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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Anarchy in New Orleans?

01-09-2005 23:28

“Anarchy Disrupts US Storm Relief”claims the BBC. “Scenes of Anarchy in Super dome” declares CNN. “Anarchy in the streets”. But what's really going on in New Orleans? Whether or not the hurricane itself is the result of human actions is questionable, but what is clear is that the chaos and death in the Big Easy are anything but the result of anarchy.

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2 Ugandan women hunger strikers hospitalised

01-09-2005 19:45

Two women have been taken to Bedford Hospital as fears grow for the health of the Ugandan hunger strikers in the fifth week of their protest. Four women hunger strikers remain in Yarl's Wood protesting against their deportation and the conditions in detention.

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The Amnesty International Pink Tank 'On Patrol'

01-09-2005 12:19

"Love is a human right"

tooooo right!

This is such a serious bit of kit. It really did need its picture taking .....

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Manchester Gay Pride Parade :: The Pictures 3

01-09-2005 11:17

Manchester Gay Pride Parade :: The Pictures 3
Plenty of exhibits and loads of lovely people. Letting it all hang out. Next to Afro-Caribbean Carnivals, I think these events are the most colourful and exuberant that we have in this country.
The biggest cheers of the crowd, went to the public service workers.

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Manchester Gay Pride Parade :: The Pictures 2

01-09-2005 11:08

Manchester Gay Pride Parade :: The Pictures 2
Plenty of exhibits and loads of lovely people. Letting it all hang out. Next to Afro-Caribbean Carnivals, I think these events are the most colourful and exuberant that we have in this country.
The biggest cheers of the crowd, went to the public service workers.

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Manchester Gay Pride Parade :: The Pictures 1

01-09-2005 11:02

Manchester Gay Pride Parade :: The Pictures 1
Plenty of exhibits and loads of lovely people. Letting it all hang out. Next to Afro-Caribbean Carnivals, I think these events are the most colourful and exuberant that we have in this country.
The biggest cheers of the crowd, went to the public service workers.

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Public Meeting 'Return'

01-09-2005 08:25

Earlier this year Hassan Qasrawi returned to his home in Palestine for the first time in forty years. He will give an account what he found at a public meeting organised by the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign, 8 September, Blind Institute, Sheffield, 7.30pm.

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Banned book from former UK ambassador available online

01-09-2005 08:05

Craig Murray was the UK ambassador to Uzbekistan who raised objections to the UK using evidence obtained gained under torture. A preview of the book the government is trying to ban is available online on 1st September only.

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Venezuela offers inexpensive gasoline to USA’s poor

31-08-2005 15:48

President Hugo Chavez said that he estimates that his offer will benefit from between 7 to 8 million needy Americans. He added that his embassy in Washington D.C. has already received 140 applications for the program.

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HELP! S.O.S. from the US! Our president is insane!

31-08-2005 00:08

The American president (insane usurper) is vacationing while a major US city is destroyed by global warming propelled hurricane.

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Astonishing attack on Jean Charles de Menezes Campaign

30-08-2005 21:12

Attacking people involved in the campaign organised by the family of Jean Charles de Menezes seems to be a popular pastime for journalists and commentators at the moment.

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Thousand Workers Siege Labor Department in Manila

30-08-2005 20:52

Filipino protesters and unionists from Gelmart Industries, the country's top garment exporter, clash with police at the Department of Labor and Employment office in Manila August 15, 2005. Protesters condemned the Labor Secretary and the Gelmart management for failing to meet the demands of employees.

Full article AT THE OPERA: an eyewitness account

30-08-2005 14:35 AT THE OPERA
The police gang like to fence the protestors in and surround them grunting and staring is the tactic and if taxpayers are prepared to be pushed to that level then it is time to stand up for your rights to protest as well. Don't let them stand over your youth and fellow citizens who should be allowed to protest and demonstrate without feeling sick in the stomach with fear and worried about being there.

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Jerry Hicks Derby rally.

30-08-2005 13:17

Some of the 200 Derby workers.
On Thursday (Aug 25th) 200 workers from the Rolls Royce Derby plant packed into a stand at the local Athletics track for a presentation by sacked Bristol Shop Steward Jerry Hicks.

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Rock against Coca Cola and war in Turkey

30-08-2005 10:40

BarisaRock Festival (Rock for peace) in Istanbul has ended with a great success last weekend. More than 60 organizations, campaigns and initiatives have been involved in the activities.

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Reflections on the VI Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle

29-08-2005 16:22

* The Cuban Libertarian Movement (CLM; in Spanish: Movimiento Libertario Cubano - MLC) presents for collective debate its reflections on the declarations made by the EZLN (the Zapatista rebels) in July 2005 in the state of Chiapas, Mexico.

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Student activist conference, University of East London, September 3

29-08-2005 15:20

The Education Not for Sale network, Students Against Sweatshops and University of East London SU are organising a one day training and political discussion event for student activists on Saturday September 3.

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Alternative bookshop in Bristol closes

28-08-2005 22:09

After 23 years of community service, Bristol's last remaining alternative community bookshop has closed. Sadly the closure of Greenleaf Books reflects an ongoing trend of the closure of alternative bookshops, as the pressure of trading within capitalist society becomes overwhelming.

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Dear Settlers

28-08-2005 05:09

from the Israeli Left

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The Christian Paradox

27-08-2005 16:55

"We have made golden calves of ourselves-become a nation of terrified, self-obsessed idols.. The gospel is too radical for any culture larger than the Amish to ever come close to realizing..Taking seriously the actual message of Jesus should serve to moderate the greed and violence.."
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