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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Second Action Central Meeting in Leeds: March 16th

20-02-2008 14:16

A growing and important network for planning actions and campaigns in leeds and the surrounding area.

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Repression in Ciudad Juatez, Mexico

20-02-2008 03:05

The repression has included all the critical and urban sectors of Ciudad Juarez, from the curfew against minors, outside any lawful order and despite the opposition of the families of young people; the assault of the residents of the Colonia Lomas de Poleo by the state and the Zaragoza brothers [one of the richest and most powerful families of the Ciudad Juarez oligarchy, also suspected of involvement in the “femicides”. They are one of the owners of the Corona Beer Company so BOYCOTT CORONA BEER!, translator notes] who have made an illegal claim to the land where the “colonos” (residents) live, and now the harassment and imprisonment of the compañeros of collective and social organizations.

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Direct Action in Nottingham this Spring

20-02-2008 01:20

People concerned about an absence of significant changes in the East Midlands to mitigate the effects of climate change met this week, to discuss options for taking action to prevent CO2 emissions and try to improve public awareness of the urgent need to halt them.

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Che Guevara’s deputy speaks in Liverpool and Manchester

19-02-2008 18:22

This Saturday, Liverpool will host a meeting at which Che Guevara’s closest comrade from Cuba, Orlando Borrego, will speak. On Sunday it will be Manchester’s turn. The events are part of a speaking tour of Britain organised by the campaign group Rock Around the Blockade. The tour comes at a crucial time for Cuban socialism as the people give their decisive and defiant answer to the oft-asked question ‘what happens when Fidel goes?’

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Glasgow Unity Centre Induction Day 01/03/2008

19-02-2008 16:18

Outside the Unity Centre last summer
The Unity Centre has played a crucial and unique role in providing solidarity to asylum seeker families in Glasgow over the last two years. We provide friendly and desperately needed support for families when they face detention or being forcibly removed from the UK. The centre is independently run by a collective of volunteers and we share the responsibility of running the centre between us.

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Freedom of Speech demonstration at Nottingham Uni

19-02-2008 15:49

Freedom of Speech Fighters
A demonstration will take place this Thursday the 21st February, 12pm, starting outside the lake side of the Portland building in response to the arrest of an innocent student on campus during a peaceful protest and the continual curtailment of free speech at the University.

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Fidel Castro will neither aspire to nor accept reelection

19-02-2008 15:27

Cuban President Fidel Castro announced he will not aspires to nor accepts the positions of President of the State Council and Commander in Chief at the Parliament session scheduled for February 24th.

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Fuck fine art

19-02-2008 13:33

Fuck fine art- creation of a radical arts group!

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Friends of Guy Njike

19-02-2008 11:53

Guy Njike
Guy Njike, currently detained in Oakington IRC, is seeking political asylum in the UK after suffering numerous imprisonments and acts of torture in Cameroon due to his political activities with the opposition party, the Social Democratic Front.

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Pauline Campbell arrested at HMP Styal

18-02-2008 14:35

Another death, another demonstration.
On January 23rd Lisa Marley aged 32 died in the ‘care’ of HMP Styal in Cheshire. On February 5th veteran campaigner Pauline Campbell brought her unique form of protest to the prison and was promptly arrested for the fifteenth time. Lisa was the sixth woman to die inside the walls of Styal since the death of Pauline’s daughter Sarah in 2003. She was the forty-first woman to die across England and Wales since that time.

Pictures below:

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Want to know how to take your campaign to the next level?

18-02-2008 13:10

Applications for the Sheila McKechnie Awards Programme close on March 14!

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international womens day:faslane!!

18-02-2008 12:37

international womens day:faslane!!

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Cuban speaking tour this week!

18-02-2008 11:13

Yoselin Rufin, Orlando Borrego and Jesus Garcia: in Britain, 21 Feb - 5 March
From Saturday 23rd February three Cuban revolutionaries will begin the North West leg of a national speaking tour of Britain entitled 'Cuba: socialism into the 21st century', organised by Rock around the Blockade.

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Denmark: 3rd night of riots in Copenhagen

18-02-2008 09:27

Denmark. The struggle for a new social centre and youth house in Copenhagen continues. Yesterday was the 3rd nigth of riots in the Dansih capitol.

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Tyneside family face 2nd deportation attempt after 8 years in Britain

18-02-2008 01:12

A Nigerian family face a second deportation attempt after being snatched in a dawn raid from Byker in Newcastle last Wednesday. They were not put onto a flight on Friday, due to protests from TCAR combined with resistance at the airport but now they have been given another flight date on Tuesday and Yarlswood is refusing to let Kunle, the father of the family, see a psychiatrist.

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Venezuela: ... Autonomous struggle from the ground up!

17-02-2008 23:30

El Libertario # 52
* Issue #52 of El Libertario is out In its editorial we reaffirm the commitment of this voice of Venezuelan anarchism to maintain a critical viewpoint on the country's realities, as well as our stand in solidarity with the struggle for liberty and equality.

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Food Not Bombs (Brixton) - Police Repression.

17-02-2008 23:26

Sunny Winter's Day, Tasty Vegan Food, Anti-Social Behaviour?!?!
Those enjoying the regular open picnic were forced to leave Brixton Town Square today in a typically heavy-handed Metropolitan Police fiasco.

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Obama: The “Best Face” For Imperialism

17-02-2008 14:51

Sullivan writes that a (ruling class) “consensus” agenda for endless war and increased repression will be in effect regardless of who is president. He challenges the reader to pick who could best implement all this in the face of global isolation and profound domestic alienation. And, in the process, he sheds light on the real role of elections in this society.

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Venus, OIL & Eros.

17-02-2008 14:16

Venus and Eros surrounded by OIL
Traditionally, tourists flock to Piccadilly circus to experience the bright and colourful but insanely expensive high tech billboard adverts. Yesterday however, Operation Infinite Love reclaimed the space beneath the statue of Eros for people and partying. The tourists absolutely loved the party in preference to those soulless repetitive animations promoting greedy destructive corporations. OIL is all about reclaiming love from the Valentine's day profiteers - the chocolate, card and flower producers. OIL proclaims loudly that love should always be free and is the answer to nearly all the world's problems whereas corporations and their violent lust for ever greater profits are the cause of so much injustice and environmental destruction.

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Essex Students Reclaim Their Union

17-02-2008 13:50

ViVA ESSEX - for another union
The majority opinion after the 2008 Sabbatical Elections of the Essex University Students’ Union was that the mandate for change that had been growing over the years was confirmed by the victories of the ViVA ESSEX sabbatical candidate team, who were aiming to reclaim the direction of the Union that saw its officers usually dominated by liberals and conservatives. However the night was bittersweet for many as the solidarity they shared began to hurt as their Presidential candidate narrowly failed to win the top position.
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