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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Asbestos deaths- please, can you spare a minute to email a message of support

26-04-2006 09:25

An International Asbestos Memorial for the 5,000,000 people who may die of asbestos related disease.
The United Nations International Labour Organisation estimate current asbestos related deaths are 100,000 pa.
This Friday on Workers Memorial Day there is a united call for an worldwide ban on asbestos...

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London mayor Livingstone obstructs Khoodeelaar! No to Crossrail hole

26-04-2006 08:59

Within minutes [on Monday 24 April 2006] of aadhikaronline reporting the Conservative Party Chair Francis Maude's backing to Khoodeelaar! No to Crossrail hole Bill campaign, London Mayor Ken Livingstone had his office send a strange communication to Khoodeelaar! The legal and democratic significance of the Ken Livingstone communication are enormous, especially in the last week before the scheduled local elections on 4 May 2006

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New ID card proposal to flush out those using anonymity

26-04-2006 00:41

Government of such dubious credentials
That' s a very big, very serious dimension to the whole database and ID card issue here in Australia. With a government of such dubious credentials on their commitment to human rights playing footsies with rendition to torture countries, blanket opposition to a bill of rights, denial of the refugee convention word and spirit, denial of fundamental but inconvenient property rights like native title, and likely lots more, why trust this government on the ID lite card proposal?

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Why Howard must resign

25-04-2006 22:13

John Howard Denies He Lies
If they did not know then they have to go. Howard want's it both ways on the wheat for weapons scandal - he should take it like a man and resign today.

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Riots erupt during Condoleezza Rice’s visit to Greece

25-04-2006 18:55

Thousands of people marched the streets of Athens today protesting Condoleezza Rice's visit to Athens.

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xenophobia hits all the MSM evening news

25-04-2006 18:10

25th April saw evening news BBC ITV/Channel 4 lead with
the story of Charles Clarkes 'mistake'

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Pic of Nepali Embassy, London Demonstration

25-04-2006 17:23

Nepali Protestors
Some of us decided to show our solidarity with the Nepali people’s movement.

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Save Jerusalem from the Apartheid Wall and Ethnic Cleansing

25-04-2006 15:50

A new factsheet released by the Anti Apartheid Wall Campaign ( details how the Apartheid Wall is almost completed in Jerusalem, snaking around Palestinian communities and shutting them out of their
city in an act of ethnic cleansing.

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Is there a subtle political intereference going on right now?

25-04-2006 14:51

My ISP support unit tells me that my domain editing has been made simpler during the past week. I had no notice. Now I can't access my site to edit it. Am I alone?

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25-04-2006 14:20

The British media are attempting to blame the open public butchery with knives of two Muslim Pakistanis in South London on other Pakistanis. In fact, the bloody murders were perpetrated by a Tamil street gang, the Tooting Boys. With almost mathematical predictability, the UK media are misrepresenting the Tooting Boys as "Pakistanis".

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Respect calls police to investigate possible postal vote fraud

25-04-2006 11:17

Slough Respect has sent a letter to the police requesting 'an immediate and formal police investigation into possible voting rigging and what we believe to be, gross abuses of the postal vote system.'

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UK Forestry Minister: “Rochdale people are missing out on benefits of woodlands”

25-04-2006 10:31

Destroyed Spodden Valley woodland where Countryside Properties wanted to build
Too many Rochdale people are missing out on the benefits of getting active in the North West's woodlands, thinking they are only found in rural areas, comments the UK Government’s Forestry Minister Jim Knight.

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London Rising Tide presents Rob Newman's 'The History of Oil'

25-04-2006 10:14

This Thursday, April 27th, we'll be showing Rob's new film, as well as holding a special introductory meeting for people new to London Rising Tide.

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A round up of grim events this tuesday in Palestine

25-04-2006 10:10

As ever the situation here is getting worse daily, here is a round up of yet more human rights abuse.

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reclaim st george - report, photos and campacc speech vid

24-04-2006 22:27

pics and report from the anti-socpa 'reclaim st george' event this weekend along with a vid of the full speech by deepak gupta from campacc (campaign against criminalising communities)

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Sacked Gate Gourmet workers to speak at the Anarchism 06 conference

24-04-2006 18:21

Sacked workers from Gate Gourmet are guest speakers at the Anarchism 06 conference as part of the discussion on 'autonomous workers struggles'

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24-04-2006 14:09

Tuesday 25th April will see the Nepali people attempt to capture inner Kathmandu in a massive demonstration for democracy--show your support by demonstrating at the Nepalese embassy in London

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Khoodeelaar No to Crossrail hole Bill campaign gets Tory HQ backing

24-04-2006 13:01

A little piece of campaign history has been made this afternoon in the Brick Lane where Conservative Party Chair Francis Maude actually said that his party would oppose the Crassrail hole plan. This comes nearly 3 years after Khoodeelaar! started the campaign to defend Brick Lane London| E1 area against the CrossRail hole assault. Francis Maude was answering questions from Khoodeelaar organsier Muhammad Haque as Maude left a Party gathering held in the area.

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Radio: Oil on Resonance FM

24-04-2006 12:48

Monday 24th at 2pm, the first of two part on 'Liquid Gold' is on Resonance 104.4FM.

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Photos - nepal demos and police attacks

24-04-2006 12:44

Police and protesters clash at Kalanki
Pictures from the online Kathmandu Times, April 20th.
Large demos. Police shooting into crowds. Injured and dead protesters.
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