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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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26-05-2005 20:06

A night of musical fundraising for Cuban youth.

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Whose Rules Rule? WDM Conference 2005

26-05-2005 15:38

Whose Rules Rule? African Answers
A free public conference on Africa in the making of global justice
Saturday 18 June 2005
14:00-17:30 Aston University, central Birmingham

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The Crisis of Work and its Future

26-05-2005 14:12

"Producing more with less labor, distributing the fruits of technical progress better, creating a new balance between required work and freely disposable time and giving every-one the possibility for a more relzed life and more varied jobs are the new goals woth fighting for.."

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London Rising Tide G8 Film nite Extravaganza

26-05-2005 13:20

free G8 film screening, food and discussion.

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Stop the YMCA using Asylum Seekers as Slave Labour

26-05-2005 10:45

Below is the latest leaflet from No One is illegal against the YMCA using Asylum Seekers as slave labour.

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Protest against the slave labour of failed asylum seekers

25-05-2005 23:21

Merseyside Asylum Rights Campaign got together with other activists outside Millennium House, Liverpool on Tuesday 24th May, to protest about the Home Office and YMCA negotiations and plans for a forced labour scheme for failed asylum seekers.

The Home Office and YMCA are pledging that this scheme will be under section 10 of the Asylum & Immigration Act 1999.

The demonstration was small but effective. The 8 protestors stood their ground outside Millennium House (Liverpool City Council building) and were joined in solidarity by those invited to the meeting on their way in and out of the meeting and by those few who ’gate crashed’ - Councillors!

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YMCA press-gangs asylum seekers into slave labour protest

25-05-2005 18:33

Video Working on the chain gang
Human rights protesters visited the residence of the Bishop of Birmingham the morning of Tuesday 24th May to protest at his organisations involvement in the governments plans to force asylum seekers to work without pay, union rights or health and safety for basic human needs. Refugees will be forced under the scheme to perform degrading menial tasks for their meagre upkeep. If they refuse they will be made homeless and receive no support of any kind, and will be liable to be detained and deported.

The human rights protesters representing asylum seekers, symbolically chained together with the initials Y.M.C.A. branded on their backs, cleaned up the residence, removing dirt and grime from various points on the outside of the building.

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ID card cost soars to £93 !!!

25-05-2005 15:22

The costs of an ID card is now reckoned to be about £93
each revealled in The Guardian May 25th. So, presumably those on low incomes of whatever sort will
be 'helped' to pay? I think not.

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BNP wreath charge dropped.

25-05-2005 15:13

Martin Gleeson walks free..

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Launching Iraq Freedom Congress in London

25-05-2005 13:42

An event in London to Launch Iraq Freedom Congress on 5th June 2005

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Countryside Properties. Asbestos criticisms voiced in Parliament...

25-05-2005 13:10

In an unprecedented move, asbestos victims and asbestos environmental concerns have just been made the subject of a Maiden Speech in Parliament.

The controversial planning application for 600 houses at the former Turner & Newall Asbestos factory in the Spodden Valley was addressed in the maiden speech of Rochdale’s new MP Paul Rowen.

Here are some of the excerpts: (as reported at: )

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Say no to Asylum Slavery: DemonstrateTuesday 24th May 2005

24-05-2005 11:55

Say no to Asylum Slavery

Demonstrate Tuesday 24th May 2005

12.15pm to 2.00pm

Called by Merseyside Asylum Rights Campaign

Liverpool Council Building
Millenium House
60 Victoria Street
L1. 6JQ

There will be a demonstration outside Millenium House against the Home Office consultation on Section 10 of the Asylum and Immigration Act 2004 (minimum support for compulsory 'community service'). The consultation is taking place regarding the YMCA agreement to participate in this dreadful 'practice' and sadly Liverpool YMCA has agreed to run a pilot scheme. We must all let the YMCA know that they should now say NO.

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Carlisle Calling

24-05-2005 11:36

There will be a Public meeting about the G8 in Carlisle this Friday

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Sheffield company illegally supports racist state

24-05-2005 00:07

The front page of A4e's website boasts of its contract with Israel

Sheffield Company A4e recently won a contract with Israel which breaks international law because it involves working in the illegally occupied area of East Jerusalem. The article below explains in more detail.

You can call A4e on 0800 345 666 or contact Jenny Caven at

A4e Head Office, Bessemer Rd, Attercliffe, Sheffield, S9 3XN. Tel: 0114 2203040. Fax: 0114 2812929.

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Against the AUT Boycott of Jewish acedemics

23-05-2005 22:44

A group of left-wing acedemics is campaigning against the proposed AUT boycott of israeli universities, there's a whole host of articles and events on the links-not-boycott website

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Behind the Iron Curtain, Connecticut USA

23-05-2005 20:43

Proposing laws to elected officials and being critical of police and the courts in Connecticut USA can cause you to be threatened by officials, arrested, and then sent to prison on questionable charges.

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BBC Oxford: First day of strike, Monday 23 May

23-05-2005 17:17

Some text should follow on Tuesday....

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OutRage!- on thePalestine Demo 21st(+Pic links)

23-05-2005 16:13

Gay rights group OutRage! attended the Palestinian demo on May 21st to draw attention to the plight of gay Palestinians
and to support the wider Palestinian struggle.

See the email address at the end of the posting to make your views known to the Palestinian UK rep...

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23-05-2005 13:57

Clowns on the move
Pranksters, Art activists and a clandestine rebel clown army tour country in exploding caravan preaching civil disobedience… BUT not as we know it!

As world leaders prepare for their G8 summit photo op, a new network of art activists are touring the UK (19 May - 6 July), inspiring resistance with an exploding caravan, a free feast, prayers to products, a clown army and creative civil disobedience trainings.

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Groups come together for democracy and freedom

23-05-2005 10:54

Last Thursday many previously disparate groups came to together to work for democracy and freedom
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