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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Is there an answer in France?

08-11-2005 09:52

I cannot condone the violence in France but I can understand it.

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The Venezualan Model

08-11-2005 08:07

What Venezuela is proposing is a system of democracy that involves the people, at every level, at the level of decision-making and co-ordination, not just at the ballot box.

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Hurricane Relief Needed in Native American Communities of Southern Louisiana

08-11-2005 01:57

Common Ground Relief Collective and Four Directions Relief Project are working together to rebuild in Native Indian communities. They are also working hard with locals in NOLA to rebuild and campaign for the rights of the poor who lived in the 7th and 9th Ward areas of New Orleans that were flooded and were affected the most by hurricane katrina. Please help these communities if you can.

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Support the French Rioters!

07-11-2005 22:39

Demonstration - Thursday 10 November, 3pm at the French emabssey in London, in support of the French rioters, and against the crackdown on French youth by the state and the police.

Be there

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Claremont (bradford) becomes a car park

07-11-2005 17:55

In the space a businessman or student parks their car, their could be a fire where people sit round and relax.. the space for 3 cars could be used for a caravan, someones home. Soon, the site where people lived for over a decade will be robbed of its trees, bulldozed and covered in tarmac and orderly white lines, all in the name of regeneration...

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Sumac Flyers for November released

07-11-2005 15:31

Download PDF versions of Sumac monthly flyer here. See whats on, print it out pin it up and come along.

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Sheffield Indymedia Pre-film fest night out

07-11-2005 15:31

Thursday 17th November @ 8pm FREE ENTRY

Matilda Social Centre, 111 matilda street, S1 4QF

Giving a taster of the variety of filmsto be screened at the second Sheffield Indymedia Alt.Doc.Fest: Films from the Frontline, on 24-26th November

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Sham Ombudsman exposed by Ombudsmanwatch

07-11-2005 12:19

Ombudsmanwatch exposes bias and corruption of Local Government Ombudsman, who rules in favour of just 1.6% of complaints with average compensation only £200, with no appeal. Consumer group Ombudsmanwatch battles to expose the truth, and force the abolition of LGO and setting up of a truly independent and accountable body.

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Surrey Police Called In By Crest Nicholson Plc as John Callcutt CEO Bows Out

07-11-2005 11:35

Crest House Home of Crest Nicholson Plc Weybridge England
October 31st 2005 John Callcutt CEO of Crest Nicholson Plc 'retired'. The Shalom Family from Wales, evicted and made Homeless by Crest Nicholson in a ‘corporate beauty show’, presented their Family’s good wishes. Indignantly, house-maker Home-breaker, Crest Nicholson, called Police.

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Staggering extent of council homes sell off revealed by Islington IWCA

07-11-2005 09:21

We're now well-used to seeing council estates sold off either to Housing Associations, ALMOS or private interests, but a lesser-known side of the great council homes rip-off has been exposed by Islington IWCA.

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CHAOS IN FRANCE: last night 1300 cars burned!

06-11-2005 20:45

the spontaneous uprising in france continues. it has began 10 days ago in the suburbs of paris - meantime it has spread out all over france.
fire fighters, police stations, schools, kindergardens, companies, bus depots, power plants are set on fire. last night the riots reached even the center of paris. 1300 cars burned - a new record. the night before 900 cars burned, the night before that night 600 cars...

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Climate in Crisis..Swansea public meeting

06-11-2005 15:56

The Campaign Against Climate Change to hold a public meeting in Swansea on the 13th November.

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An ID card for a monkey?

06-11-2005 15:48


The Sunday Times today carries an article which claims that Identity Cards are likely to cost a monkey (£500) each, with a total cost of £30bn.

The projected costs are detailed in a recent report compiled by the London School of Economics, which has raised its May estimate of £300 per card to take into account the the cost of integrating the scheme’s computers with government databases.

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Protest Mike Tyson as competition prize in Sheffield Newspaper

06-11-2005 15:17

The Sheffield Star is offering a drink out with Mike Tyson, a convicted rapist, as a competition prize.

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British Soldiers' families unite with Iraqi & Irish families to condemn Impunity

06-11-2005 13:46

As former Scots Guards Colonel and Human Rights abuser Tim Spicer, whose Aegis mercenary company is the subject of much controversy in Iraq, attends a conference at RUSI in Westminster, families of British Soldiers, of Irish Citizens murdered by British Soldiers, and representatives of Iraqi families murdered by British soldiers unite with a cross-party group of MPs and human rights lobbyists to call for an end to Impunity for human rights abusers.

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Open Letter to President G.W. Bush & the Council for National Policy

06-11-2005 12:24

Locus Standi United Kingdom
To be mightier than the sword, the pen must be mightier than the blue pencil.

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HBOS Edinburgh Appeal Evicted Family of 7 Requests Social Justice

06-11-2005 12:00

Bank of Scotland Corporate Blinded
October 28th 2005, a resolute Vincent Shalom from South Wales, made the extra effort to visit the Home of HBOS Plc in Edinburgh, Scotland. His Family cause for ‘social justice’ is directly linked to HBOS ethical investments, in Crest Nicholson Plc, the house-builder based in Surrey, England.

Full article | 7 comments

Flawed Crossrail Scheme: Theft of Taxpayers money

06-11-2005 11:41

The Crossrail scheme will seek to make two-thirds of London pay for a line that will support a third of London’s richest community most of whom are commuters. Further taxpayers liabilites are likely given that the previous estimates, produced by the independent analyst turned Crossrail chairman Adrian Montague, have risen by 7 billion pounds. It has already cost taxpayers over £300 million pounds. We report why Adrian Montague is running privatisation schemes to rip off taxpayers making him little more than a tax thief.

Full article | 2 comments

Crossrail dumping on taxpayers and the East End of London

06-11-2005 11:27

Crossrail is one of a range of unjust and financially flawed schemes that are likely to benefit developers and result in displacing local communities are being promoted by the Labour Government. Cross London Rail Links (CLRL), the publicly funded Crossrail is 'a 50/50 joint venture company formed by Transport for London (TfL) and the Department for Transport (DfT)... tasked with promoting and developing two new routes through London... Crossrail was allocated a budget of £154m in 2001...' ( Crossrail has already spent £150 million. According to Business Online, Crossrail has since been forced to admit that the scheme is more likely to cost £17bn (cost of 34 new state-of-the-art hospitals or 340 new schools) by 2007 instead of previous projections of £10bn. But even the funding gap for the £10bn cannot be met. In the North of England, the Government's Housing Renewal Pathfinder schemes involves demolishing 400,000 houses to build more expensive homes, which displaces one community for a wealthier version through exploitation.

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POLAND: Radical Right Polish Government Escalates Social Repression

06-11-2005 01:32

Email asking for solidarity and support against increased repression from the new radical rightwing government of Lech Kaczynsk. Sent by the Anarchist Federation of Poland, Poznan Section. Please read and please help....
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