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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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01-04-2005 19:10

Bombardier is one of the first western corporations to directly partner with the Chinese government in the construction of the railway. Once completed, it will bring an influx of Chinese settlers into Tibet, further marginalizing Tibetans.

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Limerick, Ireland - First Caterpillar Free Zone?

01-04-2005 17:24

Caterkiller tee-shirts
On tuesday 28th March, party leaders on Limerick City Council considered a motion put forward by the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign to declare Limerick City the worlds first Caterpillar Free Zone. The motion calls on the City Council to ban the use of all Caterpillar plant and machinery on Council worksites from January 1st 2006, and calls on all traders in Limerick City to implement a voluntary ban on the sale of Caterpillar merchandise.

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Labour Party Office Occupied Now!

01-04-2005 14:59

Show Solidarity!
A group of concerned people from around Nottinghamshire have occupied the Labour party’s regional office in Attenborough, Beeston today to urge their local MP’s to act on inhumane policies towards asylum seekers that leave many destitute. At the moment nearly 900 refugees in Nottinghamshire alone live in destitution. Most experience hunger, cannot afford to buy clothes or shoes and many are not able to maintain good health.

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01-04-2005 13:54

Over 80 anti-war activists pulled an April fools day hoax outside the offices of British company, Windrush Communications Ltd today. The protestors dressed as pirates for an April Fools Day Pro-Privatisation Party. The aim of which was to highlight the role of Windrush in promoting the illegal plunder of Iraq’s assets.

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Labour Party Office Occupied Now!

01-04-2005 11:00

A group of concerned people from around Nottinghamshire have occupied the Labour party’s regional office in Attenborough, Beeston today to urge their local MP’s to act on inhumane policies towards asylum seekers that leave many destitute. At the moment nearly 900 refugees in Nottinghamshire
alone live in destitution. Most experience hunger, cannot afford to buy clothes or shoes and many are not able to maintain good health.

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Zimbabwe exiles call for people’s uprising

01-04-2005 10:25

Archbishop’s appeal for anti-Mugabe rebellion praised - Elections condemned as “rigged” and “not free, not fair”.
Zimbabwean exiles and UK supporters urged a “general strike and people’s uprising to overthrow President Mugabe’s tyranny”, today Thursday 31 March 2005.

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Equality Bill excludes gay rights

31-03-2005 08:31

Protection from discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation has been excluded from five key provisions of the government’s new Equality Bill.

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Liverpool Social Forum Meeting TUESDAY

31-03-2005 08:31

The next meeting of the LSF will be on Tuesday 5th April (i.e. this Tuesday coming) at 7.30pm in the Casa, Hope St.

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Stolen American Presidential Election

31-03-2005 04:37

I believe this is likely the most important story in several months. I am sending this to you for distribution as the story greatly impacts the whole world. Thusfar, the US has not paid much attention to it and it needs to be addressed globally. It is about a scientific study showing that the US Presidential election of 2004 was stolen. Thank you.

John Macchietto, Ph.D.

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Bloomsbury, MSN fear TV/web "war" over "gay bowel syndrome"

30-03-2005 22:22

"Gay Bowel Syndrome" must be deleted from MSN Encarta

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IWW and NUM Celebrate Anniversaries of Struggle

30-03-2005 18:06

Politicians of every stripe will destroy national
industries to avoid facing a determined industrial
union, said union activists in Newcastle, England. The
workers spoke on March 6, 2005 at a British centennial
celebration of the Industrial Workers of the World
(IWW) and the National Union of Miners’ (NUM)
1984-1985 strike.

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Miners Pay Tribute to Radical Hatfield Main Branch

30-03-2005 17:59

National Union of Miners members from the Hatfield Main branch paid tribute to the struggles of their branch and to their delegate Dave Douglass in Stainforth, Doncaster district.

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Luxembourg, 16-18th June 2005, EU Summit Protest

30-03-2005 16:09

The mobilization and the protest against the European Union and the presidency of Luxembourg continues after the European-wide action day took place on the 19th of march in Brussels. In preperation for the next summit a multilingual mobilization brochure containing texts and practical advice has been published; and is also available on-line.

Delete Capitalism!
Days of Action Against the European Union Summit!
June 16-18, 2005

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St Modwens the destroyer

30-03-2005 15:38

St Modwens the destroyer, through a front company KPI and in collusion with the local council, has managed to trash Farnborough town centre. St Modwens is now proposing to do the same in collusion with the local council to the century old Queens Market at Upton Park in East London.

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Cairo Conference Report

30-03-2005 12:31

Middle East democracy that the US fears

A movement is growing in Egypt that will terrify the warmongers in Washington. Simon Assaf reports from the Cairo Conference.

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30-03-2005 10:21

Join us, the corporate pirates, in a week of action on 1 - 6 April to oppose the corporate plunder of Iraq. We have a series of events planned for this week and anyone who believes in justice for the people of Iraq should come along and join the protests

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My escape from homophobic hell in Algeria

30-03-2005 10:18

Algerian homosexuals are caught between the twin barbarisms of a totalitarian state and a clerical fascist opposition. Everyone is against us. Human rights groups in Algiers do nothing to defend ‘sodomites’. In their view, there is no such thing as gay human rights.

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Statement from former Easton Community Association staff, Bristol

30-03-2005 08:09

Statement from former staff members of the troubled Easton Community Association in Bristol. Please note that it was impossible to consult with all former staff members so this statement should not be considered to be a reflection of the opinions of all former staff.

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hip hop summit postponed

29-03-2005 20:59

this sounded really cool earlier.. maybe it will be really cool later.. : )


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BNP Bricked!

29-03-2005 16:35

An anti-fascist mobilisation was organised to counter a large BNP meeting in Yorkshire last Sunday (27/03/05). BNP security and members cars were attacked with rocks by 30 anti-fascists.
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