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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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NHS 'Overseas Patients' debt collector wanted at Haywards Heath

03-05-2008 13:09

When looking for jobs on the NHS jobs website, ( I found this advert for an 'Overseas Patients Co-ordinator', ie. a debt- collector for people deemed ineligible for treatment by the NHS. By this read 'asylum seekers, undocumented migrants' etc. The job description makes a shocking read. I'm sure most of this is in contravention with the Professional bodies Codes of conduct (General Medical Council, Nursing and Midwifery Council). People might want to give Tina Niblett (Private and Overseas Patients Manager For Haywards Heath Hospital) a call on 01273 696955 extension 7030 or email- or have a demonstration if they can find out when interviews are held...

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Boris - A Taste of Things to Come

03-05-2008 11:46

Class war is well and truly back on the streets of London after the Home Counties elected bumbling toff Boris Johnson to become Mayor.

Demonstrators outside city hall were met with TSG and FIT Teams who took it upon themselves to protect the BNP and force legal protest off the streets.

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Dale Farm travellers unveil new Community Centre

03-05-2008 10:05

Travellers at the Crays Hill (Dale Farm) traveller site will today unveil a new £12,000 county council-funded community centre at a special launch event on Saturday.

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Hammersmith Goldhawk Road get Total Oil out of Burma protest

03-05-2008 01:17

Six protestors demonstrated at the Raven Total station on 372 Goldhawk Road, Hammersmith, 30th April. They called on the French oil company to stop funding the military dictatorship with 500 million dollars a year. Total has long been an accomplice of the corrupt junta's theft of Burma's resources, funding their brutal oppression of the Burmese people and the genocide of ethnic minorities. Total's pipeline was built with slave labour.

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Interview with Stephen Gowans on Zimbabwe

03-05-2008 00:18

You may have seen or heard all the media hysteria on Zimbabwe. But you may not have heard the other side of the story. So im sending around a few items on this subject to occasion a little more balance:

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Mayday march attacked by police in Istanbul

02-05-2008 23:16

The Turkish state cracked down heavily on an attempt to celebrate May Day in Istanbul. Here is a minute by minute report.

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Bolivia: An acid test

02-05-2008 20:00

The conspiracy to divide Bolivia must be denounced

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Nottingham Celebrates Mayday with Moazzam Begg

02-05-2008 18:48

In recent years Mayday in Nottingham has once again become a major celebration with the march from the Brewhouse Yard already something of a tradition. As successful as these demonstrations have been, they have taken place on the nearest weekend to May 1st, with little happening on the day itself. This year, the Mayday Organising Committee (an off-shoot of the Nottingham Refugee Campaign Group) felt that something should be done to mark the day itself and decided to organise a rally addressed by local asylum seeker Amdani Juma and former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg.

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Joseph Guzman, Survivor of NYC Police Shooting of Sean Bell, Live Sunday

02-05-2008 18:39

Joseph Guzman
Joseph Guzman, Survivor of the New York City police shooting of Sean Bell, will speak on the verdict and struggle for justice.

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Zimbabwe: More Than Complicity Of Silence

02-05-2008 17:06

Article taken from Black Commentator, which questions the western media's penchant for an intepretation of what has happened in Zimbabwe which has a very partial reading of the source of the country's problems and accepts a deliberate misreading of historical events. Quote from article: "The right of anyone to criticize ZANU PF or Mugabe is valid and should be reserved without a person being condemned as an agent of the CIA or State Department. However, progressives and certainly revolutionaries must necessarily include an analysis of and explicit stand against US-British intervention."

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Novartis - Spying upon employees

02-05-2008 13:20

Recent scandals of Lidl, Penny, Schlecker and other companies in Germany show that spying upon employees. is common. Novartis is a dedicated and ruthless exploiter of animals, nature and mankind, also an avantgarde in spying.

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Video of May Fayre in Mayfair, London.

02-05-2008 12:53

Mayday celebrations have a very long history of social disobedience countered by State repression.


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Germany, Hamburg: Heaviest Mayday Riots since 30 Years!

02-05-2008 11:09

Germany, Hamburg. Cops were hunted, barrikades were built - 10 000 protesters turned Hamburg into Chaos, yesterday.

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Reporting Asylum and Refugee Issues

02-05-2008 05:53

Is your local media newspaper/television/radio reporting immigration/migration stories in a fair and balanced manner, if not print of copies of attached pamphlet and picket your local media.

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Continuing Conflicts that Create Refugees, April 2008

02-05-2008 05:19

Eight actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated in April 2008, and three improved, according to the new issue of CrisisWatch

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Please help Rebecca and Darren get back to Glasgow - where they belong!

02-05-2008 05:17

Rebecca Lutayakamya and her son Darren from Uganda
30 year old Rebecca Lutayakamya and her son Darren from Uganda, were detained by the UK Border Agency in Glasgow when she went to report on Tuesday 29th April. They are currently in Dungavel IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK to Uganda on Sunday 4th May at 20:00hrs on Kenya Airline flight KQ101 to Nairobi and flight KQ410 to Entebbe.

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Sucessful street party, London. (sent by mobile)

01-05-2008 17:22

The Space Hijackers Mayday street party is being held in Shepherd Market, Mayfair.

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Gordon Brown Vetoes Prisoners' 4p Per Hour Pay Rise

01-05-2008 10:54

The issue of prisoners' pay has hit the headlines again. On the eve of the latest local government elections, the government decided that it would look bad if were seen to be giving prisoners a paltry 4p an hour pay rise. Especially after a prison officers union official had branded prison life cushy and the governments own 10p tax rate crisis.

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Another Franco-German nuclear waste transport this autumn

01-05-2008 04:32

German authorities have allowed another transport of highly active nuclear waste from France to the north German village of Gorleben this year.
It will be the first since 2006 and as usual is expected in autumn on dates not yet revealed.
Each transport by train and trucks usually costs about 30 million euros to police as thousands of demonstrators from all over Germany converge on Gorleben, roughly equidistant between Hamburg and Hanover.
About 20,000 police drawn from all over Germany are usually marshalled into the area to assure passage on the last 20 kilometres of the journey by heavy-duty, low-loader trucks from a railhead at Dannenberg to the prefabricated storage hall at Gorleben.

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For a Proletarian, Class Struggle May Day!

30-04-2008 21:35

Long live the workers struggles in Africa!
It is high time that May 1st once again becomes the international day of struggle of the proletarians of all countries for the defense of their living and working conditions; it is time to radically break with the class collaborationist policies of the reformist trade-union organizations;
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