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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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International Solidarity with political prisoners

19-02-2011 02:57


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Russian Students' Action

19-02-2011 02:51


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Really Free School ( London)

19-02-2011 00:30

Rich Guy - Guy Richie's House
Free School leaves Rich Guy - Guy Richie's House.

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Does "Indignez-vous!" in The Nation mag deny Hessel a bestseller?

18-02-2011 17:08

Imagine waving a magazine article or iPad.
Now Stephane Hessel has another reason for outrage, though at 94 he may be exempt from personal ambition and he always has been selfless, and that is the chance to also have a bestseller in the US.

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Class Anger Erupts In Wisconsin, USA

18-02-2011 17:01

The scene at the occupied state Capitol
The immense social power of the American working class has largely lain dormant since the 1980s, when President Reagan crushed the PATCO air traffic controllers amongst others in struggle. The leadership of the AFL-CIO union has brokered deal after deal in favour of the capitalist class in the intervening years, leaving many workers disillusioned and demoralised. Now - compelled by the social crisis and inspired by the Arabic pro-democracy revolutionaries - the sleeping beauty is awakening.

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Past is Present: Settler Colonialism in Palestine

18-02-2011 13:47

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is often described as unique and
exceptional with little resemblance to other historical or ongoing
colonial conflicts. Yet, for Zionism, like other settler colonial
projects such as the British colonization of Ireland or European
settlement of North America, South Africa or Australia, the imperative
is to control the land and its resources -- and to displace the
original inhabitants.

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Video from Tuesday's Cambridge Shire Hall Protest

17-02-2011 23:24

Video now available, so you can see what *actually* happened inside Shire Hall, as opposed to what the local papers and TV told us, which is what *they thought* had happened.

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"Day of Rage": Libyan solidarity in London

17-02-2011 23:11

Gaddafi's green revolution
With protests spreading to Bahrain, Algeria, Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East, Libya joined the fray this week with a planned "day of rage" on 17 February. A solidarity demonstration was held in London outside the Libyan Embassy as well as a pro-regime demonstration at the same time.

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SaboTAJ Press Release #1

17-02-2011 22:56

no more sainsburys
We need your support to help save our community!

St James Street in Kemptown, Brighton is turning into a long libe of supermarkets - we have taken a building back into community use.

Please circulate far and wide....

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Iran Says It’s Sending Two Warships to Canal?

17-02-2011 20:18

1) The ships in question are old and can be used by Iran for little more than training, the stated mission.

2) Iran, just like Israel, has every right under international maritime law and rules to use this important waterway.

3) It is bluster to refer to the Iranian action as a “provocation.” The move is “assertive,” for sure. But how long did the Israeli leadership believe that the feelings of others and they’re longing for respect and justice on the international scene, could be ignored?

4) Perhaps this would be a good time for the real “international community” to assert our collective demand that these two nations solve a dispute w/o involving or harming the futures of any of the rest of us?

"Perhaps this would be a good time for the real “international community” to assert our collective demand that these two nations solve a dispute w/o involving or harming the futures of any of the rest of us?"

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The suffering spreads - Final part of a Short Legal History of the Credit Crunch

17-02-2011 13:07

A review of how banks came to farm countries in order to sustain their very existence. The human toll and the capitalist danse macabre.

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Solidarity in defiance

17-02-2011 02:09

Politician’s keep saying they want the Bigger society, the people directing change, so let us all rise to this challenge and give them what they want, to be held to account and remove them along with the bankers.

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Bahrain: Sleeping protestors attacked by armed riot police

17-02-2011 00:40

The scene of the attack
Hundreds of riot police are reported to have attacked the protestors who have been occupying the Pearl Roundabout in Manama. The attack took place at about 3.45am ocal time. Many including women and children were sleeping when the police attacked according to Maryam Alkhawaja of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights who is on site. She reports that there are wounded, and that people are chanting "we demand the fall of the regime".

The roundabout was occupied on Tuesday, after an estimated 20 000 people joined a march following the death of a second protestor who was killed while gathering for the funeral of Ali Abdulhadi Mushaima, who died while protesting for human rights in the village of Daih, near Manama. Others are tweeting asking for help, reporting indiscriminate firing(possibly of rubber bullets) and tear gas, as well as heavy use of batons. They say all exits have been blocked. At least one death and 200 injuries have been reported. It is also reported that the internet has been disabled.

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Anti-Fur Protesters Back at Dixies – Campaign to step up!

16-02-2011 23:22

Fur is dead! Until Cambridge is fur free we will fight on!

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Mexican Drug Cartels “officially” declare open war on US Federal Agents and the

16-02-2011 21:59

Mexican Drug Organizations now target US Federal Agents inside of Mexico in the latest and most recent brazen attacks

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Population Overload

16-02-2011 20:03

Three voices with solutions for the population crisis. Lisa Hymas, co-founder and Senior Editor of on GINKs, Green-Inclined, No Kids. Clinical psychologist Dr. Ellen L. Walker - the good and the bad of going childfree. Plus the grand-daddy of the whole population movement, Dr. Paul Ehrlich. His 1968 book "The Population Bomb" woke us up. Now he's got a surprising new tool that could help us survive the multiple crisis we face.

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Shell action in Solidarity with Rossport

16-02-2011 17:35

Services were distrupted at the Shell garage on Alexandra Parade in Glasgow in solidarity with the approval of Shell's gas pipeline in Rossport, Ireland and to raise awareness about the crimes against humanity committed by Shell around the world.

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Three arrests at Shire Hall as £50m cuts made to local services.

16-02-2011 17:29

Arrest #1
Yesterday (Tuesday 15-02-2011) three people were forcibly removed from the public gallery above the Council Chamber in Shire Hall just for shouting.

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Participant in the Egyptian Revolution in "Tahrir Square" to speak in Sheffield

16-02-2011 17:13

An Egyptian Woman Participant in the Egyptian Revolution in "Tahrir Square" Speaking in Sheffield This Saturday.

19.02.2011 at the Quakers Meeting House - St James Street Sheffield at 14:00 PM.

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The 'Big Society' and Class Struggle

16-02-2011 14:10

Cameron's "decided that your local Waterstones is better than your local library
The political fraud that is David Cameron's 'Big Society' has been grabbing a lot of mainstream media attention over the last couple of weeks. The frenzy was kicked off when 'Big Society Tsar' Lord Wei cut his hours, after discovering that working for free on three days each weeks was not compatible with "having a life". But what is the class significance of the Coalition's crusade?
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