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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Close Guantanamo Bay Protest - Video & Pics

15-07-2006 19:09

Video Outside American Embassy
This is a short description of the Protest from Marble Arch to the American Embassy on Juy 15th 2006.

We marched to highlight the ongoing torture and illedla imprisonment by the Americans in Guantanamo Bay.

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The “cash for peerages” scandal and the decay of British democracy

15-07-2006 19:00

Many will no doubt view the police investigation into allegations that peerages were granted in return for loans as payback for the complete subservience to big business that has characterised the Labour government of Prime Minister Tony Blair.

This, however, would be a serious mistake. Though few will mourn should the loans scandal claim Blair’s political scalp, it is not a matter of indifference how this comes about.

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G8 Summit 2006, Russia, Tony & Repressive States

15-07-2006 13:50

Today the Group of Eight (G8), the unofficial "world government" of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, will attend the 32nd G8 Summit in some suburb of St.Petersburg, which is in Russia somewhere.

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Mapuche Natives Displaced by Benetton

15-07-2006 08:04

Mapuche natives lost a law case against the Benetton group for the
occupation of land.

Sandra Sanmartin Mellado and Norma.

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Sexually Assaulting Islam: The Case of "Muslim" Porn

14-07-2006 22:59

Exposes the sexual exploitation of "Muslim" women in Western pornography.

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2 arrested in London

14-07-2006 22:51

one is expected to be bailed out soon
the other will be in court tomorrow

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White House, Congress seek to legalize kangaroo courts, torture

14-07-2006 22:46

kangaroo courts, torture
Then the newspaper warned, “Already, in the wake of this reversal, the Bush Administration’s critics are talking about the ‘illegality’ of its previous failure to abide by Geneva rules. We’ll predict that it won’t be very long until some European magistrate indicts Donald Rumsfeld or National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley or some other US official for ‘war crimes’ for this failure. The Pentagon’s new memo won’t be much of a defense.” To forestall that possibility, the Journal argued, Congress should pass a law repudiating the application of Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions to the United States.

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Small town activism in Montenegro - interview with a community activist

14-07-2006 15:29


Plav is a small town in the north east of Montenegro. The 10.000 inhabitants form a mixed community of Montenegrians, Serbs and Albanians. 80% is muslim, 14% orthodox, 2% catholic. Among the Montenegrians there are both muslims and orthodox, among the Albanians both muslims and katholics. Part of the population are refugees from the Bosnian war (1992-1995) and the Kosovo war (1998-1999). The town is very isolated, surrounded by mountains and six hours away from the capital Podgorica. In autumn last year, a small group of people set up an NGO, Plagus_M, with the aim to activate the local community and the youth culture.

Interview with Merlinda Djesevic from Plagus_M:

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Blair in Nottingham

14-07-2006 14:45

Give the Warmonger the Welcome he Deserves!

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Join the trend setters, Israeli in London

14-07-2006 13:38

The Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland invite you to join the well established trend for collective punishment with attendence to the following events...

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banner in bristol

14-07-2006 06:54

saw this in bristol this morning

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7/7 and Britain's Terror Paradigm

13-07-2006 23:30

This is the transcript of a public address by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, author of The London Bombings: An Independent Inquiry (Duckworth, 2006) at the first parliamentary meeting calling for an independent public inquiry into the 7/7 terrorist attacks. The meeting was held in the House of Lords, 12th July 2006, chaired by Lord Rea. The event was sponsored by CAMPACC ( and supported by London Metropolitan University's Human Rights and Social Justice Research Institute, Stop Political Terror, and several other campaign groups. Panelists included 7/7 survivor Rachel North, antiwar activist and author Milan Rai, international lawyer Professor Bill Bowring, among others. Also participating were 7/7 survivors Holly Finch and John Tulloch. In this address, Nafeez Ahmed, who teaches international relations at Sussex University, explores the reasons why an independent public inquiry is needed, and also explains why the government doesn't want one.

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Hospital Staff Protest In Southport and Ormskirk

13-07-2006 19:35

Health workers will demonstrate outside Southport and Ormskirk hospitals in response to its latest round of job cuts. Amicus and other unions will mount two protests next week after the NHS trust revealed it will sack more than eighty staff in coming months.

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Ambulance Staff Strike Back

13-07-2006 17:08

Ambulance workers across Merseyside and Cheshire have gone on strike in a dispute over pay. Technicians, who assist paramedics in ambulances, began a 24-hour walkout on Thursday after the collapse of pay talks on Wednesday night.

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Punk night to support the Peace Cycle to Jerusalem.

13-07-2006 13:34

Saturday 22nd July at the Sumac centre, 245 Gladstone Street, forest Fields, nottingham.(8.00 start), Chimp Biscuit and Skanx (and others) will play help raise money to support the 2006 London to Jerusalem Bike Ride.

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Confronting Racism, Head On: WHY I WEAR MY ZIDANE JERSEY

13-07-2006 10:01

Now the great mystery is what set Zissou off. What could Materazzi have possibly said to send him over the edge? Answers are beginning to filter out. According to a FIFA employee transcribing what was said during the match, Materazzi,s called Zissou a "big Algerian shit. A Brazilian television program that claims to have used a lip-reader said Materazzi called Zissou,s sister "a whore. The highly respected French anti-racist coalition SOS Racisme issued a press release stating, "According to several very well informed sources from the world of football, it would seem [Materazzi] called Zissou a 'dirty terrorist'."

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New War on Want report: Profiting from the Occupation

13-07-2006 08:35

Our new report reveals how high street names such as Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Connex and Caterpillar are implicated in Israel's war crimes against the Palestinian people.

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Australia: Prime Minister Howard facing pressure to quit

13-07-2006 08:03

On thin ice
For now, Howard appears to have ridden out the storm of the last few days. But the pressure will continue. In a July 11 editorial, the Australian warned that the ongoing leadership dispute “puts both Howard and Costello—and by extension the entire Coalition Government—on thin ice”. It called on Howard to “reveal whether he plans to step down around the end of this year or fight an election sometime around October or November next year”. It appears that there are significant layers in business and financial circles who clearly favour the former option.

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A tropical shakedown for neo-liberalism? Interview with Ricardo Monreal

13-07-2006 01:46

The substitution of “neo-liberalism” with something else, it was said, without ever making clear what option it would be or what it might be called, especially since they decided that foreign investment and the free market would go on. Well?

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Greece: About the state barbarism against the student movement on the 27/06

12-07-2006 16:41

Announcement of the students of the Antiauthoritarian Movement about the mobilisation of the 27th of July against the Education Ministers Summit in Athens.
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