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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Latest posts on LegacyofColonialism Forum

07-04-2008 12:53

Latest posts to go out on the LegacyofColonialism Forum email list/message board:

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Nude torch run against Olympic flame in San Fran, April 9th

07-04-2008 12:48

April 9, 2008 is the date of the Official Beijing Olympic Torch Run in San Francisco.
This is the only U.S. city on the Torch's world tour. The national and international media will be here. A nude torch run is being planned to coincide.

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PARIS: Officials extinguish Olympic torch again

07-04-2008 11:58

More trouble for the Olympic flame as it wends its way through Paris today

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Euromayday Berlin 2008 demo

07-04-2008 10:31

Text of the German language EUROMAYDAY Berlin 2008 flyer, translated via EuroMayday email list.

Mayday Parade // 1 May '08 // 2pm // Boxhagener Platz // Friedrichshain // Berlin.

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"Freedom wins" says the Sun

07-04-2008 08:10

The Sun, 7 April 2008
It is deeply saddening that so many fellow activists fall for this Whitehall-orchestrated stunt on Tibet...

They seem to forget all too easily that for five hundred years, hundreds of millions of indigenous peoples were slaughtered, decimated, deported, enslaved, starved, exterminated, impoverished, and forcibly assimilated into an emerging world system dominated by Western Europe.

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Parody of Justice: Toronto 18 Suspects undergo Trial by Media

07-04-2008 00:51

The trial of the only remaining youth in the Toronto 18 case commenced last week in a Brampton courtroom. The new details disclosed in the Crown factum filed in the case elicited depressingly new emotional lows in all of the accused and their families. Reminiscent of that fateful day in June, 2006, the media sensationalism started all over again, with the reporting of incomplete evidence and outrageous headlines.

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Leaflets for Nottingham squat days of action this weekend

06-04-2008 23:11

Leaflet front - copy and scatter!
This weekend a temporary squatted space will be opened up in the centre of Nottingham, hosting two days of food, workshops, films, discussion, zines, free jumble stalls and partying.

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Days of Action For Squats and Autonomous Spaces

06-04-2008 22:37

Towards the end of last year an international call out was made for decentralised days of action for squats and autonomous spaces. Following the call out there was a preparatory meeting at Les Tanneries in Dijon and later still a National Squatters Meeting in Leeds to discuss UK actions and events in response to the call out...

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Cordial Council of Resistance | 1012 - 2012 | Humanity in the UK

06-04-2008 22:11

12th & 19th April | UK Civil Liberties Mobilisation for 2012 | Meetings & Workshops!

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Berlin MayDay Call

06-04-2008 20:47

The following is the Berlin Call for the MayDay Parade!

Similar Parades are taking place in cities across Europe on May 1!

More info soon at:

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BlokR was a success! Copenhagen action day report

06-04-2008 17:52

Welcoming tripod
The BlokR action in support of creating a new Youth House in Copenhagen went off without a hitch. About 5000 people joined the demo which took nearly four hours to walk and ended in a massive street party in Nørrebro.

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Nottingham MayDay 2008 - public meeting & march/rally

06-04-2008 17:43

Two events are organised to celebrate MayDay this year. There's a public meeting on May 1st with Moazzam Begg (One of nine Britons held without trial at Guantanamo Bay) and Amdani Juma. And on May 3rd there's the march and rally, with speakers, stalls and music.

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EuroMayDay Parade 2008

06-04-2008 14:39

This year for MayDay, two worlds clash together: the global movement vs strong-armed governments; grassroots networks and squatted social centers vs EU power; Utopian Society vs Capitalist Market; the radical europe of multitudes vs the conservative Europe of elites.

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They shoot horses, don’t they?

06-04-2008 14:38

174 horses have died on British race tracks in one year. Three deaths at the latest "Grand" National Race. This does not include those killed away from the racing arena.

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Brilliant pro Tibet protest ongoing in London today

06-04-2008 14:01

comments called for as protesters steal the limelight

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Olympic torch protests

06-04-2008 12:04

Just seen on BBC news site about protests so far...

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Campaign For Free Assembly Demo.

05-04-2008 15:18

FIT photographer Trafalgar Square
The demo went from Trafalgar Square via Parliament Square to the Home Office and back to Parliament Square then along Whitehall to the pub.

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Codename 'Two Point Two'

05-04-2008 12:08

On the run up to the decentralised days of action for squats and autonomous spaces (, a new squat has been opened to provide yet another autonomous social centre in London.

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Stop Lib Dembs padlocking Paddick who wants to say NO to Crossrail

05-04-2008 11:33

In January 2008, the Lib Dems' 'candidate' for 'mayor' at the London elections scheduled for 1 May 2008, said that Crossrail was not about benefiting ordinary commuters

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West-Midlands climate activists join occupation of Welsh coal mine

04-04-2008 22:33

capitalism or the planet
A group from the West-Midlands neighbourhood of the Camp for Climate Action
yesterday joined with others from around the UK to halt the climate wrecking
activities of Europe's biggest opencast coal mine at Ffos-y-fran in South
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