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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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PLEASE TAKE ACTION: Iraqi trade unionists denied entry to Germany

27-10-2005 14:44

A major tour of Germany, supported by hundreds of peace groups, is under threat, as the German authorities have refused visas for the speakers from the General Union of Oil Employees, Basra, an anti-occupation, anti-privatisation union. Please fax, email or otherwise contact your local German embassy in order to protest. Info about local embassies is at the bottom of this article.

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Prime meanster 'tells' States?

26-10-2005 23:21

hoWard controls the media giants, the sin-ate, the States and Territories
hoWard controls the media giants, the sin-ate, the States and Territories and now he wants you! Any time he pushes a button on his dictatorial consol, you will jump and he'll use you as cannon fodder. hoWARd will be handed insurmountable scapegoats on a silver platter to wipe his dirty lies and war crimes clean.

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Verifiable proof that Armageddon has begun...

26-10-2005 21:58

Hurricanes Katrina (#11) and Rita (#17) have provided stunning validation of my research and interpretations of pivotal ancient wisdom, symbologies, key prophecies, and associated religious claims. Their storm numbers and timing perfectly synchronized with primary data and assertions in my book, thereby demonstrating the true nature of this universe and the existence of our Creator.

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Boatyard in court - Protest outside

26-10-2005 16:53

Outside the Court
Today was the day of the Jericho Boatyard Courtcase, while outside there was lots of people and Breach of the Peace Samba band

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Poetry Night in Neath ..benefit for Iraqi Children

26-10-2005 15:48

Poetry night in Neath on friday 11th November.All welcome!

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Protest against Hilary Benn

26-10-2005 15:46

Hilary Benn's speech at the vigil on Monday night was not just interupted by the rain, but also a group of people wearing t-shirts reading 'development the new slavery'

See images here.....

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Fasting in London as the media continue to lie for the wrongdoers

26-10-2005 15:31

Fasting in London on the day when Geoff Hoon [The warmonger on Iraq] stood in the House of Commons for Tony Blair to field 'the Prime Minister's Questions' and in a week of ‘mainstream’ media promoting the profiteers and slotting GW Bush as claiming any identity with the struggles of Rosa Parks !

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Chicago Grand Jury Indictes British PM Tony Blair for Obstruction of Justice.

26-10-2005 13:50

A Chicago grand jury has indicted the President and Vice-President of the United States along with multiple high officials in the Bush administration. British Prime Minister Tony Blair was indicted for obstruction of justice and is reportedly consulting with members of Parliament and legal aides regarding how to avoid appearing in the U.S.A. for interrogation before Fitzgerald in Chicago.

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26-10-2005 12:14


Constant & Co., the bailiff company
specialising in eviction of Gypsies,
has notified Travellers at Brockley,
South London, that they intend to
"clear" them out on Thursday morning.
(27 Oct).

The location is St Norbert Road,
off Brockley Way, Brockley, London SE4.
Nearby landmark is a Hilton Hotel.
A to Z reference page 105 5K.

Nearest stations are Nunhead and
Honor Oak Park. New Cross/Catford.

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Poland: police raid on De Centrum squat

25-10-2005 19:17

view of DeCentrum squat
The DeCentrum squat in Białystok has been attacked by police.
Please watch Polish Indymedia and DeCentrum websites for
more info and please start telephone/fax/email pressure on
local authorities.

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Fasting in London against global corruptibility - Muhammad Haque Poetry

25-10-2005 16:35

I fast in London to uncover the lies
I fast in London to recover the ties
I fast in London so faith never dies
I fast in London so truth never dies
I fast in London for ethical life
I fast in London for an end to strife

I fast because I am part of
huge masses of selfless millions
across this world today
participating in action
against the aims the schemes of
those who trade in
global corruptibility

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Anarchist Bookfair 2005

25-10-2005 15:35

Lots of books, lots of activists, leaves falling off the trees. It's that time of year again, the Anarchist Bookfair.

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Boatyard in court tommorow

25-10-2005 11:34

The Case concerning the Boatyard is in court tommorow (Wednesday 26th October)

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25-10-2005 11:00

Norwich No NDR meeting, this Friday 28 October 7.30, at the Garnet Wolsey PH, Market Place

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Food Not Bombs – Worldwide Day Of Action Against McDonalds

24-10-2005 20:49

On October 16th 2005 Food Not Bombs participated with other groups in an action outside McDonalds near Pigeon Park (St. Phillip’s Cathedral) in Birmingham City Centre. Birmingham Food Not Bombs believes that food should be a right not a privilege and regularly serves free food in the city centre to anyone who wants it, homeless or otherwise. Food Not Bombs is an international movement and also campaigns on issues such as poverty, homelessness, war & military spending, the environment, and globalisation.

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Citizens’ Summit on the Information Society (CSIS)

24-10-2005 15:37

Citizens’ Summit on the Information Society (CSIS)
Tunis, November 16-18, 2005
First announcement and call for support
CSIS Press release ­ October 24, 2005

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Air bosses meeting end Nov ???

24-10-2005 12:32

IS there a meeting of the Air bosses in London end November?

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New pamphlet: Beating Fascism: Anarchist anti-fascism in theory and practice

23-10-2005 17:53

"Beating Fascism" is a new compilation about anarchist anti-fascism. From the 'People's commandos' who fought against Mussolini's bootboys, through the Spanish Civil War, to the anti-fascist activists of the eighties, nineties and beyond who took up the challenge from a new crop of boneheads.

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Summary of Peoples' Global Action meeting, India, 7-10 October 2005

23-10-2005 16:30

Around 50 people from different countries (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Germany, Greece, Spain, UK, Ukraine/USA) met in Haridwar for a preparatory consultation meeting prior to the 4th Global Conference of PGA.

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Cambridge Critical Mass

23-10-2005 15:42

Some Cambridge Critical Mass dudes are off to London!
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