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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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EDL Nonce Division

06-01-2011 12:42

Forget the EDL's tokenistic "uncle tom" Sikh, Womens and Gay Divisions. A brand new subgrouping within the English Defence League has been formed (void of all publicity), the EDL Nonce Division, offering fascist kiddie fiddlers the opportunity to protest against the unfairly tough stance meted out to child abusers in hardline Islamic states. Children and young people plentyful on EDL marches, put away your stained raincoats and purchase the brand new range of EDL merchandised paedophile gear.

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Protests as Clegg holds secret town hall meeting

06-01-2011 00:19

Clegg leaving Sheffield Town Hall
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg looked shaken leaving Sheffield Town Hall this evening, as an impromptu demonstration chanted and hurled abuse.

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Kraft Closes Cadbury Plant

05-01-2011 22:44

The US "food" giant Kraft will be closing the Cadbury plant at Keynsham near Bristol in a few days time.

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Nick Clegg Sheffield Demo

05-01-2011 21:12

At short notice a spontaneous group demonstrated Nick Clegg's attendance at Sheffield Town Hall

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Action Stations! Planning direct action

05-01-2011 18:52

This article explains some of the things to think about when planning an action. It's been written for smaller affinity group actions, rather than for mass street mobilisations. It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide that has to be strictly followed, but more a list of things that might need to be sorted out for an action to happen successfully. Remember, in the best tradition of transferable skills and multitasking, many of the ideas mentioned here could be used in other areas of subversive activity. Eco-bank robbers anyone?

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Students Against Cuts defends the HSBC 3

05-01-2011 18:46

On 30th December 2010, Students Against Cuts held a protest to defend the HSBC 3, three political activists who were unreasonably arrested for peacefully protesting outside a branch of HSBC bank at our last demonstration on 18th December.

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Daily fail's take on prison riot

05-01-2011 16:36

A Daily Mail article published today exposes the shocking and immoral lifestyle of prison boss Sharon Williams. [spoiler - she's a blonde lesbian]

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Royal wedding details

05-01-2011 14:37

Details of Royal Family Inc's latest publicity junket. I'm sure the activist community will want to make sure the happy couple remember their special day.

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National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts: Day 2 - call for local actions

05-01-2011 13:33

Please contact us if you're organising an event in your area to be added to have it added to the website, fb page etc - notowelfarecuts (at)

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Occupations Of Banks

05-01-2011 10:53

Greek Banks across the country have been occupied by their emploees.

Here's a crap translation via the internet - can someone who speaks Greek do a better job, please?

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Student demonstrations: Advice for those wanted by Police.

04-01-2011 23:42

There are reports of individuals who the police are searching for in order to make an arrest. Some people may believe they do not have much chance of escaping arrest due to the amount of details the police have on you (such as your name) and may not want to go underground and are therefore considering handing themselves in. The writers of this article (All Colours Are Beautiful) would like to share this advice:

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Benefit from subsidy to the Vatican by UK taxpayers: the ministry's own words

04-01-2011 20:13

In their own dry words, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office explain a €761,000 a year embassy to a pope in a tax haven.
"There is no public interest test to apply" about staff wages.

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HSBC 3 Defence Campaign

04-01-2011 14:55

What is the HSBC 3 Defence Campaign?

A defence campaign has been launched in Newcastle to oppose the charges against demonstrators who came out alongside hundreds of others on 18 December 2010 to protest against government cuts to education and other public services, benefits and jobs. The campaign also stands in solidarity with all the other demonstrators being criminalised for taking part in actions against the cuts.

A full report and videos of the protests on the 18th December, and one of the arrests, is here.

Mark Pearson explained why it is so important that all those arrested on such political charges are defended:

‘The banks are robbing the world and getting away with it, yet the police are trying to make it an offence to peacefully enter a bank and express opposition. The government and police have made it clear whose side they are on: they will do everything in their power to protect the banks and businesses, while savagely attacking our living standards and our freedom to protest. We have to stand together and fight back.’

Join the campaign to defend Mark and Patrick from these phoney charges, which are a blatant attack on all of our democratic rights and a political defence of the banks and big business by the police. The HSBC 2 Defence Campaign is demanding that the charges be dropped immediately and the bail conditions lifted. Join the solidarity demonstration outside Newcastle Magistrates Court, on Market Street at 9.30am on Friday 7 January, and contact or 07858 346276 for details of other actions and ways you can support the campaign.

Justice for the HSBC 2! Stop the Cuts! We won’t pay for the capitalist crisis!

**UPDATE: Whilst doing a routine political stall on 22 December a third activist, Toby Hobbs, was arrested in relation to the 18 December protests, on ‘suspicion of assualting a police officer’. After having his details taken and being held in a cold cell for hours, Toby and his solicitor were shown the police’s supposed ‘evidence’ of the assault – a youtube video of the protests which showed no such thing! Toby has not been charged, but is on bail and has to return to the police station on 3rd February. This is political policing, to pick activists up on spurious charges, gather information, attempt to intimidate them, and then release them without charge. Activists in Newcastle are determined to oppose this kind of policing every step of the way. The HSBC 2 is now the HSBC 3, and we are asking everyone who is available to come to Market Street Police Station at 8.45am on 3rd February to show solidarity for Toby. Following his release, Toby commented:

‘It’s clear that this kind of unjust arrest will be happening more and more as resistance against the cuts increases. This kind of intimidation, and intelligence gathering just increases the commitment of protestors, as it just exposes the oppressive lengths which are needed to protect the capitalist system.’

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Dale Farm: Defence Planing

04-01-2011 11:48

BRIGHTON will be the location tomorrow evening (5 Jan)
for the latest in a series of public meetings being held
to consolidate opposition to the Tory-inspired plan for
Britain's biggest anti-Gypsy clearance operation

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Transforming Power for Climate Action

04-01-2011 00:05

A powerful speech by Judy Rebick, as she describes lessons from the women's movement, and the transition from anti-globalist protests - to climate action. Rebick a well-known Canadian feminist & broadcaster, finds hope & leadership from aboriginal people, especially Bolivia.

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Stroud UKuncut-style protest against VAT rise and TaxDodging 4th Jan

03-01-2011 21:14

Meet at 12noon outside Boots on the High Street, and be prepared to move to other locations.

January the 4th is the day VAT is raised from 17.5% to 20%. VAT is a regressive tax that hits the poorest hardest, and the government is increasing it as it plans to cut corporation tax from 28% to 24%, and fails to collect unpaid tax by various large corporations. Protest!

The day will also mark the launch of a new local newsheet - currently titled 'Stroud Views & Burblings' a la the local paper the 'Stroud News & Journal' - see attachments

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Overwhelming evidence of insider complicity on 9/11

03-01-2011 19:25

Photos of Debris Outside the Pentagon
If you watch our videos and read the links on our site ( you will understand why we assert that the weight of the evidence points to the fact that 9/11 was orchestrated by insiders…

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Text from the 3 imprisoned members of Revolutionary Struggle (Greece)

03-01-2011 19:00


“If someone today wants to open a profitable business, they should make guillotines”.

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anarchist attack action in innercity bristol for a smashing new year

02-01-2011 17:55

january the first. anarchists saw in the new year 2011 with attacks on both newfoundland road police station and the probation office on upper york street using easily found stones.

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Cardiff's Unemployed Daytime Disco Returns!

01-01-2011 19:25

NEW YEAR IN BABYLON. Don't. Miss. Out. Cardiff's MONTHLY Unemployed Daytime Disco returns for an edgy JANUARY SPECIAL in early 2011: Now is the Winter of our Discontent...!
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