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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Private Investigator, Server Threatened for serving Federal Court Judgments.

28-01-2008 04:35

Deyanne Dusty Harrison served a federal Court Injunction on Placer County on December 29,2007 to free Alvin from malicious kidnap. The Federal Injunction was transfered to Nevada USDC on January 25, 2008, and "Dusty" a Placer County court officer was threatened for performing her duty and turned on her client.
Thia happened with P.I Floyd Smith in 2005 whom we paid over $20,000.00 he was threatened and abandoned.

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Respect the right to protest - Don't harmonise its criminalisation

27-01-2008 22:57

Response to the Home Office consultation on managing protest around Parliament

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Wall Street the last crash-blackmail

27-01-2008 15:51

Another world is possible
MOVILIZATE CONTRA LAS TRAMAS DE LOS ESPECULADORES. La existencia de disyuntivas económica que favorecen a unos u a otros nos hace dudar acerca de la idea de un banco central independiente, es decir, apolítico. Como mínimo, sugieren la necesidad de establecer un mecanismo para garantizar que en éste se escuchen todas las voces y perspectivas implicadas. Sorry for spanish.

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How Nonviolence Protects The State

27-01-2008 00:30

'All the power's in the hands/Of people rich enough to buy it/While we walk the street/Too chicken to even try it' - The Clash, White Riot

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The war on scientology.

26-01-2008 19:40

When and Where
You may have heard in some of the news outlets that a group of "Hackers" have declared war on Scientology. Firstly, we're not hackers. We are an autonomus group of individuals who have come together to fight a common cause. It is our aim to make people aware of the wrongdoings and cult-like nature of this organisation, and ultimately reduce their ability to take and destroy lives. We are known as Anonymous.

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Haiti: Vanessa Redgrave Joins Appeal For Kidnapped Human Rights Activist

26-01-2008 19:08

Acclaimed actress Vanessa Redgrave joins a growing list of prominent people worldwide who have expressed concerned with the safe return of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, the missing human rights activist kidnapped in Haiti on 12 August 2007 after meeting with a visiting US human rights delegation.

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NEW! Fire to the Prisons Zine out Now!

26-01-2008 17:45

NEW! Fire to the Prisons Zine out Now!
from A Longing for Collapse Press

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Liverpool Blood Service 'At Threat' From Own Workers!

26-01-2008 17:33

'City Blood Service Is At Threat', screams today's grammatically suspect Liverpool Echo headline. But just who is threatening the service? Apparently it's people who work there!

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Action Central at the Common Place 3rd February 6pm

26-01-2008 17:26

flier action central
Ever felt like it is hard to know how to take action?
Ever had a good idea for an action but not had enough people to do it with?
Want to know more about direct action and ongoing campaigns in Leeds?

From 3rd Feb 2008 The CommonPlace will be hosting Action Central 6.30 - 8.30pm (ish)

A monthly sunday evening meal and get together to chat, share information about upcoming actions and campaign meetings and inspire each other to take action about the problems around us.

Everyone welcome, please send this to any action or campiagn group you are involved in, or individuals who might be up for it.

If you are interested in helping this happen monthly please let me know on:

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Cuts resurrected for Edinburgh schools

26-01-2008 15:52

The latest drive to improve education by New Labour got off to a bad start after Edinburgh city council set up a cross-party group to decide which schools get closed in 2008.

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Funding cuts hit fire service

26-01-2008 15:47

Following severe warnings from the Fire Brigades Union over government mishandling of the service, cuts have been announced in the Northeast and Southwest of the country. Freedom newspaper reports

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London Critical Mass January ride.

26-01-2008 09:34

A subdued start to a good ride, held up by a massive traffic jam in the Strand, but it livened up later with a bike high in Piccadilly Circus and taunts to impatient car horns. Joyful chants of 'More bikes less cars' and 'Whose streets? Our streets'.

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Chiswick protest against Total Oil support for Burma dictatorship

25-01-2008 22:30

Twelve protesters held a demonstration at the West Four Total Oil petrol station at 137 Chiswick High Road on January 24th, calling on the company to stop giving the brutal military junta hundreds of millions of dollars a year, as the largest western supporter of the military regime.

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Harassment at CDG continues

25-01-2008 16:22

CDG, Careers Development Group, run New Deal 'boot camps' on behalf of Job Centres.

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Justice For Atenco!!!

25-01-2008 15:37


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Friends of Brigitte & Lizzie Kamtcheu

25-01-2008 12:21

Brigitte & Lizzie Kamtcheu
Brigitte and Lizzie currently detained in Yarl's Wood IRC, are facing deportation to Cameroon on Tuesday 29 January 2008 on Kenya Airways flight KQ101 @ 19:00 from London Heathrow terminal 4 to Nairobi, and onward to Douala Cameroon. Her partner Bernard and father of Lizzie is currently detained in Campsfield IRC and booked on the same flight.

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Sick of genocide? KNOW the Law; USE the Law...

25-01-2008 11:53

Are YOU aware that it is illegal in the UK to pay taxes that go towards supporting genocide? Read on and ACT NOW!

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Queen of England Served Letter of Demand by Aboriginal People in Canada

25-01-2008 08:40

Elizabeth Windsor, aka Queen of England, was served a Letter of Demand this week by survivors of Indian residential schools in Canada, through that country's Governor-General. The Letter requires that the Queen disclose the buried location of thousands of children who died in Indian residential schools run by the Crown and Church of England.

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New Social Centre under Siege

24-01-2008 21:59

A new autonomous space in Hackney sustained two violent attacks this week as representatives of both Howen Estates Ltd., and the Hackney Metropolitan Police attempted to forcibly and illegally gain entry to the newly opened social centre.

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Demonstrate Stop The Siege Of Gaza

24-01-2008 18:26

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