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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Poster and leaflet for 3 march abortion rights protest now downloadable

02-02-2007 13:21

A copyable poster and leaflet for the 3 March feminist fightback abortion rights protest are now downloadable.

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Full Employment as a Grand Delusion

02-02-2007 13:14

The third labor market is not a panacea. However it is the only possibility for bringing a large number of persons into meaningful employment and restoring their dignity.. Whoever wants to stop rightwing extremists must take the bottom out of their arguments and expand the labor market with a third nationwide sector.

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Ombudsman Green Light for Burying Complaints

02-02-2007 13:05

To All Concerned Indviduals, Parties, Allies and Ministers in UK, EU and Global World

This will impact on all disabled people, families and carers who complain about their care and social care and other professionals.

As I said the Disabled People's, Mental Health Survivors, NeuroDiversity, Independent and Inclusive Living, Wellness and Recovery, UN DisabilityConvention, Indymedia movements and networks and all other concerned individuals, parties and allies all need to 'join-forces' with Local Government OmbudsmanWatch to 'speak-out' out on this urgently.

The United Kingdom Disabled People's Council (formely BCODP) need to act on this information immediately, because it's disabled people and their 'behaviour' that will be targeted for continued 'Disablism' and 'Victimisation' by The Local Government Ombudsman (LGO)

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A father and an anarchist

02-02-2007 12:19

An obituary for Father Gresham Kirkby, the anarchist priest.

Fr. Gresham Kirkby, (1916-2006)

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Israel Rape Forces

02-02-2007 10:21

They can have the biggest WMD arsenal in the world, but they "nuke" Palestinian women almost every day...

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Australia: Right up the backside of that bloody Bush Administration

02-02-2007 07:14

Civil Rights Defence in Melbourne
Terry Hicks: Howard Government "right up the backside of that bloody Bush Administration."

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AUSTRALIA: Habib to campaign on human rights

02-02-2007 06:37

Excesses by a powerful state
The citizens of Australia and other democracies enjoy the liberty they do because of the inherited wisdom of centuries that the rule of law must govern the relationship between the state and individual.

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Charity Housing

01-02-2007 21:09

Are charity housing associations realy charitable?

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Save the Crichton Campus

01-02-2007 21:05

The fight to save the Crichton Campus in Dumfries is ongoing. Here is an overview of actions and strategies launched by students, unions and stuff including a plea for your support.

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Farmer-activist Bove joins French presidential race

01-02-2007 19:06

Jose Bove - conference in Saint Denis
French farmer and anti-globalization activist Jose Bove addresses the media during a press conference in Saint Denis, north of Paris, Thursday, Feb. 1, 2007. Bove said in a newspaper interview Wednesday that he will run in France's spring presidential race.

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This weeks SchNEWS, Issue 573

01-02-2007 18:34


This weeks SchNEWS, Issue 573, Friday 26th January, 2007

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TAG Aviation Public Inquiry

01-02-2007 16:06

Airbus A380, Farnborough Airport
For four days last week TAG Aviation was putting their case to a Public Inquiry for a doubling of weekend flights at Farnborough Airport.

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Basic Income Strengthens Workers' Negotiating Power

01-02-2007 13:06

Basic income would be an effective instrument against the growing poverty, a kind of democracy package and a good vehicle for self-determined reduced working hours.. Some leftists have a hard time with the idea of basic income because they folow a certain work fetishism.

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The Triquis Inaugurate Their New Autonomous Municipality

01-02-2007 01:02

Despite Attacks, Another Popular Assembly Emerges
The Triqui indigenous community of Oaxaca declared its autonomy on January 21

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Sam Of Cafe )ne 5 ways still won't return my property

31-01-2007 19:36

he kept me waiting outside 1 hour
to tell me I was racist scum and so was the rest of my generation
still won,t return the best ever painting i did;(

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East End of London points the way to Blair to save any remaining 'honour'

31-01-2007 05:18

Just as the London Metropolitan Police were fielding [on Tuesday 30 January 2007] of the huge media questions over the latest arrest Blair-peer Levy in connection with the cash for sleaze system that keeps some in the UK Parliament’s upper chamber the so-called House of Pee-ers, a deputation of people from probably the poorest, the most deprived part of inner city England, arrived at No 10 Downing Street. The deputation delivered a hand written letter giving Blair probably the most valuable and crucial advice anyone had ever given him whilst he was still in occupation of the post that is identified with that address, to save his fast disappearing legacy.

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Reality knocks, nobody Home!

31-01-2007 05:15

All demagogues and most politicians are familiar with the curious phenomenon of the diminished intelligence of a crowd relative to the mean intelligence quotient of all the individuals that comprise it! The level of intelligence of a crowd decreases as the size of the crowd increases. Less known, however, is the diminished ability of the crowd to act without the assistance of an orchestrater or conductor. In the face of the most heinous crimes, today’s populations are conspicuous by their complacency, silence and inability to act. The crowd waits patiently for an appropriate catalyst or activator to trigger an appropriate response.

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Irish Embassy protest against Shell Hell

31-01-2007 01:28

Video and original press release of the Tuesday morning action against the London Irish Embassy.

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30-01-2007 18:00

Come and join this protest for abortion rights in central London on Saturday 3 March...

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Governing against the People

30-01-2007 13:11

The dream of 1989 that democracy and capitalism can be reconciled fades.. Elected governments orient their decisions in the interests of transnational groups and global finance markets.
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