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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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NEWCASTLE Lebanon/Gaza Emergency Demonstration this Saturday

18-07-2006 20:10

Just to let you know details of the Stop the War Coalition Demostration in Newcastle this Saturday at 1pm at Grey's Monument in the city centre

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Khoodeelaar! challenges UK Crossrail minsiter on railway claims

18-07-2006 19:06

Just as Tony Blair has been shown this past week to have suffered another dramatic reduction of his image, 'thanks' to his visible alliance of stuttering supplication to G W Bush, so is the domestic UK legislature caught in a morass of unimaginative 'law'-making, as the CrossRail Bill 'scrutiny' committee has been showing by its failure to allow bona fide objectors put the evidence before it. Next week's filing in the High Court of the formal challenge against the Secretary of State is set to create a record in the history of battles to make the UK Parliament representative of basic standards of democracy that it is often claimed to typify. The constitutional contribution of the Khoodeelaar! campaign towards democratising the UK parliament will be a fitting one, given that the East End of London has been chosen by the Select Committee to be denied its say in the so-called peoples’ parliament.

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Angry hospital staff protest in Southport

18-07-2006 16:55

Workers facing redundancy staged a protest at plans to cut 83 jobs from Southport and Ormskirk hospitals. More than 50 members of Amicus and Unison unions staged a protest against the cuts outside the Southport site from noon until 2pm yesterday.

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19 July Iran demo's 1st anniversary of gay executions

18-07-2006 15:55

19 July 2006 is the 1st anniversary of the execution of two teenage gay men in Iran on trumped up charges. Demo's are planned around the world, incl London to mark this event and the on-going persecution of gay people in Iran.

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Manchester NO2ID Meeting tonight 7:30pm Town Hall Tavern

18-07-2006 15:39

Manchester NO2ID and Manchester Defy-ID will be meeting tonight at 7:30pm in the upstairs function room of the Town Hall Tavern, Tib Lane, Manchester.

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Lecomber murder plot. Six months on and still no arrest. Why?

18-07-2006 08:08

No arrest or even questioning for a known terrorist who proposes to murder public figures, in a racially-motivated conspiracy - yet he isn't even questioned...

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Our homes are not for sale - public meeting, Weds 19 July

18-07-2006 07:26

A coalition of tenants, residents, public sector workers, trade unionists are trying to launch a city-wide anti-privatisation campaign. There is a meeting tomorrow night in the Little London estate.

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Mark Thomas - SOCPA (17.07.06)

17-07-2006 22:00

From Mark Thomas:

"It is illegal for an individual to hold a placard protesting in Parliament Square without permission from the police. So what happens if a number of individuals want to demonstrate about different things at the same time? We are about to find out."

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Jean Charles - Another nail in the coffin of democracy.

17-07-2006 21:45

Patricia Armani de Silva
The CPS decision not prosecute the murderers of Jean Charles de Menezes did not really surprise anyone. After the shocking murder and the blatant lies that were leaked about it afterwards the family had little but contempt for the legal process.

So as it stands right now there will be no opportunity to question in court:
1) The officer who falsely identified Jean Charles as would be suicide bomber Hussain Osman.
2) The officers who followed Jean and did not question their orders even though he displayed NO characteristics of a bomber and was not carrying a bag as the failed bombers had done. They also delayed the train for the firearms squad and indicated Jean to them.
3) The officer who grabbed Jean around his body and held him to be shot. Did he not realise that there was no bomb strapped to him as he clearly would have felt it?
4) The two officers who pulled the triggers that left Jean with seven bullets in his head and one in his shoulder (3 missed).
5) The senior officer who authorised ‘Shoot to kill’.

While we are on the subject, an enquiry into how the British public came to be bombarded with a total blitz of lies about the murder would be nice.

At today’s press conference Jean’s cousins vowed to fight on. They have coped with this tragedy and being thrust into the media spotlight with incredible dignity and determination. Meanwhile the killers of Jean remain on holiday, on full pay, their anonymity protected.

There will however be a prosecution of the MET over this under Health and Safety legislation!!? Exactly how you can fail to consider someone’s Health and Safety when you have been ordered to kill them remains to be seen……..

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Merseyside Ambulance Staff in Second 24hr Strike

17-07-2006 14:06

Ambulance workers across Merseyside and Cheshire are preparing for a second 24 hour strike in a dispute over pay. Technicians, who assist paramedics in ambulances, began a series of three walkouts last Thursday after the collapse of talks with their bosses.

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Pictures of Camp Titnore open day

17-07-2006 13:13

some creative signposting
This is a follow up to the original article with some pictures of the activity the day

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La Haine screening @ Everything4Everyone

17-07-2006 13:09

La Haine, a film that explores the harsh realities of life in Paris' noterious housing estates.

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Solidarity With Swedish and German Workers

17-07-2006 12:35

Sweden's first wagedumpingsite has been launched. With the german page as a rolemodel Vashal Nindal, Aleksandar Goga, Valdemar Vogel and Jeffrey Singh have started the site jobbjakt (workhunting or jobhunting).´s motto is that the person who accepts the lowest salary gets the job.

Workers register themselves free of charge on the homepage, and are then
supposed to lay bids on the avalible jobs, the lower the "better". This
tasteless auction obviously reduces salaries in general, as collective wages agreements are undermined and the workers are forced to commit treason against their comrades.

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"A man of the highest principle": an interview with Craig Murray.

17-07-2006 07:53

Craig Murray talks about the war on terror, British government complicity with torture and the growing authoritarianism of Western states.

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Repeal the Hitlerian Civil Contingencies Act

17-07-2006 06:51

The Civil Contingencies Act, passed in November 2004, places the anti-democratic New Labour Government in the same position Hitler's Enabling Act placed the Nazi German Government. It permits the calling of a state of Emergency and the total abolition of democracy and individual rights --- i.e. Dictatorship Acts. Few people know anything about the contents of the CCA. (Few MPs to this day seem to know much about it.) We better learn quick, I say.

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"KSL: Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library" double issue now available.

16-07-2006 10:23

The Kate Sharpley Library have just published a double issue of their bulletin, focusing on the Spanish Revolution of 1936, the Iron Column, and the execution of Salvador Puig Antich in 1974.

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WOT: Eight Theses on the Destiny of the Concept of Workers' Rule

16-07-2006 08:33

These eight theses are the first installment of
"Seventeen Theses on the Destiny of the Revolution
in Communications and the Concept of Workers' Rule".
... brought to you by the "Weapon of Transparency" channel.

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East End Mobilises against Monica Ali 'film'

15-07-2006 22:46

A community meeting in the East End held over two days to stop the filming of the Monica Ali 'book' 'Brick Lane'
has told film makers to not go ahead

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Small Protest Shuts Down Russian Consulate in Sydney

15-07-2006 21:54

The ongoing brutality of the capitalist system, environmental destruction and, most pressingly, attack on the human rights that the goverments of the countries in the Group of Eight perpetrate made the action urgent.
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