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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Brick Lane London E1 Area campaign Questions to George Galloway MP

26-01-2006 10:39

Khoodeelaar! THE BRICK LANE LONDON E1 AREA CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE CROSSRAIL HOLE BILL has this morning [26 January 2006] asked the local constituency MP George Galloway a number of urgent questions about the Crossrail hole plan/scheme Bill. Khoodeelaar will publish the relevant text of any significant reply that we may receive from George Galloway today [Thursday 26 January 2006]

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25-01-2006 22:09

A review of news, opinion
A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive!

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Stop the War demo at Nottingham's Armed Forces Recruitment Centre

25-01-2006 21:45

On Saturday Stop the War Coalition draped Nottingham's Armed Forces Recruitment Centre with coffin-shaped placards naming the members of the British Forces killed in Iraq.
At this time 98 British servicement have lost their lives. Why wait to demonstrate until the number inevitably reaches 100!

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Serious Organised Crime? Ha Ha Ha!

25-01-2006 20:13

Serious Organised Crime? Ha Ha Ha!
Four Rebel Clowns took to Parliament Square on Monday, 23rd of
January 2006 to address the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act
section 132.

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massive protests: The WEF in Davos - The NATO in Munic

25-01-2006 17:42

This weekend the WEF (World Economic Forum) will take place in Davos, Switzerland. Protest and direct action against it already started...
Next weekend the NATO "Security"- Conference will take place in Munic, Germany. Also in Munic, protests and direct action already started....

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Brick Lane London E1 area says Massive NO to Crossrail hole Bill

25-01-2006 15:27

UK Transport Minister Alistair Darling can still avoid very dangerous and unnecessary destruction of vital East End community. Today, KHOODEELAAR has updated Darling on the community’s massive opposition to the Crossrail plan for a hole in the Brick Lane London E1 Area. Over 1000 people turned up to heart campaigners at a meeting on Sunday 22 January 2006. KHOODEELAAR legal notices to Tower Hamlets Council to carry out community demand against Crossrail hole Bill

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manchester climate camp meeting tues 7th feb 6.30pm

25-01-2006 12:02

a meeting for those wishing to be part of the manchester neighbourhood at the camp for climate action, and also build up links of people in manchester wanting to take action on climate change.

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The Agrexco Seven - Day Two

25-01-2006 09:09

Don't buy dem fruits
Tuesday in court 4 at Uxbridge Magistrates Court, and the prosecution is still presenting its case. A clutch of cops testify and in the afternoon everyone gets comfortable for the premier of the 50 minute video of the action, shot be the cops. Line of the day is about 20 minutes into the vidoe when the operator is heard to say "I hope this thing is working Frank!"

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Italian people fight police to prevent construction of TAV train line

25-01-2006 08:36

intervention against olympics
Mulitple battles in many cities as Italian people attempt to stop the construction of the environmentally destructive TAV high-speed train line from being built. They are also fighting against the Winter Olympics in Turin, the games of capital and finance.

Destroy the Olympics!
Destroy the TAV!

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Palestine Eye Witness Reports and UK/Palestine Twinning

24-01-2006 21:18

Israeli Ethnic Cleansing
Nottingham PSC are holding a joint meeting with Respect on Tuesday 31st January, 7.30pm at the New Mechanics Institute on North Sherwood Street (opposite the Orange Tree pub). The meeting will involve speakers who have recently been to Palestine talking about their experiences there and discuss the possibility of Twinning Nottingham with Jenin.

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Brick Lane London E1 Area Against Crossrail hole Bill - Khoodeelaar Manifesto

24-01-2006 10:18

The Khoodeelaar campaign against the Crossrail hole scheme was conceived of and begun in January 2004, way before George Galloway himself knew whether he would ever be even in the House of Commons, let alone in any other ‘House’, of whatever repute!
This Khoodeelaar manifesto 2006 is being published as part of the community’s defence of the area against the big business and city of London interests plan to destroy the Brick Lane London E1 Area local community and take over the space

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sheffield kashmir film showing

24-01-2006 09:58

The first screening of a documentary film (produced by Shift Production to the Academy of Community Leadership)of what the delegation from Sheffield encountered.Kashmir Earthquake Relief Fund (sheffield) met and spoke with local people and heard eyewitness accounts of the traumatic suffering and bravery of the Kashmiris.

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The Agrexco Seven - Day one

24-01-2006 07:51

Don't buy dem fruits
Monday saw the commencement of the Agrexco Seven trial at Uxbridge Magistrates Court. The seven are on trial for aggravated tresspass following a blockade of the Israeli national fresh produce exporters HQ in Hayes on November 11th, 2004, when all vehicular access tot he site was blocked with cages constructed by the defendants, for over 8 hours.

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Vigil in memory of Bereket Yohannes

24-01-2006 01:22

A vigil in memory of Bereket Yohannes will be held at 12 noon this coming Sunday 29th January outside Harmondsworth detention centre, on the A4 on the north edge of Heathrow Airport, west London.
Bereket Yohannes, a 26 year-old-man from Eritrea, was found hanged in the showers in Hamondsworth Immigration Removal Centre at around 5.25 last Thursday the 19th January 2006.

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Video - when is a demonstration not a demonstration?

24-01-2006 00:30

This video was one of two short films made during a video activism gathering held at the rampART social centre.

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Harder, faster, louder - manic weekend at the Commonplace social centre

23-01-2006 19:30

This weekend at the Commonplace social centre in Leeds promises to be kerrazee with three days of jam-packed fun, frollicks and politics.

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Improve Not Remove: Anti-PFI campaigners picket Leeds City Council

23-01-2006 17:55

The latest stage in what is starting to look like a powerful grassroots campaign to stop the Comprehensive Regeneration Option (the PFI project) to demolish, rebuild and gentrify their council estate.

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Leeds anti-asbo demonstration - full report and more pictures

23-01-2006 16:56

A report of Saturday's anti-asbo action and details on the next organising meeting.

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Peter Sandy cleared by Standards Board

23-01-2006 16:44

Rushmoor councillor and community activist Peter Sandy has been cleared by the Standards Board for England of the malicious charges brought against him by the borough chief executive Andrew Lloyd.

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Rushmoor Private Landlords Forum – January 2006

23-01-2006 16:42

The Rotten Borough of Rushmoor recently hosted an evening for private landlords under the slogan 'Let's work together'.
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