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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Anti-Bedroom Tax tenants to protest at Housing 2013 conference

05-06-2013 20:28

Protest Lord Freud
Bedroom tax tenants, supporters, trade unionists and other campaigners from across the country will flock to Manchester at the end of June - to demonstrate and lobby at the biggest corporate event in the social housing calendar.

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Dissident Island Radio - 17 May 2013 - Episode 119

05-06-2013 18:08

Check out the latest show from Dissident Island

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#J11 Carnival Against Capitalism mass action

05-06-2013 10:21

The #J11 Carnival Against Capitalism mass action will start at 12 noon on Tuesday June 11th, the meet-up points will be:

North, Oxford Circus click here for directions -
South, Piccadilly Circus - click here for directions -

the action will finish with a ‘street party’ at 5:30pm, the location will be announced on the day.

This action will only be as effective as the people participating in them. We have not negotiated with the police and we will not be controlled. If we look after each other, stay mobile, don’t get caught in kettles and are ready to make quick decisions about what to do next we can make the most of the day

see you on the streets

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join the challenge to iain duncan smith - sign the pettion on his £53-a-week lie

04-06-2013 06:51

The Mail on Sunday has hired the Rightwing "insider" from the even more Right-wing SPECTATOR. Their boast this past weekend was that IDS would never budge on his
ferocious attack against the poor and the have-nots..

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Infonight about the Stop G8 Week of Action, Tuesday 4th June, Cowley Library

03-06-2013 14:12

From 8th to 14th June the Stop G8 network will be opening a convergence space and organising anticapitalist actions in London. The convergence centre provide food and accommodation for up to 1000 people. There are four major actions planned including a massive Carnival Against Capitalism on June 11th in the West End of London.

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Standoff with EDL in Abingdon

02-06-2013 17:25

A smallish EDL demo, oops sorry, "respecting the dead gathering", took place in Abingdon, and was met by a similar size counterdemo.

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Istanbul, Turkey

02-06-2013 10:43

report from a comrade involved in the disturbances in Turkey

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Oxford EDL demo fails to materialise

01-06-2013 23:56

An EDL wreath-laying-type mobilisation (as elsewhere) was announced in Oxford today. A lively counter-demo was there, but they weren't - unless you count one or two grumpy looking guys.

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In honour of murdered activist Juan Vázquez Guzmán

01-06-2013 21:07

Convocation for the Week of Worldwide Action:
“Juan Vázquez Guzmán lives!
The Bachajón struggle continues!”
Tuesday, June 25 to Tuesday, July 2, 2013

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Stop G8 Direct action skillshare this weekend

31-05-2013 12:56

Skillshare2013 is coming to Brighton this weekend!

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The Daily Mail, Michael Adebolajo, the BNP & Harrow Mosque

31-05-2013 11:23

The Daily Mail newspaper says "Hurrah for the Blackshirts"
Conveniently ignoring embarrassing facts like the long-term pattern of Daily Mail support for far-right politics, and BNP chairman Nick Griffin's famous support for Libyan terrorist Colonel Gaddafi etc, the Daily Mail, ITV and BNP are misrepresenting the presence of Michael Adebolajo at a counter-protest to defend Harrow Mosque in 2009 (a counter-protest which was in fact also supported by Tory councillors).

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UG#643 - Living A Higher, More Ethereal Life (Foreclosures, Monongahela, Walden)

30-05-2013 23:37

What would it mean to live 'a higher & more ethereal life' we ask this week in a successor program to last week's show. The quote is from Henry David Thoreau's classic Walden which we keep reading, and which details the shed he built by Walden Pond in 1845 at a cost of $28.12½ (i.e. around $1000 nowadays). Our main presentation is a 2013 interview about Direct Action to resist the US government sponsored armed gangs who are attempting to evict people from their homes. We supplement this with short readings from John Taylor Gatto's Underground History of American Education and from Suelo.

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Countering the Resurgence of the EDL

29-05-2013 08:41

In the last week the extreme right has been making all the running in the aftermath of the killing of soldier Lee Rigby on Wednesday. We have seen a sudden outpouring of racism and speedily-organised mobilisations by the EDL. The demonstration at Downing Street on Bank Holiday Monday was the first 'official' EDL event organised in response to the killing which anti-fascists had any time to respond to. earlier in Leicester Square.

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Three docs analyzing the Occupy movement in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA

29-05-2013 02:02

"Revolution is the only form of warfare where a final victory must be preceded by a long series of defeats."

Rosa Luxemburg

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Xingu Under Attack: La Carta n. 7: el gobierno federal (Brazil), nos dirigimos

28-05-2013 22:52

The Brazilian government will end the Xingu communities with the construction of Belo Monte dam. All international support is valid !

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Peace News Summer Camp 2013: Taking a Lead from the Global South

28-05-2013 16:30

This year’s camp is organised by activists of colour/people with a global majority heritage. We invite you to join us and others from across the broad spectrum of the peace and radical social change movements for five days of workshops, participatory entertainment and network building! 25th - 29th July, near Diss, Norfolk.

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Direct Action Training/Skillshare this weekend - Brighton

28-05-2013 14:43

Stop G8 is running a direct action skillshare this weekend (1st & 2nd June) at the Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton, to prepare people for the Stop G8 week of action from 10th-14th June. On Sunday there will also be a fundraising BBQ from 2pm to raise money for Stop G8.
Spread the word and see you at the Cowley!
Timetable below:

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Solidarity benefit night for Greek social movements at Easton Community Centre -

28-05-2013 14:14

Due to the economic crisis and other factors the antifa, anarchists, squats and autonomous spaces of Greece are having a really hard time from fascists and the police force. This is a benefit to aid them...
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