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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Reflections on a deportation [from Israel]

04-02-2006 19:18

David is a human rights observer who is to be deported from Israel. He was with ana in various places in Palestine.

There will be a talk on the subject of Palestine by ana on the 14th of March in RampArts social centre, Whitechapel.

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BNP claim moral high ground by reprinting offensive cartoons

04-02-2006 18:40

BNP deliberately provokes just about everyone...

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04-02-2006 18:26

A short letter to Original Organics Ltd presently carrying a link to Make Poverty History, the producers of wristbands made by sweatshop workers, deniers of protestors rights and the right of self-determination and autonomy of people living in Africa and other poor countries.

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Caracas Libertarian Declaration // January 29, 2006

04-02-2006 15:21

Between January 23 – 29, 2006, anarchist activists gathered in Caracas for the Alternative Social Forum, coming from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela. We consider it important to establish a specifically anarchist position that speaks to our experiences and exchanges. In such a spirit we declare the following:

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KHOODEELAAR defence of the Brick Lane London E1 against Crossrail hole - events

04-02-2006 13:25

Over 1000 people turned up to attend the KHOODEELAAR campaign meeting on 22 January 2006 against the Crossrail hole in the Brick Lane London E1 Area. The meeting demanded the local Council pass a single resolution saying no to Crossrail hole Bill. The controlling clique on the Blarite Tower Hamlets Council which has been plugging for the Big Business Crossrail plan has refused to do get the Council to pass the resolution as demanded by the community. The ultimatum issued by the community to Tower Hamlets Council on 22 January 2006 runs out tomorrow. The KHOODEELAAR campaign against the Crossrail hole Bill continues. KHOODEELAAR IS STARTING a series of local events including protest demonstrations against the Crossrail hole Bill in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets starting on Monday 6 February 2006.

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Report from social centres gathering, Leeds 29 Jan

04-02-2006 00:00

Last Sunday, around 50 people from numerous social centres across the UK gathered at the Common Place social centre in Leeds to discuss what we are doing and how we can work together as a network. A brief report follows.

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Declaración Libertaria de Caracas // 29 de enero, 2006

03-02-2006 23:44

L@s anarquistas reunid@s en Caracas con motivo del Foro Social Alternativo del 23 al 29 de enero de 2006 –procedentes de Alemania, Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Canadá, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, España, Estados Unidos, Francia, México, Inglaterra, Italia, Rusia, Uruguay y Venezuela- consideramos de importancia volcar una posición específicamente anarquista que dé cuenta de nuestra experiencia y de nuestros intercambios. Con ese espíritu, declaramos lo siguiente:

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FSA-Caracas 2006: Respuesta y debate desde la izquierda antiautoritaria

03-02-2006 23:42

* Del 23 al 29/01/2006, 10 organizaciones sociales y políticas venezolanas decidimos dar una respuesta por partida doble a través del Foro Social Alternativo (FSA). Grande o pequeño, lo realizado durante esa semana representó nuestra real capacidad de organización, independiente y autogestionada, acumulada tras años de actuación en este contexto tan particular.

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St Agnes Place (Update 3rd Feb 2006)

03-02-2006 22:23

Today at Lambeth County Court, Honourable Judge Gibson struck out the defence for adverse possesion of no 93

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12th Feb: speaker from worker-occupied Zanon factory in Argentina

03-02-2006 19:57

Monday 12th February, 12.30pm, The Okinaga Room, Wadham College, Parks Road: Speaker meeting

Goodheart Seminar Room, 8pm, Wadham college: Film showing

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03-02-2006 09:35

Propaganda dominates the media today and the worst offenders are the many and diverse advocates of selective freedom who in truth are hostile to freedom of speech when that speech exposé their lies. This poverty is making us all the poorer and truth must be tolerated again.

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Pictures from Osaka Homeless Liberation Demo, Japan!

03-02-2006 05:10

Rallying Support!
Here are some pictures of the Street demo and also the intervention in Osaka City Hall. 28th Jan 2006

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2nd Renaissance

03-02-2006 01:34

Entire stock of knowledge to be accessed
This story was published in September 2004 and it was a big secret. I received it on disk but I think it should be public by now anyway. It is interesting to look back at it and in terms of today's world some two years on. I will link each chapter as I go along over the coming weeks.- The Old World Order - Happy reading!

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Anniversary of Lee Kyung Hae -- Report from Korean Farmer's League

02-02-2006 21:15

Kyung Hae in Cancun
Remember the struggle! Remember Lee Kyung Hae!

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Act of Defiance at Community College

02-02-2006 16:46

Liverpool Network Theatre Group’s latest production – Jean Anouilh’s Antigone – comes to the Community College on Myrtle Street.

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KHOODEELAAR! The Brick Lane London E1 Area Question to LibDems

02-02-2006 14:22

KHOODEELAAR! The Brick Lane London E1 Area campaign against the Crossrail hole plan/scheme Bill is waiting for a clear straightforward answer to the question they have put to a Liberal Democrat Councillor on the London Borough of Tower Hamlets about that Party’s position on the Community’s demand against the Crossrail hole.

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Welfare Reform Web Chat 10:30am today

02-02-2006 08:14

Welfare reform webchat with minister today

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Venezuelan trade union leaders to speak in Manchester on Mon 27th Feb

01-02-2006 22:35


Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution – oppose US aggression"

MONDAY 27TH FEBRUARY 2006, 7.30 pm

Mechanics' Institute, 103 Princess Street, Manchester

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Bolivia is Not for Sale

01-02-2006 20:47

bolivia nfs
bennifit for Bolivia
LARRY LOVE and leading Bolivian folk band EXPRESION BOLIVIA

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Skynews poll runs against asylum seekers - vote now

01-02-2006 19:34

Vote in Skynews poll which is currently running strongly against allowing any benefits for failed asylum seekers. Please make your voice heard and act today - vote no to protect asylum seekers from being treated like criminals.
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