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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Dublin - Reports of Police Activity around the RTS area

03-05-2004 21:38

Reports are coming in of police activity and harrasment around the area where a Reclaim the Streets party has taken place today in Dublin.

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Don't Live the Lie, Boycott It.

03-05-2004 19:08

Americans need to change their federal system of government. They can't do it through the electoral process nor can the engage in violent confrontation with their masters.

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Barcelona Mayday Short Report

03-05-2004 18:09

A few notes on the Mayday parade.

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Dublin Reclaim the Streets - Breaking News

03-05-2004 15:08

Hrere there are the news as they arrive from today's Reclaim the Streets in Dublin.

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02-05-2004 21:33

Greetings from the land of the bratwurst sausage and the annual Mayday riot!

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Justice For Tenants - Fighting for working class people in Liverpool!

02-05-2004 13:48

A tenants' direct action campaign group!

The tenants in Liverpool and Merseyside are sick of the injustices. The councillors whether they're Labour or Liberal-Democrat simply don't care about throwing us out into the private sector they're not tenants themselves! Councillors are giving away our land, our homes, our streets, our neighbourhoods and our communities for 'FREE' to undemocratic and unaccountable private landlords it is 'our' public property not for them to give away through rigged ballots or no ballots at all.

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Report of Edinburgh May Day march and rally May 1st 2004

02-05-2004 12:48

Assembling in East Market street.
This is a report with photos of the march and rally in Edinburgh May 1st 2004.

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Vancovuer Canada May Day March Photos

02-05-2004 00:47

Union Members Protest the Death of The Union Contract
Vancouver Canada May 1/04: A sprited group Union Members and Social Justice Activists marched threw the streets of downtown Vancouver to show support for the Labour Movement and to currently striking Hospital Empoyees Union Members who have been order back to by the BC Liberal goverment.

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Oxford Teach-In on the Kurdish Crisis in Iraq and Turkey

02-05-2004 00:14

this is a workshop u might consider going to. it should be very interesting as it is organised by a kurdish university student who was expelled by turkey 3 years ago for having signed a petition in favour of the kurdish people ( at least according to him ).

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Security Forces Versus Picnic Mob Video

01-05-2004 23:47

3:00 17MB Quicktime video of today's May Day action in the Grafton Centre in Cambridge.

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BRISTOL Stop-The-War SPECIAL : 1st May 2004

01-05-2004 22:58

Hello. The main monthly newsletter will be out on the 12th May, and will be our first fully Regional newsletter. You do not need to be affiliated to STW to be publicised by Bristol STW, so please *do* send us details of your anti-war and related events.

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More Brit Troop Shame:Interview with Racist Civil Military Operations Officer

01-05-2004 18:27

The Army is institutionally racist. These stories of a few sadistic bad apples are meant to re-enforce the Occupation's agenda by implying that Iraqi resistance is a response to the actions of individual soldiers in detention camps when the resistance is a response to the entire occupation and the logic of the genocidal 13 year sanctions campaign which killed over a million and a half Iraqis and reduced the country to an Infrastructural Ground Zero - ripe for the current free market take-over fleecing the country. Below is a synopsis of an interview I had with Major Clements at CPA South in Basra, January

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Brighthouse Debt Protest

01-05-2004 13:00

Steet Theatre
There was leafleting, street theatre and samba at the bottom of The Moor in Sheffield this afternoon as part of a protest again the loan sharks Brighthouse.

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The abolition of Mayday (or Anarchist blindness and delusions of grandeur)

01-05-2004 11:39

Activists and protestors are astounded and bemused by the so called cancelling of May Day
protests by a handfull of anarchist leaders, who claim not to have had sufficient support at "their meetings" to organise the protest. They do not call on people to go to the demo of the Labour movement, "that one is run by dinosaurs". Instead they want a picnic (seriously folks only a picnic)in St James park front of her majesty's palace.

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Mayday samba dawn in Oxford

01-05-2004 08:16

Crowds gathered to see in the mayday dawn in Oxford got an extra chance to celebrate; Breach of the Peace samba band took to the streets (albeit briefly).

Wake Up! Wake Up! Its yer SAMBA BREAKFAST!!

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The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists - By Robert Tressell

30-04-2004 22:03

Have you read 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists' by Robert Tressell? If you have then you'll want to see how faithful this play is to the book. If you're touched by the story then read the book. If you're working class then this story nearly a century old will strike a chord with you.

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Is China weeks away from 'Great Depression'?

30-04-2004 17:34

Already in need of a $45 billion bailout, the CBRC suspended all lending for three days. The enormity of China's banking problem is dawning on everyone--the system is nearing meltdown.

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Mayday activites in Sheffield

29-04-2004 19:19

Colonised by many a creed over time, Mayday still is a time for people across the world to celebrate there togetherness, and desires for a greater future.

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Solidarity funds needed!

29-04-2004 17:04

Funds needed to assist all Mayday prisoners or those prosecuted for political action

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The conditions of Nurses and the Development of Psychiatry

29-04-2004 09:53

The Conditions for Nurses
The average working life of a nurse is 10 years. Many end their working life’s earlier than this due to family needs but other factors are at work for example back injuries.
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