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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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03-11-2005 17:09

The July 2005 Solidarity Group, a support group for people arrested at the G8, has denounced the police publication of “Wanted” photos of anti G8 demonstrators. The Group states that they will support all facing charges arising from the G8 demonstrations, and calls for all charges to be dropped. Scotland against Criminalising Communities, a grass-roots organisation campaigning against the “anti-terrorism” laws, is supporting the stand of the July 2005 Solidarity Group.

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bastards: GM maize

03-11-2005 13:34

reposted from biotech imc

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Tarmac chalks up more national heritage destruction

03-11-2005 12:07

Yesterdays news told us that Archaeologists have unearthed what is thought to be the largest Neolithic settlement in Britain in Northumberland. What nobody was saying was that the site will be quarried in just a few short months.

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03-11-2005 00:00

Blair wants to demolish the remainder of the ‘welfare sate’ just as he wants to smash the remainder of a constitutional democracy in the UK...
The Labour ‘rebels’ are no rebels and they will acquiesce as fast as they can run to their coveted posts as MPs or as holders of office they wrongly think they owe to Blair rather than to the disrespected and misrepresented electorate and constituents.

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Rosport/ Shell talk in Manchester

02-11-2005 19:16

Oil multinational Shell plans to bring untreated natural gas through an experimental pipeline to an onshore refinery near Rossport in County Mayo.

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Lloyds TSB Group Plc Drop Shares in Crest Nicholson Plc

02-11-2005 19:10

Crest Nicholson Evicted Dad Edinburgh Appeal to Lloyds TSB Plc
Apparently ‘Shafted’ by Surrey-based house building firm, Crest Nicholson Plc, Mr. Vince Shalom stood alone on 27th October 2005 presenting a direct appeal for ‘help’, to Lloyds TSB Group Plc. His one-man demonstration in Edinburgh, Scotland may have gained a strong, Lloyds TSB response?

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Iranian Journalist tortured.

02-11-2005 16:14

Iranian journalist Akbar Ganji has been tortured to try to
get him to renouce his human rights writings
Report by Human Rights Watch. Nov 2nd.

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02-11-2005 16:12

A whole community is being evicted this weekend by Brent Council, through lies, maladministration and neglect Brent Council have tried to crush this vibrant peaceful safe community. WE ARE FIGHTING BACK!! PLEASE JOIN US!! WHERE:1:30pm on Friday 4th November outside Brent Town Hall, Forty lane, Wembley HA9 9HD.
We will be there wearing cardboard boxes, as most of us will be on the streets by Monday.

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European Civil Liberties Network (ECLN) Launched

02-11-2005 10:18

A couple of weeks ago (Oct 19th) saw the launch of the European Civil Liberties Network (or "ECLN")

The network brings together groups and individuals who seek to create a European society based on freedom and equality, personal and political freedom, freedom of information and equality rights for minorities.

To mark the launch of the group, an online collection of 16 essays on civil liberties has been published - with topics including the 'war on terror', EU border controls, denial of children's rights, ASBOs, public corruption, globalisation, and deportations.

To read the essays and find out more check out

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Is Blunkett being primed for an insane attack on people in poverty in UK ?

02-11-2005 00:01

The price of allowing David Blunkett to stay on in the Tiny Blair cabinet despite latest details about Bplunkett's improper behaviour may be to let Blair mount the one attack that he has been unable to do so far: to really violate the people in poverty in a frontal onslaught on all sort of rights that so many people fouight so hard to establish over the past 100 years

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Twinning with Palestine

01-11-2005 23:22

The need for students to actively twin and build other friendship links with Palestinians

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The Revolution will be televised: 10 days of films at Leeds Common Place

01-11-2005 18:57

Ever wondered who on earth Hugo Chavez is and the incredible Bolivarian Revolution sweeping Venezuela? Worried about climate change? Curious to know more about the global anti-capitalist movement, the Zapatistas and what really happened to Africa at this year’s G8 summit? Then head to the radical fringe of this year’s Leeds International Film Festival for the ultimate political cinema experience.

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Small Iraqi lists push secular candidates

01-11-2005 17:48

Most major lists created for Iraq's next election were drawn up along sectarian or religious lines, but a political scientist pointed to small secular alliances that cut across communal divides.

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Anarchist Bookfair October 2005

01-11-2005 17:12

What happened at the Anarchist Bookfair ? Why was David Shayler allowed to speak?

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Anti Americas Summit: Social movements in Argentina: the other face of the denie

01-11-2005 08:03

George Bush manages the state of the militarily more powerful nation. Inversely proportional to its endebles fiscal and commercial. The war is a sign of weakness of Capitalism, not of its strength.

United States economy is mortally employee of the flows of plusvalor of the living work that sails in the financial transactions like dead work. This is the profane reason of IV the Summit of the Américas in Sea of the Silver: to advance with the Area of Free Commerce of Américas (ALCA).

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To save the Bay of La Paz & Gulf of California

01-11-2005 03:55

This is an effort to save the most biologically diverse body of water on Earth.

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Charles and Camilla meet Bush

01-11-2005 00:24

If anyone can think of a happy ending for this story, write it on a postcard, please?

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BAE systems Band in Chatham,Kent Nov26th

31-10-2005 17:39

The BAE Systems band is due in Chatham,Kent end Nov- demos anyone ?

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Urgent: Narmada Dam Threat-Solidarity Action Needed

31-10-2005 14:30

Urgent: Indian Government threatens to raise the dam
Call for International Solidarity Actions: 27th Nov. 05
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