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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Two anti-cuts activists found guilty on police evidence!

20-04-2011 14:50

Photo One
Setback for anti-cuts movement as Mark and Patrick found Guilty on Police Evidence! Financial Appeal to support Right to Protest!

After a two day trial on the 28th and 29th of March 2011, Mark and Patrick were found guilty, and heavy fines totaling £760 were imposed.

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May 7: A Bristol Anarchist Ball

19-04-2011 21:30

At the end of a week of meetings, film shows, gigs and communal meals, culminating in Bristol's Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday 7 May, KebeleSound will do what it does best - put on the party!

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BP Flash Mob Video

18-04-2011 17:32

Check it out ...

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Project Work - the original workfare scheme

18-04-2011 00:03

A group for those who have experienced Project Work in Medway

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Flash Mob Photos

17-04-2011 18:55

Couple of photo sets from today are here:

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Chaos spreading in Greece

17-04-2011 07:49

Protesters clash with riot police in Keratea over plans for a landfill site in t
The Guardian today has an interesting article on the situation in Greece. I haven't seen anything on indy for a while and there seems to have been corp media blackout for ages so until some more solid news on the situation emerges, this article is definitely an interesting read.

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Americans protest Saudi role in Bahrain - Saudis OUT of Bahrain !!

16-04-2011 21:01

More than 4,000 demonstrators attended the rally to show solidarity with Bahraini people and to condemn Saudi Arabia's involvement in the crackdown of protesters in Bahrain, on Saturday

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UG#541 - Outing Prison 1 (Mass Incarceration Is The New Jim Crow)

16-04-2011 08:24

This week we hear author Sasha Abramsky and professors Viviane Saleh-Hanna and Michelle Alexander on the US incarceration industry, or as they call it, the "Prison Industrial Complex". How can a country which used to style itself the "land of the free" lock up far more of its own population than any other country? Why has the US prison population exploded? And what is the connection with racial segregation and Jim Crow?

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UG#547 - Outing Prison 2 (FASD and What is Prison For Anyway?)

16-04-2011 08:18

This week we continue our investigation into the incarceration industry. Firstly, a look at FASD, a congenital brain deficiency caused by mothers who drink excessive alcohol while pregnant. Second, a speech by prison reformer Vivien Stern on how the terrifying reality of the prison system in UK. We conclude with a rebroadcast of a section from Charles Eisenstein on 'life under contract' about the deeper reasons behind the push to incarcerate ever more of the population.

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Defend newcastle Agianst racists

15-04-2011 22:56

Monument 12-3

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Bahraini protester dies under torture

15-04-2011 20:18

Abdul Kareem al-Fakhrawi
While the international community and the left organizations and parties do not observe the fact that there is occupation in Bahrain from the Saudi invasion and the on going tortures in Bahrain, so far there have been recorded four deaths from torture and 800 people are "missing".

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Synchronise Watches …

15-04-2011 18:03

This Sunday, the 17th April, is the BP FLASH MOB inside the Tate Modern (Sponsored by BP).

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Dissident Island Radio - Episode 80 - 9pm tonight

15-04-2011 16:09

Ian Tomlinson inquest // WAG announcement // Counter Olympics Network // TAA // Freddy Frog

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Vivergo Workers Confront Employers, Police and GMB Union

15-04-2011 15:08

Saltend workers blocking traffic in response to management's refusal to talk
Construction workers at a biofuels plant near Hull face opposition from the contractors, the police, and now their own union after being locked out for more than a month.

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Atos Picketed, Daily Mail Mobbed and Invaded, WestminsterCouncil Told

15-04-2011 14:28

Protests took place around the country yesterday as part of the Third National Day of Action Against Benefit Cuts.

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Shell HQ gets attacked

15-04-2011 12:45

Just before midnight on Monday night some angry souls with paint descended upon the Shell offices at Duckmaster near Bolsover (not far from Chesterfield), They proceeded to paint the doors and windows in red and black, with a hint of green for good measure.

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Rememberance Vigil for Vittorio Arrigoni tonight, Italian Embassy

15-04-2011 11:26

6pm Italian Embassy, 14 3 Kings Yard, Davies Street, London W1, nearest tube Bond Street

Our beloved comrade, brother, activist and friend Vik, Vittorio 'Utopia' Arrigoni was murdered by a Salafist extreemist cell in Gaza last night. They kidnapped him, beat him, blindfolded him and hung him. Israel's blockade on the tiny Gaza strip (1.5 million people in a540km by 10 km space) and the social engineering through shock blasts of violence, containment, siege and disposession has been going on for decades. We can't even rule out that there was a more direct hand in this from the Israeli government, but even so, the influence is there, direct or indirect. Please come and mourn with us.

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Marcos is not a hero! Protest the plan to make him one!

15-04-2011 02:14

FERDINAND E. MARCOS is not a hero to the Filipino people. His martial law regime sent hundreds of thousands to jail, made people 'desaparecidos' because of their political beliefs. He is now being elevated to become a "hero" and plans are afoot by his families and allies to have him interred in Libingan ng mga Bayani (Cemetery of Heroes).

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Taunton Benefit: Solidarity with M26 arrested activists!

14-04-2011 21:25

In solidarity with ALL arrested activists from protests and direct action in London on March 26h, Anonymous Promotions have organised a benefit for Green & Black Cross who are raising funds for their legal fees.
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