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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Coca-Cola’s Corporate Crimes: The Case of Colombia

07-12-2007 18:16

Killer Coke bottles
Update on CocaCola workers’ union Sinaltrainal’s heroic struggle against the multinatinational’s ongoing brutal and ruthless attempts to ensure it has no presence in the plants

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The Corporate Takeover Of Iraqi Oil

07-12-2007 17:51

University of Liverpool School of Sociology & Social Policy Research Seminar Series 2007/08

Greg Muttitt and Ewa Jasiewicz PLATFORM

The Corporate Take-Over of Iraqi Oil

13th December 2007

Hearnshaw Lecture Theatre, Eleanor Rathbone Building, University of Liverpool

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Security forces detain 15

07-12-2007 15:51

15 Human rights dissidents have been detained by police and security teams after they stormed into a church

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France: Student day of action, early reports

07-12-2007 13:59

A national day of action, with demonstrations and continued action by student strikes was called for today. Most demonstrations are to take place in the afternoon, with militants trying to convince as many students as possible during the morning to join demonstrations and mass actions.

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Movement for Justice in el Barrio - Fighting to Win and Visiting UK!

07-12-2007 13:51

Movement for Justice in el Barrio, a New York based (mainly Latino migrant) community organisation fighting against gentrification through direct-democracy, and fighting capitalism as adherents of the Zapatista's Other Campaign, want to tour the UK in 2008.

They want to meet with and exchange stories and lessons with anti-gentrification groups, anti-capitalist groups and migrant groups here and begin planning actions against their main enemy, their London based landlord.

Some UK based organisations are up for making this happen, but we need more help.

If you or your group might be up for helping organise the tour (funding, organising transport and crash space etc) or if you might be interested in putting on an event with Movement for Justice in El Barrio in your area, please get in touch at:


To learn more about Movement for Justice, read the following re-post from and visit:

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International Human Rights Day

07-12-2007 13:35

The 10th December is International Human Rights Day 2007. There will be a vigil on Sunday 9th at 1.00pm in Birmingham city centre (outside Waterstones) to mark the occasion.

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IWW Launches Second Phase of National Campaign

07-12-2007 11:58

IWW launches second phase of fight against blood service centralisation plans.

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Chileans Come Last

07-12-2007 03:56

Chile and people will collapse. The socialist government doesn`t solve the real problems of citizens.

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Pre-emptive peace strike: Don't attack Iran

06-12-2007 22:58

We the peace Strike are no longer prepared to stand by and let our brothers and sisters of any country to be victims of the mass global corporate greed that instigates unacceptable aggression towards innocent civilian populations.

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Human Rights Day Event: 'Enforced Disappearances: A Human Rights Violation'

06-12-2007 22:18

10 December is the day marking the anniversary of the Assembly's adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. ICAD is organising an event called “Enforced Disappearances: A Human Rights Violation”. Among the participants are an MP from Sri Lanka, speakers from Turkey, Cyprus, Latin America and the Middle East. All Welcome
International Committee against Disappearances, London Section

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"The NO2ID Pledge" Comes To Manchester

06-12-2007 21:02

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Manchester supporters of NO2ID, the national campaign against identity cards
and the database state, will be inviting the public to pledge opposition to the
Government's schemes in St. Anne's Square this coming Saturday.

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Against religious intolerance

06-12-2007 19:45

The case against the Danish cartoons and a case for a law against incitement to religious hatred.

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Feminism and Animal Welfare

06-12-2007 16:42

Recently, there was a debate on the excellent and always lively Vegan Freak Forums between what may generally characterized as “postmodern feminists” and “radical feminists.”

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ACTSA hold protest about Mugabe's visit to Portugal

06-12-2007 14:48

Report on protest about Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe being invited to the EU-Africa summit in Portugal

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Call Out: Autonomous Prescense on Saturday's Climate Change Demonstration

06-12-2007 11:49

For social change, not climate change

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Belarusian Anarchists Visit Liverpool

06-12-2007 05:37

Two Belarusian comrades visited Next To Nowhere last night, to show an Indymedia video of the mass protests in Minsk last year, and to discuss how west European activism compares to that of the former eastern bloc.

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Meeting to discuss NUS democracy and way forward for the student left - Sunday

05-12-2007 20:23

A meeting open to all left student activists to discuss the way forward.

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Daily Mail is 'afraid' of Ken Livingstone 'lawyers'! - AADHIKARonline exclusive

05-12-2007 19:11

The London Daily Mail's web site has removed an item it has posted earlier today [Wednesday 5 December 2007] about 'Undone mayor' Ken Livingstone’s 'ethnicity and equalities' 'aide' Lee Jasper

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Help needed for women to attend Third Zapatista Encuentro

05-12-2007 18:57

Help! us bring 20 exemplary women, social strugglers from Mexico and the world to Chiapas, southern Mexico! The América del Valle Caravan is seeking help to carryout this historic delegation to the third Gathering of Zapatista Communities with the Peoples of the World “Comandanta Ramona”, with the expressed central theme being women, which will be held the 29th, 30th, and 31st of December, in the autonomous municipal Caracol of the La Garrucha.

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Innocent Irish Farmer is in Prison for 9 months.

05-12-2007 18:33

Farmer TOM KENNEDY has produced before the court his receipt for the sale of a small farm which he bought and paid for about twenty years ago.But in breech of common understanding and professional good conduct and practice, Augustine Cunningham,Solicitor,Butler Cunningham & Moloney Solicitors, Templemore County Tipperary did not register the sale.
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