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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Nottingham's January Critical Mass and Bike About :: The Pictures

01-02-2006 16:46

Nottingham's January Critical Mass and Bike About :: The Pictures

Setting out from the usual meeting place [Outside the Savoy Cinema on Derby Road, meet at 5.30pm] 'twas a dark, wet and oh so very cold. But a fair few turned up to take part .....

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URGENT:Possible Jury Tampering/Undisclosed Collusion in Leeds Far Right Trial

01-02-2006 13:58

The latest happenings in the Griffin and Collett trial

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Rossport Solidarity meeting in Glasgow

01-02-2006 01:58

Four members of the Rossport Solidarity camp will be speaking in Glasgow on Friday 3rd February at the Saorsa Social Centre.

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Vigil at Carfax for Iraqi casualties

31-01-2006 22:24

Today's attack on British troops in Umm Qasr and yesterday's attack in Amarah means that we have reached the 100 mark for British casualties in Iraq.

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Indiginous Resistance in Venezuala: films and speaker

31-01-2006 17:39

We have a guest speaker coming to S.C.R.O.A.T cinema next week (Wednesday 8th February). Having recently returned from Venezuela, a UK activist will talk on indigenous people resisting big business in the rural north west of Venezuela. The talk will include two films: 'Bolivarian Venezuela: people and the struggle of the fourth world war' and a short film about a new libertarian social centre in Caracas.

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Police takes 25,000 IP addresses but not Seveke's killer?

31-01-2006 16:52

Amsterdam — Detectives investigating the murder of Louis Sévèke took possession of data on people who visited the political activist's website: more state intimidation and cover up.

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KHOODEELAAR demands Tower Hamets chief executive resignation

31-01-2006 15:56

In the legal communication sent earlier today to Tower Hamlets Council chief executive Christine Gilbert, the KHOODEELAAR legal affairs unit tells her : "your failure to comply with your legal duties and because of your disregard for the upholding of standard on the Council and because of your disappointing collusion with the illegitimate interests who now hold control on the Tower Hamlets Council, the KHOODEELAAR campaign must give expression to the legitimate and democratic imperative and need and necessity to call for your immediate resignation and [in the event that you refuse or fail to resign] for your being democratically and constitutionally removed from your office as your continued holding of that position is in contravention of your legal duties and as it is jeopardising the operation of the lbth council as the democratic representer of the local community in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets"

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Stalling of ID Card bill - but still no room for comfort

31-01-2006 14:15

The House of Lords has dealt a blow to Labour's ID Card Bill, criticising the enormous cost, the obvious insecurity of personal information in a centralised database, the way the government wants cards to be used for accessing public services, and attacking compulsion partly as a result of it not being in the Labour manifesto.

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Bolivia Benefit Party In London

31-01-2006 11:32

An all night party in solidarity with the people of Bolivia.

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bnp may be mobilising to attack LGBT history month

30-01-2006 21:43

Campaigners fear that the British National Party is mobilising to attack LGBT History Month, scheduled to take place in February, after it warned parents to fight against the event and protest the “indoctrination of our children”.

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Are All Unemployed Persons Idlers?

30-01-2006 21:16

According to the neoliberal myth, higher profits lead to increased investments and more jobs. In reality, corpora-tions repress the worsening domestic economy through foreign takeovers. Is making the unemployed, seniors, students and the disabled invisible a form of violence?

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Crossrail hole Bill will cause DEGENERATION, not 'regeneration'

30-01-2006 18:04

Degeneration - NOT 'REGENERATION' will result in the East End of London if the present Crossrail Bill is not stopped. The Crossrail hole plan in the Brick Lane London E1 area will devastate the East End and undermine the community, the economy, the health and the stability that now exists. Yet the Govt QC David Elvin has failed to tell the truth

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Public Inquiry into road closures in Farnborough town centre

30-01-2006 16:47

Tuesday 24 January 2006, a public inquiry was held into road closures in Farnborough town centre, part of the unwanted redevelopment of Farnborough town centre.

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Tragedy of Firgrove Court

30-01-2006 16:46

Residents of Firgrove Court, a small estate of 28 maisonettes owned by Pavilion Housing Association, are facing eviction, as Pavilion tries to sell the estate to KPI to form a car park for a superstore, part of the unwanted town centre redevelopment in Farnborough town centre.

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Tenant activist kicked off Waverley Tenants Panel

30-01-2006 16:44

Tenant activist and founder of Tenants Watch Jeremy Hyman has been kicked off the Waverley Tenants Panel for his successful campaign in achieving a no vote to privatisation of Waverley housing stock.

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Account of "Anti- ASBO" campain

30-01-2006 13:49

Having been involved in the “anti ASBO” campaign for a while, this is my account of what’s been happening behind the scenes. I didn’t go to the last meeting so it isn’t up to date.

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Mindwalk 29: We Are The Media

30-01-2006 09:01

Oh those wacky NSA... always joking. Thanks Gen. Hayden! Loved you in "Hogans Heroes"! Followed by Jack Blood from 2005 on Iran. Skidmark Bob brings us the awesome Fear mix care of Wanda Sykes, and Chris Rock. Yo Shefield... Unchecking me is cool.. but I have mates there. Just trying to keep in touch globally. Solidarity and such.. etc.

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Wunmi, Afrobeat singer/songwriter

30-01-2006 07:18

Interview with Afrobeat singer/songwriter Wunmi.

Continuing a series of interviews with Afrobeat musicians. Afrobeat is deeply concerned in social criticism to pave way to social change.

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Eviction against self-organised homeless camps in Osaka, Japan

30-01-2006 06:56

Homeless Liberation movements in Osaka, Japan, appeal for solidarity actions against Japanese Embassy, in wake of new round of evictions and their brutal consquences.

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Bristol - political street artivists in print

29-01-2006 16:53

Street art book cover
bristle presents: Political street expressions in Bristol & the South West – a photo archive 1998-2005

200 full colour, A6 size pages, with nearly 500 different images of stencils, murals, graffiti, subverts and other expressions which our cameras have been collecting for seven years.
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