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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Mindwalk 23: The Fight Within the Right

12-12-2005 20:38

We start off with this Anti-Walmart TV ad being badmouthed by some smarmy news anchors. Followed by a poem by David Wilcox about this hypocracy. David Rovics up next and Norman Finklestein speaks of a similar irony regarding The Wall that was once in Warsaw and is now surrounding Palestine.

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12-12-2005 19:51

The INCA centre in Timisoara, Romania is a rare example of an activist-run cultural centre in the country. Without it, alternative and activist culture in Romania will lack a focal point. The local authority is currently threatening to throw INCA onto the streets 18 months before their contract ends.

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Amendment. Venezuela; bolivarian revolution, coal and indigenous resistance

12-12-2005 19:39

Six years after Chavez was voted into power indigenous people are still fighting for their lives and for the environment.
Manchester, Sunday 18th 3pm, The basement, 24 Lever St

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What if you had 16 hours, 29 minutes to live?

12-12-2005 16:20

What would you be thinking — what would you be feeling — if you had but 16 hours and 29 minutes left to live, knowing that you were not going to die of natural causes at some unspecified date and time, but knew that you were scheduled — that's right, scheduled — to die one minute after midnight, tonight, in California's San Quentin prison?

Note: This article is available with integrated web links via the blog at the following URL:

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Axis of Evil? How about Axis of Assholes?

12-12-2005 16:15

This is a 450 word account of my strong (very strong) feelings about the criminal assholes who get away with so much mass murder in the world. When and How can they be brought to justice? 15 labeled photos are attached

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Venezuela Film Showing tomorrow evening at the MAC (Tuesday 13th)

12-12-2005 13:24

The film 'The Revolution will not be Televised' will be showing on Tuesday at 7.00pm at the Midlands Arts Centre. It is about the failed coup in Venezuela in 2002 with apparent US support.

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Jack Straw lies on Radio Four (again)

12-12-2005 08:53

More lies on "extraordinary rendition"

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ITALY, NO-TAV protests: 50.000 fight against the police!

12-12-2005 01:46

- the protesters managed to re-occupie the valley -

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Paramilitaries murder 22 peasant farmers in Cesar, northern Colombia

12-12-2005 00:45

MINGA, the Association for the Promotion of Social Alternatives informs national and international public opinion, that paramilitaries currently engaged in so called “peace negotiations” with the Colombian government, detained, tortured and then executed 22 peasant farmers in the villages of La Mas Verde and Nuevo Horizonte, in the municipality of Curumani, Cesar.

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Midnight Mass (a poem for the homeless)

11-12-2005 23:58

Below is a poem that I've written to try to make people a little more aware of the plight of the homeless at this time of year, why, is it only at this time of year thar we feel we should do something to help those less fortunate than ourselves and not for the rest of the year? Guilt or what? You tell me?

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Calais activist sentenced for crimes of giving shelter and food to refugees

11-12-2005 21:45

Two Calais activists have been sentenced . The 'crime' they have committed handing out food and sheltering undocumented people in this case, homeless refugees, which is against the law in France.

This is what Borders really mean !

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No ID for Bolton

11-12-2005 21:02

New Bolton group oppoed to ID cards

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Big demonstration to protect NHS in Huddersfield

11-12-2005 20:09

Protection of the National Health Service, in Huddersfield and nationally. Opposal to closures, privatisation, redundancies.
Oodles of people marched in Huddersfield on Saturday 11th December, so many I couldn't see the end of the column, and everyone cheered us on.

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11-12-2005 18:51

Vigil for Omar & all British residents illegally detained in Guantanamo
Saturday 17th December, 3pm
Churchill Square, Brighton

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Call for solidarity action in support of striking gate gourmet workers in german

11-12-2005 17:53

Global Capitalism Requires Global Resistance - Call for Solidarity
Action on the 17th of December at all Gate Gourmet Locations World-Wide

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Interview with Mark Ballard, Green MSP, about Dalkeith Park Bypass

11-12-2005 13:49


Recorded at the Climate Change Demonstration in Edinburgh, 3rd of December 2005.

Interview with Mark Ballard, Green Party, constituency Lothians, Member of Scottish Parliament, about history of Dalkeith Park Bypass Plans, Scottish Executive, Climate Change, Grassroots Resistance.

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International Human Rights Day

11-12-2005 06:40

"anti-terror" laws, and scapegoating
One of the events for International Human Rights Day in Melbourne was a rally outside the State Library attended by about 100 people on Saturday December 10. Issues canvassed by speakers included opposition to mandatory detention of asylum seekers, treatment of indigenous Australians, opposition to the "anti-terror" laws, and scapegoating of the muslim community.

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Party to Celebrate the release of the Edo rooftop 3. Brighton

09-12-2005 22:49

A fun packed evening of entertainment.

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Nottingham theatre production in aid of Pakistan earthquake victims

09-12-2005 15:15

We invite you to our new production ‘DEEP IN THE FROZEN NIGHT’ this is a very special performance piece, inspired by and dedicated to the millions of victims of the Pakistan earthquake.

December 17th - 18th, Sandfield College Theatre, Sandfield Centre (opposite Savoy Cinema on Derby Road), Lenton, Nottingham.

We have had a great response from local artists, community members and organisations all from multi cultural backgrounds, who, have volunteered their services and worked tirelessly over the last four weeks to make this production possible and bring you a great new performane piece. We are working collaboratively with Nottingham City Council; all money raised from ticket sales will go directly to the ‘Lord Mayors Earthquake Appeal’.

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09-12-2005 12:09

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