NOW!

28-11-2007 14:24

Peace Con kicks off with 6 dead in 24 hours.
Bulldozers, tanks & fighter planes.
Welcome to Gaza

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Gates Foundation Millions to divert popular protest movement, South Africa

28-11-2007 14:22

Gates Foundation Injects $10 Million into Embedded NGO that Claims to Represent Shack Dwellers. Abahlali, the Durban Shack Dwelllers Movement, an amazing community response to the failure of ANC party politics on the ground, responds with a brilliant critique and a resolution to keep on fighting.

"Today is just another ordinary day in our struggle. The march is not ours. The money is not for us. Our struggle is ours. Our struggle continues. Our struggle is for land and housing in democratic cities" Abahlali

for why this movement is one of the most important struggles we could support today!!

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International Campaign for Release of the Cuban Five Intensifies

27-11-2007 23:28

Geoffrey Bottoms with Gerardo Hernández
British reverend Geoffrey Bottoms said on Monday that international solidarity with the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters who remain unjustly imprisoned in the United States continues to grow...

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Careers Development Group

27-11-2007 18:42

Careers Development Group is one of the training groups Brown want to send the unemployed under New Deal for the unemployed. Is he taking the piss?
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