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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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G8 Campsite - Jack Kane Centre - Mural Pics

01-07-2005 12:53

pics from the amazing mural inside the jack kane centre - next to the council provided g8 campsite for protestors.

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G8 Campsite - Jack Kane Centre - Mural Pics

01-07-2005 12:51

mural 1
pics from the amazing mural inside the jack kane centre - next to the council provided g8 campsite for protestors.

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G8- BRING 10mm Rope + Climber's Karabiners

01-07-2005 09:07

People are saying make sure that you bring rope ( 10mm builders blue polyproperlene will do) and any old rock climbing carabiners. Try to
get 50+ metres of rope. - old climbers rope is also great.
And bring waterproof walking boots and 1 litr water bottles.

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U.S. Disinformation War Continues

01-07-2005 05:51

"It is difficult to fathom that this individual, working under the auspices of the U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela, will not be promoting a pro-US agenda. As evidenced in recently declassified documents from the FBI regarding the Luis Posada Carriles case, it was the FBI officer in Venezuela that maintained contact with Posada Carriles during his years in Venezuela apparently as the liaison between the Cuban terrorist and the U.S. intelligence community."

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Live 8 - Making Poverty History? Or Entrenching Our Irresponsibility?

30-06-2005 18:06

"These eight guys should to this thing" Bob Geldof has said of the G8 leaders gathering in Scotland. Do these 8 men really have the power to change the world?

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Interesting article about the problems of activism at the G8

30-06-2005 17:02

Think this artical by Marco of Eurodusnie is worth a look for thoughs wondering what the actavist respons to the G8 is all about.

G8 and the comeback of the alter-globalists

Geschreven door Marco van Duijn

Wednesday, 29 June 2005

A great deal has changed since the alter-globalisation movement put itself in the spotlight during the WTO summit in Seattle. The global mobilisations against free trade summits reached a peak in Seattle and almost a year later in Prague, during the annual meeting of the IMF and the World Bank. The end of the alter-globalisation movement was accompanied by an orgy of violence during G8 summit in Genoa (2001) and briefly following the events in New York on September 11. This summer another G8 meeting will take place in Scotland. While the world leaders of the eight most powerful countries entrench themselves in a golfing resort behind seven kilometres of fencing, the alter-globalists are preparing a comeback.

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Make Richard Curtis History

30-06-2005 16:32

The antidote to celebrity campaigners

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The Principles of Socialism

30-06-2005 13:22

It is very likely that the hour is late, that capitalism will soon perish. It will happen sooner or later and if it does happen sooner, we have to be prepared. We need to debate the principles of our coming revolution; the principles of socialism.

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Downing Street Memo Protest in Washington DC

30-06-2005 13:07

Activists protest one of America's leading newspapers for failure to cover the Downing Street Memos

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Discussion on ageism

30-06-2005 12:21

The activist community, especially the anarchist community, discriminates against middle aged people. We get photographed by so called "cop watch" activists at demonstrations for no other reason than being middle aged

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Day 9 of UK Detained Zimbabweans Hunger Strike

30-06-2005 12:20

Hunger strikers 'bullied' by centre staff
Immigration officials were accused last night of bullying Zimbabwean detainees in an attempt to break their hunger strike. Alleged ringleaders of the protest have apparently been moved into solitary confinement.

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Raised Voices from the South on the G8

30-06-2005 12:00

Billions of people most affected by the policies and decisions of the G8 will not be present in Scotland. Raised Voices is a series of several short film clips of people from the Majority World speaking out about the impacts the G8 has on their lives and their countries.

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30-06-2005 11:56

… Zimbabwean Asylum Seekers

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The Black Bloc are in Edinburgh!!!!!

30-06-2005 00:50

Well not exactly.
This still was taken from 'Black Sun Over Genoa' which is showing at the Edinburgh festival theatre from tommorow for 3 days before moving to Glasgow. There will be a full review appearing on this newswire very soon. In the meantime I'm happy to report that it's worth seeing and it's only a fiver if you are in town for the G8 marches.

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29-06-2005 23:49

A new version of the EF!AU can be viewed and printed out (!) to be distributed. See now at

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operation brown nose

29-06-2005 22:57

the clandestine insurgent rebel clown army's latest communique
Operation Brown nose - set for July 2nd

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Countryside Properties- Spodden Valley regeneration- CWU asbestos concerns...

29-06-2005 22:24

The Save Spodden Valley campaign welcomes the fact that a national organisation the size of the CWU with 300,000 members, is taking the issue of asbestos contamination so seriously. Asbestos is a killer as former postal and telecoms workers know far too well.

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Interview with Dissent participant in Edinbrugh

29-06-2005 18:43

An interview with Finbarr, an Irish activist who is helping out with the preparations for Dissent in Scotland. Interview includes how preparations are going, what is happening with the MPH march and the sort of issues that are motivating people

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Discussion on ageism

29-06-2005 18:31

The activist community, especially the anarchist community, discriminates against middle aged people. We get photographed by so called "cop watch" activists at demonstrations for no other reason than being middle aged

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constructive elements threaten MPH

29-06-2005 17:55

Bucky Bloc
The notorious authoritarian group Dissent has cancelled plans to disrupt this Saturday's passive Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh. Other groups however...
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