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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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All you ever wanted to know about G8

08-05-2005 14:44

Flyer for the event
On Sunday 15th May Sheffield Dissent invites you to learn more about the upcoming G8 summits (15th to 17th June in Sheffield and 6th to 8th July in Gleaneagles, Scotland) in a day of information, workshops and laughter...

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lock glueing against general election

08-05-2005 13:32

on the eve of the general election, locks in leeds were glued up with quick metal to help sabotage the democratic system.

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Levellers Day Commemoration, Saturday 14 May 2005

08-05-2005 11:26

As usual, this will take place in Warwick Hall, in the beautiful Cotswold town of Burford. More details can be found on the Levellers website at or email or phone 01865 249336. There is reasonable public transport from Oxford, but do plan in advance, and bring an umbrella as it's mainly outdoors.Please note that one of the main speakers, Tahrir Swift from Arab Media Watch, is unable to come and instead we will have her colleague Judith Brown.

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Anti-G8 Mobilising from Merseyside

08-05-2005 11:22

Anti-G8 meeting 7pm Casa, Hope St. this Tuesday!

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Nottingham Student Peace - Crystal Ball, Marcus Garvey Centre :: The Pictures

07-05-2005 16:52

Crystal Ball was an amazing night of delicious Food by Veggies, great music from the people who organise Demo Club including Jazz, acoustic and others as well as a film area, dance performances and even a Bush & Blair casino!! Held at the Marcus Garvey Centre on Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham

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07-05-2005 14:43

Australian Government Welfare Agency, Centrelink, caught out falsifying documents & withholding vital evidence in Court Cases - Documented proof on website same Government Department wants SHUT DOWN

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Anti-G8 Benefit: Wednesday 11th May, Brighton

07-05-2005 13:20

The 2005 G8 Summit is rapidly approaching. Tens of thousands of pounds are still required to be able to provide food, accommodation and infrastructure necessary to support those coming to take action! Start organising benefits, donating money (money can now be donated direct via the Dissent! website - - or paid into a bank account - again, see for into)

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07-05-2005 04:59

Things only got worse.

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May Day Events In Brum

06-05-2005 17:30

A report on 3 days of events celebrating May Day in Birmingham, 2005.

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Some thoughts on Galloway, Paxman, Keys in the UK election spectacle

06-05-2005 15:41

Thoughts on the UK election-night media spectacle, with specific reference to Jeremy Paxman's interview with George Galloway, the Galloway victory in an east London constituency, and the candidacy of Reg Keys against Tony Blair in Sedgefield. (As posted to uk.politics.misc and other Usenet newsgroups).

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ROAD ALERT- Next anti roads and Runways meeting

06-05-2005 14:45

Next Anti roads and Runways Meeting: May 7th, 10:30 AM
The SUMAC Centre, 245 Gladstone Street, Forest Fields, Nottingham NG7 6HX. 08454 589595

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Leeds Day of Dissent @ the Common Place 14th May

06-05-2005 14:18

dissent logo
This July, the G8 — the heads of state of the world’s most powerful countries — will be meeting in Gleneagles, Scotland. Whilst Blair’s government talks of tackling climate change, it’s imposing a huge new road-building programme, and massive airport expansions. While G8 leaders talk of relieving poverty in the global south, they uphold a financial system that creates global famine, military repression and social and environmental breakdown.

People in Leeds are organising and will be going to Scotland

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Emile must stay!

06-05-2005 12:43

My name is Emile Youmbie De Souzato; I was born in Yaounde capital of Cameroon on 31/01/77 and was raised by my mother as my father left us when I was very young. We lived in a poverty stricken area and were eventually forced to live on the streets, as my mother was unable to support us financially. I was bullied as a child and tried to earn money to support us but it was very hard.

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Who Stole The Poll? Jack's Back With 20,000 Postal Votes In His Sack

06-05-2005 10:31

From dodgy dossiers to dodgy ballots...

Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, has been re-elected with a reduced majority amid warnings of widespread electoral fraud in his Blackburn constituency.

At a public meeting in the town's cathedral, the Liberal Democrat and Conservative candidates accused the Foreign Secretary's supporters of rigging ballots to keep Labour in power.

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Wave at Bush and Blair people with your left hand!

06-05-2005 10:18

It is extremely impolite to offer the left hand for a hand shake or to wave a greeting as this implies rubbing the "unhygienic residue" of the left hand on the person being waved to. So when one sees unpleasant people...

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Tomorrow - Direct Action Affinity Group Training - proposed timetable

06-05-2005 06:40

Proposed timetable for tomorrow's direct action training for DSEI and G8.

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Funeral for Civil Liberties at Lancaster May Day

06-05-2005 00:13

flying the flag
A funeral procession for civil liberties, dressed in Guantanamo style uniforms and led by the Grim Reaper in chains, joined Lancaster's May Day celebrations to point out the decline of civil liberties in the UK including internment, deportation and repression of protest.

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Anti Election in Balsall Heath

05-05-2005 21:58

It was all a bit last minute but activists in Balsall Heath managed to get 200 A2 anti-election posters out fly-posted in the area. We didn’t manage to get round to taking down the ‘Vote for me’ boards up the lampposts as we normally do, but there’s still time to do that, so that we have boards ready to put up lampposts next time, obviously with our own designs on.

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Spoof Newspaper - The Hate Mail

05-05-2005 16:39

The Hate Mail. You are being lied to about asylum seekers. This Spoof newspaper is aimed at those sympathetic to the issues facing refugees but who need more info to help them become active in this area.
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