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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Direct Action; Czech, Greece, Mexico, Switzerland, Spain & UK

20-08-2009 20:46

17 HENS RESCUED (Czech Republic)
15th-20th August

17 HENS RESCUED (Czech Republic)

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Fourth attempt to remove Constant Moussavou

20-08-2009 05:11

Constant Moussavou
Constant Moussavou, a national of Congo Brazzaville, and resident of Leicester a long time activist/member of Leicester Civil Rights Movement (LCRM). Is currently detained in Campsfield House IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Friday 21st August on Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET701 at 21:35 to Addis Ababa then ET8312 To Brazzaville Congo.

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US nuclear-powered carrier entry to Manila violates Philippine Constitution

19-08-2009 13:25

US nuclear-powered carrier entry to Manila violates ASEAN Treaty .

The following manifestation was made by Rep. Walden Bello of the Party-list Akbayan! on the floor of the House of Representatives of the Philippines on August 13, 2009. It was prepared by Herbert Docena of Focus on the Global South.

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Project Alcatraz

19-08-2009 13:22

When Santa Teresa Hacienda, a sugar cane plantation and rum distillery in Venezuela, had problems with gangs from the slums they hit upon a novel solution.

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What can be learned from the occupation of Vestas?

19-08-2009 13:15

The 19-day occupation of the Vestas wind turbine factory on the Isle of Wight ended August 7, after its Danish owners secured a court order allowing them to repossess the plant. The six remaining workers left the plant after the eviction notice was served. On August 12, dismissal notices were sent to all the employees, confirming the closure of two sites in the Isle of Wight and Southampton.

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Just Say No…10 reasons why not to get an ID card

19-08-2009 08:40

It’s pretty clear that most of us won’t be signing up to the scheme come September but just in case you were undecided here are ten reasons why you shouldn’t….

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Abahlali baseMjondolo Attacked in eShowe

18-08-2009 12:12

Abahlali baseMjondolo has often been attacked by the state and landlords of various kinds. But now the movement is under attack from members of Inkatha - the right wing Zulu nationalist movement. AbM - is a highly diverse movement in terms of ethnicity, nationality, race, gender and age. An eruption of this diversity, not to mention democracy, in the heartland of Inkatha has been received as a direct challenge. The movement is currently sheltering two militants who are being hunted by Inkatha members. They are being hidden in a secret location. They are also fears for the safety of S'bu Zikode. Mnikelo Ndabankulu and Zodwa Nsibande, two of the AbM activists who were detained against their will and threatened with death, will be in London later this month to give a series of talks and to meet with poor people's organisations here.

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National Identity Scheme Relaunched

18-08-2009 11:02

Home Secretary Alan Johnson last week re-launched the National Identity Scheme with the unveiling of a newly designed ID card.

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The internet is under attack!

18-08-2009 09:33

The powers that be still do not understand the internets, make sure you do before they consolidate their control.

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Artivism on Mill Road!

17-08-2009 16:03

Cheerfully resistng!
Last Saturday (15/8/200) from midday about fifty people not only picketed but turned into an art installation the area in front of the proposed Tescos store on Mill Road, Cambridge.

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Animal Rights Cambridge has New Website

17-08-2009 15:50

Animal Rights Cambridge Website

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Report of anti BNP protest in Codnor with 20 photos

17-08-2009 15:09

This a 1,300 word report of the anti-BNP protest in Codnor on Saturday 15th August with 20 photos.

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Job Centre Plus is not working

17-08-2009 14:33

Job Centres do little to help the unemployed other than treat them to degrading and humiliating treatment.

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Anti-NIKE-alization of Miyashita Park.30/31st,August.For homeless and public use

17-08-2009 09:13

Art-class of ENOARU cafe in "tent city" of Yoyogi Park
Nike has bought development rights to the Miyashita Park, Sibuya, central Tokyo. With it they plan to make it a commercial project rather than a public space that has been used for all sorts of actvities. For example any kind of art has always been guareented to be exhibited there whatever the political connotation. The public lose the rights on 30/31st of August of which they will hold a 2 day event. Some of the homeless are also fighting as parks are the only place they can squat. More homeless are envitable with the global financial crisis and by law the only places they can not be removed are public parks. At the bottom is the translated callout.

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The March of Hell. Our Japanese Cousins are some of the most oppressed activists

17-08-2009 08:08

Photo of a speech using a giant puppet which was also used to protest with.
This network of activists are constantly harrassed more so than our country by ultra-nationalists and police alike. Since I've been here and there is little connections at all between them and Europe. The 15th of August, where 14 war criminals are commemorated alongside the dead. I'll describe what is apparently the most hardcore protest of the year for the left as there's no news anywhere. Kyoto university just had an occupation. Apparently that is not unusual. Why isn't it somewhere? There is a sort of mini Burning Man festival in the countryside next week. A 2 day Anti-Nike event after. They have a 'drifter's` union of young people who drift from cornershop and restaurant shops with no sicial mobility. Nothing like that gets through. Please look at the videos of youtube at the end and read the Japan Times article on the 15th of August demonstration.

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Repression And Resistance In Mexico Part 2 Atenco

16-08-2009 22:02

Repression and Resistance in Mexico
Part 2
Justice For Atenco

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Repression And Resistance In Mexico Part 1 Oaxaca

16-08-2009 21:57

Ruben Valencia Nunez from Oaxaca Mexico spoke in Glasgow and Edinburgh at the end of July as part of a 2 month European Speaking tour campaigning against the criminalisation of social movements in Mexico.

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A day to remember in Codnor as anti-fascists drown out the BNP’s festival of rac

16-08-2009 16:58

People from Oxford helped to peacefully but determinedly occupy one of the roads leading to the BNP's festival of hate for 5 hours on Saturday in Codnor, Derbyshire in spite of police efforts to clear the road and one very weak attempt by a group of BNP thugs to get through - the rest kept there distance and eventually turned back. So much for the master race. Below is a more report from the Unite Against Fascism website on the protest
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