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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Call out for march 15, 2007: stop the repression now! 11th International day aga

14-03-2007 21:04

For the 11th International Day Against Police Brutality (IDAPB), there will be demonstrations and other events in Montreal, Trois-Rivieres, Toronto, Belleville (Ontario), Halifax, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Whitehorse (Yukon) and in Mexico.

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Support The Demands Of The Women Of Oaxaca

14-03-2007 19:11


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An urgent call to stop the war on Iran!

14-03-2007 18:08

Brothers and Sisters, Iranians, Americans and peoples from around the world,
the American-Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC) calls upon you to join us
this March 17th, show determination, resilience and unity to stop the war in
Iraq and deter the establishment from starting another war.

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MET police are to appeal!

14-03-2007 12:02

News just in. The Metropolitan Police are to appeal in the High Court against a court case last year in favour of Critical Mass London.

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Striking Postal Workers Need Your Support!

14-03-2007 11:16

Postal workers in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent have been striking for the reinstatement of Dave Condliffe, a worker victimised by Royal Mail management.

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El Libertario # 49: por la pasión, con la razón, para la acción...

14-03-2007 00:15

* Está en circulación el mas reciente número de la publicación mas regular y mas ampliamente difundida del anarquismo latinoamericano actual, que tras 12 años de existencia ininterrumpida se viene erigiendo como una referencia dentro de la escena radical del continente.

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Tyneside Deportation Stopped but the Struggle Continues! Demonstrate TOMORROW

13-03-2007 22:53

EMERGENCY DEMONSTRATION this WEDNESDAY 14TH 08.30-10.00AM outside Government Offices North East near St Jame's Park, in opposition to deportation of 2 TCAR families

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On the Ground, Ireland: New Cops New Violence Part Two

13-03-2007 21:21

Tuesday 13 March, the second day of new guards at the Shell Gas Terminal construction site at Bellanaboy, County Mayo, North West Ireland, again saw police violence escalate further.

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On The Ground, Ireland: New Cops, New Violence Part One

13-03-2007 20:52

Monday morning, 12 March 2007, saw the transfer of a new contingent of guards to police the Shell gas terminal refinery construction site at Bellanaboy, County Mayo, North West Ireland.

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KIibera: This World Is Not Your Home?

13-03-2007 19:28

Kibera Drive Times
A region bordering Ngong Forest Reserve in the western part of Kenya's capital city Nairobi is now a big media hit. After a few prominent "rescue visits" from popular society.

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VENEZUELA:We denounce the forced relocation of indigenous

13-03-2007 17:58

We denounce the forced relocation of indigenous families from their
traditional lands at the hands of the Venezuelan government and the
multi-national coal corporations.

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Support the Block G8 Call for Blockades of G8 in Heiligendamm

13-03-2007 17:56

The following text is the concept for mass blockades of the G8 Summit in
Heiligendamm, produced by the "Block G8" network ( The
network are looking for international groups, networks and organisations
willing to sign up to the Block G8 Call for blockades (below). The list of
groups in Germany and beyond who have already signed this call are at the end
of this mail. The names of future signatories will be published on our website
and in future publicity. If you would like your group`s name to be included on
the English language Block G8 flyer which will be distributed internationally
via the Rostock III Action Conference in April (see:,
please let us know by March 31st at the latest.

To sign up, please email

See you on the streets around Heiligendamm!

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A shameful injustice...

13-03-2007 17:31

Free the Cuban Five!
Cuba's 50-year defiance of US attempts to isolate it is an inspiration to Latin America's people...

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OutRage!- Letter to Pres' of Ghana-decrim gays..

13-03-2007 16:19

gay rights group OutRage! sends open letter to the Presdient of Ghana who is visiting London.

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Venezuela: eviction of the indigenous families from their traditional land

13-03-2007 16:01

eviction of the indigenous families from their traditional land by the Venezuelan state and the multinational coal companies.

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Sharon Ebanks scraping the nazi barrel for NNP candidates

13-03-2007 15:17

Sharon Ebanks' New Nationalist Party (NNP), desperate to find candidates to stand in the forthcoming local government elections in May, seems to be frantically approaching all and sundry - even the outcasts of the nazi world - to find enough people to stand in order to give her already ailing party (dubbed the 'Dodgy Desperados' by her friends) some credibility on the far-right.

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Venezuela: We denounce the eviction of indigenous lands

13-03-2007 14:43

Venezuela: We denounce the eviction of indigenous lands

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Remember Carlo Giuliani - Killed by Italian police at G8 Demo 2001

13-03-2007 13:44

Carlo Giuliani was shot and killed by a carabinieri (Italian policeman) whilst he was taking part in an anti-globalisation demonstration in connection with the G8 summit held in Genoa in 2001.

His family complained to the European Court of Human Rights; relying on Article 2 (right to life) of the European Convention on Human Rights, that Carlo’s death was caused by excessive use of force and that the organisation of the operations to maintain and restore public order was inadequate.

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'Free Tibet' march in London, 10 March 2007

13-03-2007 11:02

Deputation withYak at Chinese Embassy
Around 600 people, including many Tibetans living in the UK, held a march and rally in Central London to mark the 48th anniversary of the Tibetan uprising and call for freedom and human rights in Tibet.

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Greece: Students' parents clash with the police outside the court

13-03-2007 08:38

Athens Court, Monday: Parents clashed with the police outside building 7, were the the minor charges are facing trial. The conflict started after some parents tried to enter the building, and they were pushed away by the cops. The conflict spread around and the cops started hitting. The cops sprayed some parents on the face, one parent collapsed and another one was transferred to the hospital.
Photos posted in Indymedia show a cop hitting, by holding his baton the way round, which is strictly prohibited.
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