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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Inter Milan accepts challenge of playing Zapatista football team

16-05-2005 13:52

subcommandante marcos playing football, by Alessio from LaJornada
As previously reported on Indymedia Scotland and Indymedia UK, plagiarised though of BBC world news, Subcommandante Marcos from the EZLN in Chiapas, Mexico, wrote an invitation for a solidarity football game to Inter Milan.
Now the solidarity group B.A.S.T.A. Reports on Indymedia Germany that Inter Milan would have accepted the challenge, however, not yet detemining the time and location of the match.

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Report and pics: Levellers' Day, Burford, Oxfordshire

16-05-2005 12:05

SWP stall
The 31st annual Levellers' Day took place in Burford on Saturday 14 May. There was a good turnout of people of all ages, coming from as far afield as Leicester and Cheltenham, and the weather was, for once, almost perfect, considering that most years we either bake or drown..
The theme this year was ‘The Media as a Political Weapon’, and we had excellent speeches from people such as Greg Philo of the Glasgow Media Group, Anna Wagstaff of the Oxford NUJ and Judith Brown from Arab Media Watch.
The afternoon’s entertainment was astonishingly varied, including Geoff Berner and his friends from Canada, Attila the Stockbroker with both poems and songs, and many more (see Delicious Indian vegetarian food was available all day.
We Indy types managed to get in a 2-minute plug for Oxford Indymedia, immediately after Anna Wagstaff’s speech, but there was no other mention of Indymedia and, as far as I could gather, just a nod in the direction of alternative media sources on the part of Greg Philo. This was disappointing for us as we consider that Indymedia, though still fairly small and immature, has great potential on several counts: by providing self-publishing facilities for all, it can in principle greatly extend the range of news available to people, so bypassing many of the problems associated with the corporate media. It can also have an empowering effect on those contributors who have hitherto felt themselves to be ‘voiceless’, and thereby reinforce democracy (etc., etc!!).

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The Power Of Performance

16-05-2005 10:41

The Power of Performance
"There is too much to learn from Acting, to keep it the sole reserve of Actors"

The link between Psychology and Drama is a barely visible, hugely underestimated and very powerful human resource. Augusto Boal knew this and developed exercises with this link in mind. Though they were still firmly rooted in the theatre, the psychological benefits cannot be ignored.

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15-05-2005 21:10

If your against the Invasion of Iraq, If your against the Occupation of Iraq, If your against the killing of 100,000 Iraqis by U$ and British forces, If your against attacks of Civil Liberties, then come down to Brighton, Defend the Right to Protest and support the Smash Edo Campaign!

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Anniversary is woodland destruction - their answer is to ban public access!!!

14-05-2005 22:31

This Sunday 15th May at 2pm Spodden Valley campaigners are to meet at the concrete blocks on Dell Rd/Woodlands Rd in the Spodden Valley, Rochdale.

Thieaim is to walk the short distacnce on the public path ans cycle path of Woodlands Rd to where woodland was destroyed a year ago to the day.

To find out more about the environmental corporate vandalism that happened on 15/16th May 2004 go to

This might be the last chance to people may have to walk and cycle there for years…

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Demonstrate against murder of anarchist in Columbia - 18th May 2005

14-05-2005 19:26

London Anarchist Federation are calling for a demonstration at the Columbian Consulate in London in response to the brutal slaying of 15 year old Anarchist, Nicolás David Neira Alvares, during Mayday Demonstrations in Bogotá. Columbia.

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Free Palestine Demo in London on Saturday 21st May

14-05-2005 16:34

The Nakba Day Demonstration in support of a free Palestine, and an end to Israeli occupation is being held in London on 21st May, starting at 1pm at Embankment. A coach will be going from Oxford leaving the Taylor Institute St Giles at 10.30am

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Cadbury's 'eats' Green&Blacks...

14-05-2005 15:43

Green & Blacks, the organic choc etc co has 'sold out' to
megacorp Cadbury Sweppes.

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5 anarchist arrested in italy

13-05-2005 23:19

scum police in italy attack people fighting against detention center in the city of lecce, solidarity action will be great if anyone has got time to do stuff,and we should find this time.

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This is an account of my five days in the West Bank/Israel earlier this month.

13-05-2005 15:28

Apartheid wall - oops sorry security fence.
This is a 2,200 word article with 10 attached photos of my time in the West Bank and Israel in May 2005.

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“Fascists stab, democrats shoot”

13-05-2005 12:40

“Fascists stab, democrats shoot” in Athens within University!

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What qualifies as resistance?

13-05-2005 11:35

Why should we call them 'resistance'?

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Anti-G8 Day School: Brighton, 28th May

13-05-2005 11:34

Anti G8 day of events and workshops

As part of the Brighton Fringe Festival, Brighton
Dissent! with the TRAPEASE popular education road show

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Protest against Saudi torture and executions

13-05-2005 11:15

Join our protest on the International Day Against Homophobia.

Tuesday 17 May 2005
12 noon to 2pm
Saudi Arabian Embassy
30 Charles Street, London W1J 5DZ (nearest tube Green Park)

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Communism, anti-German criticism and Israel

13-05-2005 10:00

An interview with Stephan Grigat, member of Vienese anti-german communist group Café Critique.

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kick off time in uzbekistan

13-05-2005 00:38

it seems to be kick off time in uzbekistan, at least according to these two reports. the second of which is very interesting....
months of peaceful protest followed by an armed uprising???

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Mental Health is a Human Rights Issue

12-05-2005 22:30

The Kiss It ! March - London, February 14th
Kiss it! is campaigning against the inhumanity of current psychiatric practices prevalent throughout the Mental 'Health' System. Join us to demonstrate in a peaceful, humourous demonstration at 1pm on Thursday 14th July 2005, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester (site of the original Manchester Asylum!)

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First vicitms of the 2012 Olympics

12-05-2005 13:37

students are being evicted from the site of the proposed Olympic Village at Clays Lane, Stratford, East London, even before London knows if it will get the Olympics.

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12-05-2005 11:43




WILD GEESE looks at migration from the point of view of the migrants themselves, exploring their hopes, dreams and often harsh realities. The show exposes the great divide between those who build fortunes from the forced migration of the world's peoples and those much vilified refugees, asylum seekers and 'economic migrants' forced to leave homes and loved ones in search of work, refuge and survival.

- "It is so important that people speak up about the issues of racism and of prejudice against refugees and asylum seekers, and I believe your production is a wonderful way of doing just that" (Tony Brett Young, Mayor, London Borough of Sutton)

- "It shocked me to see what Britain and America do to cause so many of the world's problems" (6th former, Swinton High School, Manchester)

- "A superb performance" (Peterborough Racial Equality Council)

Catch this exciting and informative new show at one of the following venues, or see the website,, for an up-to-date tour schedule:

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Paul Blackburn - Another Childhood Stolen by the State

12-05-2005 10:20

Paul Blackburn
Paul Blackburn was convicted at the age of 15 and an appeal date (24-25th May 2005) is finally set after 25 years of delay.
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