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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Ecotopia 2005 - international youth festival in Moldova

27-06-2005 20:01

Ecotopia 2004
---------- e k o t o p i a _ 2 o o 5
---------- in_ M o l d o v a
---------- 1st - 14th_ of_ A u g u s t

- - - - - c a l l o u t
We would like to invite you to E K O T O P I A 2005
taking place in the nature reserve Saharna, in Moldova
This year's theme is Alternative Technologies [AT], but as always the program is to be created by the participants. We choose AT as the theme because we would like to have a lot of skill-sharing on issues such as renewable energy, solar power, waste management and recycling, green building and eco-housing, green food production, windmills, green economy, green design and architecture, and green-everything.
Beside the alternative technologies there will be special focus on
- east-west issues in Europe
- planing of local and global actions
- developing ideas for new projects and campaigns on the European level
The most important is that the program of EKOTOPIA is dependent on YOU:::: to give a workshop, on AT, east-west or any topic you are interested in, climate change, sustainable transport, GMOs, organic food, action planing, alternative media, global politics and economics, migration, racism and xenophobia, etc.
If you want to give a workshop, please fill in the online workshop form [available soon]
If you want to participate fill in this form [available soon]
Also, we would really appreciate if you fill in the EKORATES questionnaire and send it to
People applying for the travel reimbursements are expected to fill in the questionnaire.
People who need travel reimbursement apply before June 20th. If you don't need travel reimbursement you can register until July 10th. Registering in advance is very helpful for the people organising the logistics!!
A great way to come to Ekotopia is the annual Ekotopia BikeToUr. This year, the BikeToUr starts in Banja Luka June 17th, Bosnia.

More about EKOTOPIA
Questions & remarks:

Hope to see you in Moldova!!

EYFA (European Youth for Action) and the ekotopia hosts: AVI, SalvaEco, Gutta-Club and the Environmental Movement of Moldova

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AmnestyI- Iran- Urgent help for man sentenced to having eyes gouged out!

27-06-2005 16:16

Please send appeals to stop this barbaric sentence being varried out in Iran

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The 'Jesuits of Capitalism'

27-06-2005 15:57

Blair's apparent fave consultancy firm McKinsey.

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Chris Ntirandekura - request to stay

27-06-2005 15:54

This is a model letter to the Minister for Immigration requesting that Christian be allowed to stay.

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Theatre of Dissent hit the streets of edinburgh.

27-06-2005 14:29

Educating the locals about the G8 leaders....
Today activist from Theatre of Dissent went on an educational around the streets of Edinburgh.

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Bank of Scotland HQ occupied in Edinburgh.

27-06-2005 14:22

Inside the bank
SSP members stage anti poverty action in Edinburgh.

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27-06-2005 13:55

Less developed countries' external "debt" impedes their economic development and attempts to reduce poverty. But it generates huge revenues for rich countries. In the decade 1994 to 2004, Brazil paid rich country creditors US$400 billion just in interest, equivalent to the entire population of Brazil working a whole year.(1) "Debt" serves various seamlessly linked purposes, all to the advantage of rich country creditors.

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Letter To The Black Block

27-06-2005 12:14

What did we learn from Genoa? We learnt that those who bring violence into the movement bring the state in with them.

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Outcome of the European Parliament Disability Employment Petition

27-06-2005 09:03

Adding to the lengthy British Human Rights case put in 2003 (re. British Labour Court decision,involving my dismissal at home in England on disability by the British Home Hospital ),I filed a petition re.disability,which was found admissible on the 24.3.2004. It has now been replied to.

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Massacre in Paraguay

27-06-2005 08:44

Brazilean Genetically Modified soy growers protected by the police and military in Paraguay attacked a peasant community in Caaguazu last Friday (24/06/05). They burnt down all the 54 houses and the peasants’ crops. Two men have been killed -- ÁNGEL CRISTALDO and LUÍS TORRES -- there are many people injured and 30 people were arrested amongst them many women and children. They have all been released by now, but have nowhere to go back to…

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27-06-2005 08:29

Canadian Indigenous person John Graham is going to be extradited to the USA to a country with the death penalty for a crime he did not commit.The FBI are accusing him of a murder that occured in 1976.

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Photos of G8 info point and Jack Kane centre.

26-06-2005 23:21

Here are some photos of the G8 info point in Edinburgh.

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Carnival of Resistance takes to the streets in Newcastle

26-06-2005 17:15

Around 40 people turned out on Saturday 25th June to take part in the ‘Carnival of Resistance’ in Newcastle, calling on the people of the North East to boycott all those companies complicit in and profiting from Israeli occupation and apartheid.

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Independent - Ministers plan to sell your ID card details to raise cash

26-06-2005 12:40

Fellow defy-id campaigners in Liverpool have been out and about campaigning since early January and have regularly discussed this issue at open meetings for well over six months (meeting every Thursday 6pm at News From Nowhere, Bold Street, Liverpool). Time and time again our worst fears are shown not to be overblown paranoia, here's a story that proves that we constantly need to consider what are the repercussions of government ID card/database scheme, we've obviously got to continue to campaign against 'cornerstone legislation' that when in place will be the building block on which all other oppressive police state (control and containment of population) leglisation and laws will depend on.

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M.Howard on new EU Conv against People Trafficking

26-06-2005 10:54

Tory leader M.Howard replies to constituents enq over view on EU Convention Against Trafficking in Human Beings.

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Ministers plan to sell your ID card details to raise cash

26-06-2005 08:15

Personal details of all 44 million adults living in Britain could be sold to private companies as part of government attempts to arrest spiralling costs for the new national identity card scheme, set to get the go-ahead this week.

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What's so Revolutionary about Venezuelan Coal???

25-06-2005 23:37

* This article is about expanding coal mining consessions in Venezuela`s western state of Zulia. It explains the threats coal mining poses to indigenous communities and water security for Maracaibo, Zulia`s state capital. The article also explains how this initiative is part of a larger regional development plan, IIRSA, and other proposed projects that fall into Zuila`s regional development. The article is also about the grassroots resistence movement against the proposed projects.

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boycott caterkiller procession. Brighton.

25-06-2005 14:29

Cat statement
20 protesters visit brighton shops to call for a boycott of caterkiller until they stop selling D9 bulldozers to the Israeli military.

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Stonehenge - Summer Solstice 2005 :: Pictures 3 Clearence

25-06-2005 10:48

A jaunt out to another 'Managed Access' to celebrate the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge, at the permission [and conditions] of English Heritage. I had a nice time, met old friends and some wierd and wonderful people, doing wierd and wonderful things. BUT .... it is not as I would have it. I still sadly miss the festival that was / should be there.

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Stonehenge - Summer Solstice 2005 :: Pictures 2 After dawn

25-06-2005 10:44

A jaunt out to another 'Managed Access' to celebrate the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge, at the permission [and conditions] of English Heritage. I had a nice time, met old friends and some wierd and wonderful people, doing wierd and wonderful things. BUT .... it is not as I would have it. I still sadly miss the festival that was / should be there.
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