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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Cameron´s Failure – No One´s Success – Yet

11-07-2016 15:48

At times it is necessary to reveal the whole picture in order to make clear how much evil was prevented for the price of the trouble everyone found themselves confronted with. Had not days before the election, by losing temper when faced with anti-integration protesters, the German foreign minister with the statement that he could see Brussels from his office spoiled his party´s European election campaign, instead of a tired oligarch from Luxembourg there would now be a fiery fascist in its place. But Martin Schulz failed to take the powerful commissioner post and bring the manipulative zeal exercised in the Strasbourg parliament leadership to Brussels. Cameron´s grasp to deceive the British public with a contrarian straw-man from his old youth gang now has also failed. And deservedly so, making unequivocally clear that this is not a partisan crusade against liberals only or conservatives only, but an all-out campaign against the kind of democratic totalitarians who count everyone who ever had a landlord of the same name to their voter base regardless of people´s political will.

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The Left Under Philippine President Duterte

09-07-2016 11:24

Former Philippine congressman Walden Bello on what Duterte’s election means for the Left.

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#ANTIFA: #BLUEHAND #EXPOSED @slatukip @JLRFB @dubdanu @misscheeky666 @siegfails

06-07-2016 15:14

#BLUEHAND, the online trolling neo-Nazi hate cult, has been poisoning social media with despicable racism, sexism, homophobia and Islamophobia, trolling minority groups within the UK on social media since 2014 with hateful and criminally inciteful content. Bluehand uses two websites, (and recently The original website is registered to worldwide charity, United Way (Piedmont), their promotional website site hijacked by a senior United Way manager who calls himself "James Bond".

#Bluehand's cyberfuhrer is one of two American IT experts working for the United Way charity - specialist information technology manager David Poe of UPIC, or the finance / IT manager he took over from who was Denny Boll, both of whom are still active United Way managers. Only these two individuals had access to the website which was registered by international humanitarian charity for use by the United Way's Piedmont branch, meaning one of them is the far right troll leader.

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Katy Bourne Sussex pcc in 20 year murder cover up of Katrina Taylor

04-07-2016 11:44

Katrina Taylor murder a story a 20 year Organised, & Orchestrated murder cover up
It’s been 20 years since Katrina Taylor was murdered in Brighton July 1996
Her killers are still at large...

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UG#736 -Why 9/11 Is Still The Issue (Understanding Institutional Silence on 911)

04-07-2016 08:02

We begin with an excellent academic paper on the historical and legal matters surrounding 9/11. Amy Baker Benjamin asks why, given both any abundance of evidence, and ample historical precedent for the use of false flags to initiate wars, has the UN singularly failed to carry out any investigation into the US government's claims surrounding the events of Sep 11th? Any why does >99% of academic scholarship on the topic not tackle substantive issues such as who actually carried out 9/11 and on what grounds? In our second hour, we hear a recent interview with Chris Bollyn which connects more of the 9/11 dots, pointing the finger at Mossad.

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Keep Jeremy Corbyn!

30-06-2016 22:11

Readers, following the events of the last couple of weeks I would urge all of you to sign the following vote of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn. It is now more vital than ever that a socialist voice is heard in opposition to the impending move to the right. I for one don’t believe that Corbyn who was voted in less than a year ago with 59% of the vote (more than all the other candidates combined!) by the members should be without support at the recent behaviour of both Labour MPs in their coup attempt.

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UG#735 - Thinking Outside The Bucks (The Authenticity of A Life Beyond Money)

30-06-2016 14:56

A more personal show than usual, which I hope will prove an appealing contrast to the crimes of the Deep State. We return to a familiar theme of this show, the importance of following our heart, of working for love not money. A range of speakers, some new, some old, combine to challenge our ideas of self, of what it means to be a human, and of what we might achieve if we align our heads and hearts. We conclude with the vision of Chris Larcombe, who realized during his Ph.D in epigenetics that he was more interested in creating a moneyless system of interaction which would allow people, en masse, to better coordinate and help realize one another's dreams.

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Why Philippine President Duterte is not a socialist

30-06-2016 10:17

As new Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte prepares to assume office, a growing number of Filipinos seem to – or want to – believe his surprising claim that he will be the country’s first “socialist” President.

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#ANTIFA: #NAZI #LONDON #TAXI #BOSS @SLATUKIP @chunkymark @JLRFB @misscheeky666

29-06-2016 17:54

LONDON'S BLACK CAB TRADE ASSOCIATION BOSS is extremely anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant. "London Taxi Trade", on Twitter: @londontaxitrade and is a popular hackney carriage association for London are followed by a large number of London's black cabs. Run by racist Brian (John) Martin of Croydon, LTT is used to encourage extreme racism amongst London's hackney carriage drivers, tapping into anger against Uber by blaming Muslims for all private hire crimes committed in London and elsewhere, using both multiple Twitter accounts and its trade website to share extreme Islamophobia. Just how many black cab drivers have been radicalised by Brian Martin (AKA John Martin) is not known, but LTT has more than twelve thousand followers, most of whom are registered black cab drivers. In his spare time, Mr Martin sickeningly uses his personal twitter accounts to racially abuse the mothers of mixed-race people, using language including w*g and n*gger, proving he is as much anti-black as anti-Muslims and anti-immigrant.


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#ANTIFA: #LONDON #NAZI #RADIO @leejasper @slatukip @ofcom‏ @JLRFB @misscheeky666

27-06-2016 17:07

London's pirate radio scene is brimming with alternative dynamism, and many people wrongly believe its drum and bass stations are radical and left-of-centre. Not so, Rude FM, which is run by a supporter of the far right EDL and Tommy Robinson. A loather of Muslims, who looks forward to the beginning of World War III, the boss of one of London's original pirate D&B stations is an abysmal EDL London stalwart who is betraying London's multicultural society.

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#ANTIFA: FARAGE ADMIRED HITLER @slatukip @siegfails @misscheeky666 @antisemitism

21-06-2016 18:02

SPANISH newspaper El Pais has contacted one of Nigel Farage's former schoolmates, and discovered that Farage is not a huge Islamophobe and anti-refugee in his role as leader of UKIP, but during his youth, he was an avid hardcore neo-Nazi who racially abused Jewish pupils with the most sickening hate, using phrases including "Hitler was right" and whispering in their ears that they would be "sent to gas chambers", the most vile and horrific allegations that must not be brushed under the carpet, just because he is a party leader. A translation of his fellow pupil's words, follows, as a screenshot.

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International Day of Solidarity with Oscar López Rivera

20-06-2016 03:53

International Day of Solidarity With Oscar
Show your support for Oscar's release! #FreeOscarLópez #35paisesxOscar

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#ANTIFA #ALERT: JACK #FUCKBY @slatukip @siegfails @2ferdi7 @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

19-06-2016 18:56

JUST as we thought we had seen the back of electoral neo-Nazis, with the demise of the BNP, along goosesteps ex-BNP and Pegida organiser Jack Fuckby, Buckby the repulsive, cocky Adolf Hitler admirer with small cock, who was dismissed from his university course in Liverpool for his repulsive fascist activities. Whilst all other parties are not standing in Birstall as a matter of respect to the family of murdered MP Jo Cox's ward, Fuckby knows no shame, determined to rub in the sorrow and suffering in the most abysmal manner. It is the unwritten rule of politics that nobody counters party re-election in by-elections for murdered members of parliament, so no benefit can be gained from politically-motivated acts of terror, to remove all incentive for murder. Antifascists are asked to be on their look-out for fascist activity in the Birstall area.

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#ANTIFA: #BRITAIN'S #BREXIT #BREIVIK @slatukip @misscheeky666 @exposingBF @JLRFB

18-06-2016 17:18

COLD-BLOODED neo-Nazi murder suspect Thomas Mair appeared in court today, and instead of giving his name when asked, by the judge, he ranted "DEATH TO TRAITORS, FREEDOM FOR BRITAIN.....", combining the taglines of both Anders Breivik and #Brexit. Whilst everybody is innocent unless convicted, Mr Mair's statement was most definitely pro-murder and strongly indicative of British independence. Log onto the internet, and search Twitter for "death to traitors", and you will come across thousands of far right, neo-Nazi and white supremacist posts along the same line from EDL, BNP, Britain First, NWI, NEI, SEA, National Action, NF posts, and all the other worldwide white nationalist organisations including not forgetting the KKK. As expected, Mair is not charged with terrorism offences, and neither with a racially-aggravated crime, not does Brexit come into the realm of the criminal charges, thus it is fair, legal and justified to rationally make reference to the facts and allegations ALREADY in the public domain, whilst the #Brexiteer camp tries to turn public attention away from far right links to #Brexit, scared witless people will vote for #Remain out of sheer disgust at #Brexit's links to the toxic far right politics of hate, Mark Collett and friends, seemingly the tip of the iceberg.

The BBC reported that a police search on Thomas Mair's house discovered nazi regalia.
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