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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Food not Bombs in Victoria square Sunday 30th Oct

27-10-2011 11:39

Date: 30-10-2011
Start Time: 13:00
End Time: 16:00

Food Not Bombs shares free vegan and vegetarian meals with the hungry in over 1,000 cities around the world to protest war, poverty and the destruction of the environment.
With over a billion people going hungry each day how can we spend another penny on war?

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St Paul's Canon who supported OLSX has resigned

27-10-2011 11:22

As pressure mounts on St. Paul’s to support eviction, Canon finds his liaison job with City untenable.

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Calls Grow For Global General Strike Following Oakland Declaration

27-10-2011 08:18

10:00 pm Pacific Time, just as the mandate to leave the public spaces they occupied, the General Assembly in Oakland California voted overwhelmingly to call a General Strike for next Wednesday, November 2nd.
Since that declaration twitter and social media have been abuzz with calls for a US General strike, and also a GLOBAL GENERAL STRIKE ON NOVEMBER 2nd!!

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Homeless Debacle in North America

26-10-2011 22:27

Millions of North Americans are threatened with record homelessness. Bankrupt governments are not responding. Could you hack it? Alex interviews homeless advocates in New York City, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Vancouver, Canada.

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Remembrance procession in London against deaths in custody - Saturday 29th October 12:30pm

26-10-2011 20:47

List of individuals who have died in custody (as of October 2006)
A silent procession in memory of people who have died in custody will be held in London on 29th October 2011. The United Families and Friends Campaign, the organiser of the procession, is inviting all to join what will start as a silent procession along Whitehall followed by Noisy Protest at Downing Street.

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Public meeting announced to defend Grow Heathrow

26-10-2011 19:40

>They trashed the land. >They were evicted by the council.
>We cleared 30 tonnes of their rubbish. >We planted vegetables, fixed bikes and provided community space.
>They want to evict us.
>We want to stop them.

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Report On The 2011 Observation And Solidarity Brigade To Zapatista Communities

26-10-2011 19:18

In response to the increasing levels of aggression and harassment they are experiencing, we went on the Brigade of Observation and Solidarity with the Zapatista Communities from the 27th August to the 2nd September 2011.

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Vatican support + Christian Flashmob St Pauls tonight

26-10-2011 14:28

Christian Flashmob this afternoon at St Pauls + Vatican aligns itself with anti-capitalism protesters

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Christian Flashmob St Pauls tonight + Vatican supports OLSX

26-10-2011 14:00

Christian Flashmob this afternoon at St Pauls + Vatican aligns itself with anti-capitalism protesters

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Daily Telegraph admits banks are "greedy, stupid and wicked"

26-10-2011 10:28

1. The Daily Telegraph admits banks are "greedy, stupid and wicked"
2. Tory MP admits "capitalism is skewed against us"
3. The Independent says the West is "ripe for revolution"
4. Protestors need to pro-actively take control of their public image

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Daily Telegraph hack Richard Alleyne LIED to smear OLSX

26-10-2011 09:11

Police deny being the source of press allegations that 90% of Occupy London Stock Exchange tents are empty overnight. It's a measure of the occupation's true impact that mainstream media hacks like Richard Alleyne are reduced to lying about police intelligence to try and smear protests against corporate greed. Contact Richard Alleyne at .....

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5 minute boycott planned across Football League this saturday

25-10-2011 22:49

Football fans across the country are joining together this saturday 29th October under the banner of The 72 Unite to protest against plans to overhaul the youth academy system to the benefit of the richer clubs.

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"Injustice" Film at Ratstar, Thurs Oct 27th, 7pm

24-10-2011 20:55

"one of the most powerful fims ever made in this country"
On occasion of the 13th March against Deaths in Custody next Saturday October 29 (Trafalgar Square 12:30 pm) called for by the United Friends & Families Campaign (UFFC), a screening of the powerful and moving documentary about its origins.

Co-director Ken Fero will come for a Q&A after the film.

Thurs Oct 27th, 7pm @ rAtstar,

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Reclaim the night on Friday

24-10-2011 18:20

The 2011 Oxfordshire Reclaim the Night march takes place this Friday evening, 28 October, meeting 6.30pm at Gloucester Green. We'll march around the city centre making a noise about violence against women, and tying decorative labels with messages about violence against women - and the phone number for Oxford Rape Crisis - onto railings and streetsigns. Bring your selves, your passion, your favourite chants, and placards and banners.

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Down with the Stalinists! Down with the Bureaucrats!

24-10-2011 12:10

About the 48-hour general strike demonstrations of 19-20/10 in Greece, the change of the police doctrine towards a "softer management of demonstrations" and the role of the stalinists in "self-policing" the protests

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NATO-Assassination of Muammar Gaddafi

23-10-2011 21:05

The ‘Rebel’ Assassination of Muammar Gaddafi: a NATO Operation from A to Z ... Muammar Gaddafi – revolutionary leader of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya – was assassinated on Thursday 20 October, 2011, in the Libyan city of Sirte. The precise circumstances surrounding his death have been clouded with mystery and contradicting reports, but the media consensus is that NATO’s ‘rebel’ stooges captured and killed him. This has lent the unelected and universally despised NTC occupation government a decisive propaganda victory in the war on Libya. However, a picture is emerging as to the actual circumstances of his death, one that puts NATO special forces – likely the British SAS – in the centre of the frame.

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2011 Annual march against custody deaths -

23-10-2011 14:32

A silent procession in memory of people who have died in custody will be held in London on 29th October 2011. The United Families and Friends Campaign, the organiser of the procession, is inviting all to join what will start as a silent procession along Whitehall followed by Noisy Protest at Downing Street.

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Weekly blog roundup

23-10-2011 13:55

The following is drawn from a variety of local activist blogs

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Letter from imprisoned anarchist comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva

23-10-2011 11:00

A Contribution for the Compas in the Fire Cells Conspiracy/Informal Anarchist Federation

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More Public Subsidy for Peel Holdings

22-10-2011 20:09

Liverpool City Council (Labour controlled) has announced it will pay 5 million to allow Peel to have a Turnaround terminal.
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