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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Demonstrations against Lula da Silva paralyse Brasília

17-12-2004 09:20

Am 25. November 2004 wurde Brasília durch zwei Demonstrationen gegen die pro-imperialistische Regierung Lula erschüttert. Dieses Jahr wird im Zeichen von Straßenmobilisierungen zu Ende gehen und weist zugleich auf die Perspektive eines kämpferischen 2005 hin.

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Circus Yukos

17-12-2004 03:04

The antics of opposing groups of Oil interests, played out by the performances of their respective nations, have reached new levels of absurdity. As the Russian ‘due process of law’ dismantles Yukos for take-over by one of its lackey interests, the West screams outrage and accuses Russian courts of corruption, ‘confirming’ that the Russian legal system is the “tool of a corrupt government.” Well, really! Since when has the legal system of any nation been anything other than a tool of the prevailing regime?

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16-12-2004 23:53

A 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.3MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, Spain, and Russia.

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Blunkett forced out by a lie

16-12-2004 18:59

Home Secretary David Blunkett has been forced out of office by the lies he told about fast-tracking a visa application for his mistress's nanny.

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Labour website of the year

16-12-2004 13:45

Voting began last week for this annual competition, which began in 1997, and which allows trade unionists around the world to vote for their favourite union websites. The Labour Website of the Year, sponsored by LabourStart is the only global competition open to all trade union websites and aims to encourage excellence in website design in the international trade union movement.

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British company accused of pillage promotion and told to walk the plank

16-12-2004 13:09

Windrush Communications are corporate pirates!
Havoc was created at a British company HQ yesterday when 4 anti-war activists occupied the offices of Windrush Communications Ltd. The protestors asked to see the director of the company and when this was refused, occupied the space outside the offices.

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G8 Road Show comes to Nottingham tomorrow! (Friday 17th Dec)

16-12-2004 11:54

Calling all those in Nottingham who want to get clued up about the G8 coming to the UK next year - this is your chance! The G8 Roadshow 'Trapese' comes to the Sumac Social Centre in Forest Fields tomorrow. From 4-6pm, there will be workshops, and from 8-11pm fun, including local band 'The Darlings.' Find out about whats wrong with the G8, how people have protested in the past,and about protests are planned for next year.

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Network Rail Stealing Your Taxes

16-12-2004 00:21

On November 2, the FT reported that there was a boost to railways as £20bn borrowing planned. It forgot to tell you that there will be no boost as Network Rail plans to take £20bn of taxpayers money over the next 5 years.
Network Rail is an unprofitable company set up by privatisation Government approved thief Adrian Montague, an ex-City lawyer who specialises in drawing up financial schemes that are called things like we need "£20m using the bond market to invest in the UK rail network and to refinance its existing debt. We need to be backed by a long-term indemnity from the government." FT dum people either do not understand or have been editorially sanctioned to tell you this means you the taxpayer will be paying.

Financial Times. 2 Nov.2004. p.3.

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Attacking Wal-Mart's Supply Chain

15-12-2004 15:24

Wal-Mart's zeal to "hold the lowest feasible [inventory] level while avoiding the risks of 'stock outs,'" its competitive advantage, is also the weak link in its anti-union empire.

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Open letter to Jacques Chirac and Tony Blair

14-12-2004 16:00

Attached is an open letter to Jacques Chirac and Tony Blair, calling for effective international pressure on Israel, based on the understanding that Israel has neither the will nor the ability to end the occupation without such pressure.

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Upcoming Countryside Alliance demos

13-12-2004 21:53

Calling all Toffbusters!

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13-12-2004 20:49

EU fails in democracy

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Ukraine: Next Political Elite or "We Are Together And Not to Be Defeated"?

13-12-2004 16:05

This article was written by two anarchist activists from Kyiv, Ukraine during the second week of the protests - and has been translated just now. "During two weeks of mass protests people get to know - how to cooperate, how to trust each other and how to call the authorities to the answer"

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Anti G8 - Free the World EP Now Available !

13-12-2004 15:48

Here it finally is: The answer from the anti-capitailst movement to the remake of the Band Aid song. The "Free The World - Do They Really Give a F**k At All EP" tells the real story about Africa, the hunger at the causes.

Check it out, download the songs and sing along on

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Bristolian newspaper reaches 100th issue

12-12-2004 19:07

The UK's best community newspaper reaches its 100th issue

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Brighton and Hove teaching assistants turn out in force to strike

11-12-2004 15:40

Hundreds of Brighton and Hove teaching assistants took a third day of strike action on Friday 10 December as their battle for better pay intensified.

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Five Go Mad In Egypt - Asbestosis and Isolation

11-12-2004 13:00

I was part of a group of International Solidarity Movement activists who travelled to Egypt on Sunday to meet Egyptian activists preparing to take a convoy of food and medicine from Cairo to Rafah (Gaza). The activists of the Egyptian Popular Comittee in Solidartity with the Palestinian Uprising have taken 25 such convoys since the start of the intifada in an atmosphere of repression and corruption. While in Egypt activists tried to make links with broader social movements in Egypt.

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Five go mad in Egypt - A Day in Cairo

11-12-2004 12:21

I was part of a group of International Solidarity Movement activists who travelled to Egypt on Sunday to meet Egyptian activists preparing to take a convoy of food and medicine from Cairo to Rafah (Gaza). The activists of the Egyptian Popular Comittee in Solidartity with the Palestinian Uprising have taken 25 such convoys since the start of the intifada in an atmosphere of repression and corruption. While in Egypt activists tried to make links with broader social movements in Egypt.

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US Election Fraud: something BIG happening

11-12-2004 11:03

Compilation of latest information including detailed quotes.
Note there are also nationwide demonstrations planned for Sunday 12th -
The 51 Capital March
"You Stole My Vote"

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European Observation Mission to US Elections: Findings

11-12-2004 07:33

Summary of the preliminary findings of the Election Observation Mission (EOM) of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) - ref. - on the US Elections of 2 Nov 2004. Note that the Mission was terminated at the moment the polls closed.
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