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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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India Police Chief Challenged on Human Rights Record at International Conference

13-10-2008 20:12

India police chief faces questions.
The Director General of Police of the Indian state of Chhattisgarh, Vishwa Ranjan, faced intense questioning at a Conference on Indian Democracy: Justice and the Law held at the University of California, Berkeley. He admitted that arresting documentary filmmaker Ajay T.G. may have been a “mistake,” and signed a postcard supporting the release of imprisoned civil rights leader Dr. Binayak Sen.

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lAwful - Revolt of Peasants UK - London 1.11.08

13-10-2008 19:58

UK Peasants Revolt 2008
Peasants Revolt is organised by people for the people and will be Peaceful.Protest.of.Individuals.and Communities.`of.the.UK.Populations.that would choose to live a lifestyle that is in keeping with the concept of sustainable development!
We will not allow our communites to suffer due to poor and unsustainable paliamentary practices!

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Rotten Borough of Rushmoor loses 2 million

13-10-2008 16:41

The Rotten Borough of Rushmoor has lost 2 million of local taxpayers' money in the Icelandic banking crash.

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More pics of Merseyside Police Versus Free Expression

13-10-2008 14:01

Here are some more images from Saturday afternoon, when police disrupted the democratic rights of Liverpool activists, provoking anger from hundreds of people passing by.

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Parliament Square Peace Campaigner, Mrs Barbara Tucker threatened again!

13-10-2008 12:09

City of Westminster Magistrates' Court (CoWMC) continued it's long-term harassment of Parliament Square Peace Campaigner, Mrs Barbara Tucker, this morning trying to illegally enforce SOCPA fines knowing that the cases against her were under appeal.

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Return to Resistance

13-10-2008 11:18

What has become of prison revolts in the British prison system? Where now are the open expressions of collective anger and solidarity that fueled the uprisings and jail riots of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s and created the iconic images of Hull 1976 and Strangeways 1990? What happened to the spirit of revolt that used to periodically shake the British long-term prison system and engender a philosophy of prisoner empowerment and solidarity, a philosophy that situated the struggle of prisoners at the very forefront of the universal struggle for human rights and even social revolution?

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Around the Campaigns Monday 13th October 2008

13-10-2008 05:08

Mustafa Abdulrahim Mustafa
Online campaign to prevent the removal of Mustafa Abdulrahim Mustafa, Sudanese cameraman, from the UK
Background: Mustafa Belongs to Nottingham

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Palestine 60 years of Resistance

13-10-2008 00:17

Audio Map of Palestinian territory loss since '46
"It should be perfectly normal for a port city to receive a boat from abroad, but this is Gaza - cut off from the outside world and under collective punishment by the state of Israel"

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United States Claims Bankrupcy!

12-10-2008 22:54

Economic Fascism and The United States
Fascism, or: The Limited Liability Corporation of The United States Of America.
We own your home!

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No Borders Network wide Gathering 8 & 9 Nov

12-10-2008 02:01

Less than a month till the next network-wide No Borders Gathering, to be held in Newcastle on 8 & 9 November! The Gathering will be a chance to discuss, network and plan, and to build on discussions from the last network-wide Gathering, held in Manchester earlier this year.

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Demonstration for Amdani Juma's right to stay, Market Sq, Nottingham : Pictures

12-10-2008 00:43

Amdani Juma remains in immediate danger of deportation. There was another demonstration at 12.30pm in Market Square on Saturday 11th Oct to show continuesd support. The demonstration insisted that the Home Office remove the threat of deportation for Amdani.

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Edinburgh Financial Protest: "We wont pay for your crisis!"

11-10-2008 20:55

SWP protest on the 10th
"We Wont Pay for Your Crisis!"

Edinburgh is set to have a demonstration against the government's criminal bank bailout, at the Corporate Headquarters of HBOS.

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Big Turnout for Liverpool Critical Mass

11-10-2008 20:30

This month's critical mass was bigger than ever. The ride ended at Next To Nowhere (social centre) where the riders got free refreshments and saw a film.

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Demonstration Against Ugandan Human Rights Abuse, London 9 Oct, 2008

11-10-2008 18:17

Outside Uganda House
October 9 is Uganda Independence Day, but for gay Nigerians in particular there is little to celebrate. Around 50 people met in a demonstration sponsored by the NUS outside the Ugandan Embassy in Trafalgar Square at noon on Ugandan Independence Day, Oct 9, to protest against human rights abuses in Uganda.
Photographs (C) 2008, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Liverpool stands up to police repression against campaigners

11-10-2008 15:01

Police riot vans surrounded & intimidated legal protestors and campaign stalls in Liverpool city centre this afternoon, but surrounding crowds helped intervene to block the police and defend the stalls. Two people were arrested and others questioned, and literature & other campaign materials were confiscated from all the stalls

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aktivix and other tech collectives statement on 11 Oct 08

11-10-2008 12:17

As part of a Day of Action Freedom not Fear, radical tech collectives from Europe and beyond have come up with the following statement which summarises what their position on privacy rights is.

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Help stop a school being torn down for "private affordable housing"

11-10-2008 09:42

the old burradon community school. is being tared down to make way for "affordable privet housing" this is an outrage especially with the current finances in ruins

there need to be quick action as demolition has already started to take place but if were quick we can get this turned over and even possibly turned in to a community center as the council prommised



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VIDEO: Bank of England protest - Friday October 10

11-10-2008 08:22

No bail out for the bosses protest outside the Bank of England.

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Subway picket in Belfast in support of sacked worker

11-10-2008 02:52

Organise!, WSM, trade unions and various political activists picketed a Subway restaurant in Belfast today in support of sacked Polish worker Natalia Szymanska.

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Hamburg: Acquittal for alleged Superheroine

10-10-2008 22:46

A few days ago, a Hamburg activist was in court for allegedly having participated in an action against precarity and for distribution. Now she has been acquitted. Here is a report from someone who was at the court case:
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