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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Request for full investigation into ‘unseen’ major NZ tragedy and reply.

12-08-2010 12:37

NZ Human Rights Commission acknowledges our council's view that a major NZ tragedy which has occurred at the bottom of the social scale. Human rights omissions have resulted in mass social class discrimination after the State and bureaucracy have been modeling itself on the English class system. Many other States seem to becoming more rigidly top-down seriously curbing independence and 'unsafe' truths.

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Frontex Charter Flights first 6 months 2010

12-08-2010 08:08

Frontex Charter Flights first 6 months 2010

Frontex coordinate charter flights from all countries in the European Union

Total number of persons removed January to June this year: 1,261 on 27 flights

Total provisional costs: of all 27 flights *£6,398,000 

- £5,073 per person / £236,962 average cost per flight

10 flights to Nigeria
6 flights to Kosovo
5 flights to Georgia
2 flights to Iraq
Other destinations: Gambia, Cameroon, Albania, Armenia, Columbia, Ecuador, Burundi.

There were 27 flights in the first 6 months of 2010. Compared to 32 flights in the whole of 2009, removing 1,622 persons, main destination was Nigeria 17 flights involving 849 persons approximate

*(Please not these figures are only provisional, final costs will be known only after last reimbursement claim from the participating countries is processed)

Download breakdown of flights: Joint Returns 2010.doc

Download breakdown of costs: Joint Returns 2010_costs.doc

Joint Return Flights coordinated by Frontex January /December 2009

Frontex in a nutshell
Border management within the European Union has undergone an evolution starting from nationally focused systems to operational cooperation at the external borders. National border security systems are nowadays being complemented by a unified set of effective tools to man-age potential risks at the external borders. Frontex - the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union - was created particularly to integrate national border security systems of Member States against all kind of threats that could happen on or through the external borders of the EU.

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The Pope is trying to get the convicted mass murderers in Chile released

12-08-2010 00:06

The Pope is trying to get the convicted mass murderers in Chile released. This fit with the long standing support by the Catholic Church for any and every fascist dictatorship from Hitler down.

Another reason so support the "Protest the Pope" demonstrations in London.

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The Mediterranean Massacre: Israel as the blond beast

11-08-2010 21:15

"We are dealing, here, with a sociopathic tendency that only takes on the superficial appearance of a political ideology. The classic profile of the sociopath is one so fixated on the fulfillment of his own desires that every means are used to achieve his ends. Out of such raw materials serial killers are made, and also dictators like Stalin and Hitler. Add the animating factor of religion to the mix, and a monster arises out of the bubbling brew, a bestial creature bereft of morality, and without any check on its inherently destructive nature."
In Israel’s case the creature can more accurately be termed a monster in the Frankenstein mold, that is, a monster created by the mad scientists who have been in charge of US foreign policy since the Reagan years. We nurtured the young Frankenstein when he was but a babe in the cradle, recognizing the Jewish state at a crucial moment in its development, and since that time subsidizing it, arming it, and protecting it from its own worst impulses – until, today, we have a perfectly monstrous juvenile delinquent turned sociopath on our hands, who’s mugging the neighbors, stealing from our wallet, and thumbing his arrogant nose at all and sundry for good measure.
A few columns back, I asked: Have the Israelis gone crazy? The Mediterranean Massacre answers that question with a resounding yes."

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Community walk brings Shell drilling work to a standstill in Sruwaddacon Estuary

11-08-2010 15:19

Community walk onto the estuary
Yesterday morning forty people from around Sruwaddacon Estuary brought Shell’s survey work in the area to a complete standstill. The community walked out onto the mudflats at low tide to assert their cockle-picking rights and disrupt Shell’s borehole drilling survey.

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Remember Rwanda when you "Protest the Pope"

10-08-2010 23:06

The Catholic Church instigated the genocide of 800,000 people in Rwanda and despite the International Court convictions of Priest and Nuns it went almost unnoticed. Draw attention to this crime when you join the "protest the Pope" demonstration in London.

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English Defence League plans against Camberly Mosque in Surrey.

10-08-2010 20:01

The English Defence League are an Islamophobic and racist organisation responsible for riots across the UK. They are organising against the plans for Camberly Mosque in Surrey. The reason? "It overlooks Sandhurst". The EDL say that they are against extremists such as MAC but have rioted against any town that has a Muslim community, and have attacked Muslims all across the UK.

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The Librarians Strike Back - Southampton' Libraries to be closed by more Strikes

10-08-2010 11:50

Money for Libraries, not Council Tax Rebates
Southampton's Libraries are to be closed by a second wave of strikes after the City Council reaffirmed their intention to replace 7 librarians with unpaid volunteers and close both Thornhill and Millbrook libraries.

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English Defence League plans to invade Al Quds Day in London September 4th.

09-08-2010 19:38

The racist & Islamophobic English Defence League are planning to invade Al Quds Day annual demonstration and march in London on September 4th. The English Defence League [EDL] are an Islamophobic, criminal organisation with links to organised racism. They have rioted in Stoke, Luton, Dudley, Bolton etc have placed pig's heads on Mosques and have pulled of Muslim women's clothing.

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Why World War II ended with Mushroom Clouds and How to Prevent a Repeat in 2010

09-08-2010 17:31

"Truman himself, however, hypocritically declared at the time that the purpose of the two nuclear bombardments had been “to bring the boys home,” that is, to quickly finish the war without any further major loss of life on the American side. This explanation was uncritically broadcast in the American media and it developed into a myth eagerly propagated by the majority of historians and media in the USA and throughout the “Western” world. That myth, which, incidentally, also serves to justify potential future nuclear strikes on targets such as Iran and North Korea, is still very much alive - just check your mainstream newspaper on August 6 and 9!"

"And so now two powers have similar objectives in 2010. The U.S. wishes to tame and subdue a rebellious third world that yearns to throw off western systems that clearly do not serve their people’s needs. Zionist Israel knows that as Iran develops as a modern technological state it would have to be dealt with on a fare basis instead as a nation of inferiors as is the preference of rabid elites at the helm of Zionist society.

These conditions mean that we are back to an August 1945 scenario. However, the consequences of a U.S./Israel atomic attack on Iran will constitute the greatest crime in human history. To destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities will require the use of multiple nuclear weapons of various types delivered in diverse ways. The U.S./Israel will be guilty in real time of the very actions they claim to be defending the world from. The flow of oil from multiple regions of the world be at risk to say the least. Millions could die. World opinion might be cemented against us for a hundred years."

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Shell disrupted - Beat the Boreholes continues

09-08-2010 16:33

Yesterday at about 2.30pm Shell began to lower "Jack - 1" - one of two survey barges currently in Sruth Fhada Chonn estuary SAC (Special Area of Protection) - in order to tug it to another part of the estuary.

The Rossport Solidarity Camp was ready and willing to claim free passage of the public estuary and in the process upset the operation. Over a dozen Shell security boats and two Garda RIBS couldn't keep the 6 kaykers out, with two of them reaching the moving barge after an hour and a half of chase.

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Russia - in defence of Khimki forest and arrested antifascists - solidarity need

09-08-2010 14:42

At this moment, Russia's antifascist, anarchist and environmentalist movements
are in great need of international solidarity.

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Govanhill Political Policing (Pics)

09-08-2010 12:27

Strathclyde police are stepping up harassment against Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! supporters in the Govanhill area of Glasgow. On Saturday 7 August the police once again intervened, seizing political material and cautioning and charging a supporter of FRFI for selling the newspaper. He is now the third FRFI supporter to be charged with this alleged offence following a similar attack on 13 July. These charges come at a time of increased harassment and threats of violence, including death threats emanating from local fascists and racists, who have also increased their attacks on FRFI in recent weeks in the area.

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English Defence League LGBT Division in support of Zionist protest in London

08-08-2010 23:44

The English Defence League are a racist, Islamophobic, Zionist and violent organisation responsible for riots across the UK. They have pulled Muslim women's clothing from them, placed pig's heads on Mosques, rioted in Stoke, Luton, Dudley, Bolton etc. The EDL have a LGBT division made all the more noticeable since Trevor Kelway came out as a gay man. See more below........

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No borders clip

08-08-2010 23:23


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Unemployed set up new Democracy Village at Minister's church

08-08-2010 21:54

Unemployed residents of the Marsh Farm estate in Luton are currently encamped on the lawn of Romiley Methodist Church, the church of Andrew Stunell MP, Minister for Communities and Local Government, following the denial of funding for a vital job creation project. They arrived on Saturday and it is their intention to stay there in his home village of Romiley until the Minister agrees to meet with them.

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Childrens database dismantled

08-08-2010 16:12

The national database of all children that the stalinists of new labour wanted to create is being dismantled

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'Most in Arab world want nuclear Iran'

07-08-2010 23:05

"A new opinion poll finds that most people in the Arab world favor nuclear Iran amid growing distrust about the US government's policies in the Middle East.

According to the latest annual poll by the Washington-based Brookings Institution, "a majority of the Arab public now see a nuclear Iran as being better for the Middle East."

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English Defence League London Division in support of the UAF against the BNP

07-08-2010 21:18

The English Defence League are an Islamophobic organisation with Divisions all over the UK with links to racist groups such Blood and Honour, Combat 18, BNP and UKIP etc. Their biggest foes are Unite Against Fascism [UAF] who are a branch of the Socialist worker Party [SWP]. The English Defence League London Division have however defended the UAF's officer Martin Smith against the BNP.
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