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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Nationwide shut down of Vodafone stores

31-10-2010 19:03

21 Vodafone stores across the country closed. Vodafone claim their unpaid £6 billion tax is an urban myth. Vodafone claim they always pay their taxes. £7 billion cuts in benefits to the poor. £6 billion unpaid tax by Vodafone. We can all do the sums and we do not like the result

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Screening of Sanjay Kak's 'Jashn-e-Azadi' on Kashmir + film-maker QnA

31-10-2010 11:33

An event for discussing the contemporary dispute in Kashmir.

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America threatens Iran: The anti-war movement's trojan horse

31-10-2010 10:30

After a period in which defending Iran hasn't been very high on the agenda of most U.S. anti-war activists, there are now two petition campaigns opposing war and sanctions against Iran.

One effort is led by a New York City-based organization more known for defending Cuban “dissidents” who openly take U.S. money to try to undermine the Cuban Revolution. The other was launched by an independent Tehran-based organization formed to promote Iranian solidarity with Cuba, Venezuela and other progressive countries in Latin America.

Curiously, it's the first campaign that seems to be getting the most support.

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London: 12th UFFC Annual march against custody deaths and abuses

30-10-2010 21:53

On 30th October 2010 families and friends marched from Trafalger Square to Downing Street to protest against custody deaths and abuses. This was the 12th annual protest organised by the United Families & Friends Campaign (UFFC).

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Simon Kirby Mp ask for help by murder wittness living in fear

30-10-2010 20:39

Chief wittness in Katrina Taylor murder David JOE Neilson has ask Simon Kirby mp to expose Sussex Police cover up of Katrina Taylor murder. Mr Neilson told iINFORMER22 that he lives in fear of Sussex Police see

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Trident is Cancer - Cut It Out

30-10-2010 20:16

Latest Press Release from Trident Ploughshares about blockade of Devonport Dockyard.

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Vodafone protest in Oxford

30-10-2010 18:49

The Vodafone shop in Cornmarket, Oxford was closed for over an hour as activists staged a sit-in to protest against the company being let off from paying £6,000,000,000 in taxes by the Lib-Con government whilst the the same government cuts services from older people, students, the unemployed, the sick, and most other people that are not millionaires.

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London Critical Mass October ride.

30-10-2010 10:56

Start of the ride by Waterloo Bridge
The light rain didn't seem to deter the usual large numbers attending.

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Boycott of pro spending cuts retailers takes off

30-10-2010 07:35

We posted on Sunday about our plans to stop shopping with retailers whose senior managers publicly champion George Osborne's cruel, ideologically-driven spending cuts.

This month, we're targeting ASDA, Boots and Mothercare for boycott. Thousands of people have turned up to read and to join the campaign.

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Clive Bloom at Cowley

30-10-2010 00:57

book cover
Clive Bloom talks about the updated edition of 'Violent London'

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Vodafone £6 billion unpaid tax bill

29-10-2010 19:20

While the poor starve, the rich and global corporations fiddle their tax.

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12th annual protest against deaths in custody - Saturday 27 October

29-10-2010 18:14

9th annual march againt deaths in custody, 27 October 2007
UFFC Annual march against custody deaths and abuses

Saturday 30th October 2010

Assemble Trafalgar Square 12 noon.

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Violations of Workers Rights in the Philippines in 2010

29-10-2010 12:53

Aside from the worst forms of labor repression such as the killings of union leaders and members that are well documented by human rights groups, workers in the Philippines suffer from a host of other violations of internationally recognized and constitutionally protected rights and freedoms.

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Devonport Blockade - Press Release

29-10-2010 10:16

Press Release for the forthcoming blockade of Devonport Dockyard by anti-nuclear campaigners.

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Islamist radicalisation at British universities

29-10-2010 09:53

Islamist radicalisation at British universities

A Quilliam Foundation report

Study highlights intimidation of women, Jewish, gay and Muslim students

London, UK - 29 October 2010

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"Shut Down Tax Dodging Vodafone": Cornmarket 2PM SAT 30TH

29-10-2010 01:31

Shut Down Vodafone store, London

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Anti cuts demo escapes police control in Oxford

29-10-2010 00:18

A huge crowd, mostly students, mobilised at short notice to protest the visit of Vince Cable to Oxford, turned up in spite of the fact that he cancelled his visit, and briefly took over several busy areas of Oxford in the face of police attempts to contain us.

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Anti-cut linked protests across UK this Saturday (30.10.10)

28-10-2010 23:12

As the title states. If you're aware of other protests this weekend please post details below.

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'Equal Love' campaign launched

28-10-2010 21:47

'Equal Love' campaign launched

Gay marriage & straight civil partnerships, OutRage! urges

Legal bid to end sexual orientation discrimination

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Campaign call for Co-operative Boycott of Israeli Goods

28-10-2010 21:33

Pro-Palestinian activists will be aware that the consumer Boycott Israeli Goods have been heavily involved with a campaign to get the Co-operative Group to cease all trade agreements with Agrexco, as the Co-operative are currently claiming that they do not to stock settlement goods in their food stores throughout the United Kingdom.

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