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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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M&S Picket: Oppose Zionist/Police Aggression

20-09-2004 11:09

This Saturday, 18th September, the Marks & Spencer picket was again attacked by Zionist thugs waving Israeli and British flags. On the 22nd anniversary of Sabra and Shatilla where 3,500 Palestinians and Lebanese were massacred, the Israeli and British fascists came out, with full police cooperation, to show their support for these brutal actions and again attempt to get the pro-Palestinian protest kicked "off the streets of Manchester". This time we were well prepared and we outnumbered the racists, but as last week showed this might not always be the case.

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Peruvian activist jailed in Bolivia (accused of "subversion")

20-09-2004 11:06

Peruvian student activist Cesar Zelada has been arrested by the Bolivian authorities and is kept in jail. He is accussed of "subversion" and was arrested while part of a solidarity delegation visiting the Bolivian Workers Union Youth (COB). If found guilty he could spend between 3 and 6 years in jail.

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Building Bridges Radio - Whats The Matter With Kansas Meet Billionaires for Bush

20-09-2004 02:07

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report presents this 59 minute radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB LINK BELOW

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How long can this go on?

19-09-2004 14:27

"Official" number of U.S. GI's killef in Iraq is now 1032. Some knowledgeable sources believe that figure could be 3 to 4 times higher in reality ( At any rate these reports are varified ( and startling in their own right.

What do you think this note on the South Carolina guard indicates?

"09/19/04 WaPo: Strains Felt By Guard Unit on Eve Of War Duty
The 635 soldiers of a battalion of the South Carolina National Guard scheduled to depart Sunday for a year or more in Iraq have spent their off-duty hours under a disciplinary lockdown in their barracks for the past two weeks."

Please spread this information widely. jamie

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Poortgebouw: Why It May Be The Last Party

19-09-2004 13:21

Poortgebouw, Rotterdam
The Poortgebouw is ready for the storm. The Vereniging Poortgebouw is a recognized living group of ±30 residents and the legal renter of one of Rotterdam's most distinctive buildings for the past 22 years. A unique social experiment is now threatened to be emptied out to make way for yet another luxury office.

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Dodgy Greens...

19-09-2004 12:13

Individualist Green group on-line

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The Daily Poetry Movement

19-09-2004 09:22

The fine was levied. But such a fine can not undo the actions taken, can not end the misery, can not prevent the US having paid over $1.5 million dollars a day for the massacres. I worked hard, I barely paid my bills, everywhere I went they took extra, a percentage for their corporations to kill, and my water turned off. upRising!

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Social Collapse through Privatization

18-09-2004 17:48

"A view of the person underlying the reforms should be opposed by the peace movement: the person as an isolated being competing unscrupulously for better living conditions in a state that sees its task more in establishing peace from above through pressure and power than in solidarian equalization of unjust conditions.. Peace groups should be engaged for jobs and against social cuts.."

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Hypocritical Unionist obstructionism reaches a new low

18-09-2004 17:15

Despite the prospect of the Provisional IRA fully disarming and
ceasing to exist as a military force, Ian Paisley's DUP have
rejected the deal.

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The Anniversary of the Assassination of Folke Bernadotte af Wisborg: September 1

18-09-2004 00:44

Count Folke Bernadotte, special UN Mediator to Mid East ...responsibile for saving 20,000 Jews from Himmler was assassinated this day, September 17 1948. The man directly responsible for his death, Nathan Friedman-Yellin was sentenced, pardoned after 5 months and was allowed to serve on Knesset

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ESF and Business summit!

16-09-2004 13:49

you might be interested to know (in case you don't) that there is a business summit "international leaders summit" in london on the 18-19 october.
As the world social forum was organised in response to the World Economic forum, this might be a good opportunity to make our voices heard!
Any protests organised yet?

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Green Street Market: All activists to Newham

16-09-2004 10:11

Green Street Market threatened with drastic and destructive 'relocation', to be replaced by a supermarket. Call for activist participation to prevent this important cheap market that serves the population of London, providing cheap fresh food at prices everybody can afford, from closure or drastic reduction.

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The hunters become the hunted

16-09-2004 08:10

A great many of us have had our faith slightly restored in the government by yesterday’s debate in the commons about hunting. MPs backed a ban on hunting in England and Wales by 339 to 155 votes. Hurray!
The pro-hunting campaigners have finally shown their true colours - and it is not a pretty sight.

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6 dead in Nablus, 30 injured - Israelis kill 10 year old girl

15-09-2004 16:11

In the early hours of this morning there was a major invasion in the centre of Nablus, not far from Al Najah university. Six people were killed, one of them a girl of ten years old. Around thirty were injured, nearly all of them children. At least two of the injured are still in critical condition.

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The Walks Carnival stand has queues out of the door

15-09-2004 09:34

Visitors were queueing out of the tent to see the multi-colour version
of the trees plan at the Walks Action Group's stall in King's Lynn's
Charter Carnival on Sunday 12 September.

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THE COSTS OF WAR IN IRAQ — Homepage EMBEDABLE COUNTER — + 3 Important Websites!

15-09-2004 07:36

Now that well over 1,000 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq and well over 11,000 (high estimates are up to 18,000) maimed and seriously wounded there — American soldiers who have killed at least 20 *TIMES* that many Iraqi civilians and maimed and wounded perhaps 10's of 1,000's of Iraqi civilians — it's time to post this again. This was first posted by me, JA, July 25, 2003 (just a little over a year ago):

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University and Police bust Party

14-09-2004 21:31

Throw yer hands in the air...
Very early Sunday morning (September 12th, 2004), about 100 people gathered beneath a motorway bridge somewhere on the outskirts of Cambridge City, which was, as it turns out, a very cosy 100ft long concrete tunnel.

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G8 'Make Poverty History' NGO Campaign hits Press

14-09-2004 02:59

The 'Make Poverty History' campaign by the 'trade justice' NGOs has hit the press:

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Solidarity needed as 'The Nursery' goes to court

13-09-2004 23:50

The Nursery is being taken to court by Birmingham City Council on Wed 15th

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The Vanunu Epilogue

13-09-2004 18:25

Vanunu Not Yet a Free Man
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