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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Practical Info for Sandholm Detention Centre action, Copenhagen Oct 25th

20-10-2008 12:17

Shut down the camp indeed!
On the 25. of October we are planning a massive civil disobedience action. Our aim is to dismantle the Sandholm camp, and thereby physically challenge the racism of the Danish refugee policy. The Shut Down the Camp Initiative calls for a day of action against the Sandholm refugee camp in North Zealand, Denmark. To do this we need all the help we can get

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It’s amazing

20-10-2008 11:19

The European capitalist countries, saturated of productive capacity and commodities, are desperately in need of markets to avoid blue-collar and services workers lay-offs, to prevent savers from loosing their money and peasants from going broke...

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Tomorrow: Sumac Debates

20-10-2008 09:59

Hot on the heels of October’s 27th annual Anarchist Bookfair, this coming Tuesday sees the second Sumac Debate; a focus on anarchist politics and organising as we move into a phase of economic instability and increasing state control.

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Around the Campaigns Monday 20th October 2008

20-10-2008 07:33

Prossy Kakooza
Jane Mary Mutetsi has left the UK
She was removed last Thursday to Uganda, there was a problem at the airport in Entebbe because she is a Rwandan citizen and the authorities at the airport wanted to return her to the UK because she had no documents entitling her to be in Uganda. Jane Mary was very tired and had a headache throughout her flight, and so mentioned to the authorities that all her children are in Uganda and she was allowed into the country after some discussions. She was also asked why she had been sent back from the UK but apparently one of her escorts told them that her visa had expired and as she is unwell she wanted to go home. At the moment she is safe and well.
Friends of Jane Mary Mutetsi, thank all those who fought to keep Jane Mary in the UK

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Merseyside Police Allow Free Expression!

20-10-2008 00:06

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon for activists organising as part of Liverpool Freedom of Expression. This was in stark contrast to last week's mass stall in Church Street, which saw police repression and spontaneous direct action from members of the public.

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Death to the crisis !

19-10-2008 17:54

It seems that almost everyone is now convinced that the magic word for this “hard times” is crisis.

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Global Festival of Dignified Rage

19-10-2008 15:31

The Other Campaign: Government from Below and to the Left, Everywhere

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Art Not Oil / LRT visits Shell sponsored Oedipus

19-10-2008 13:57

Oedipus Action
On Wednesday 15th October Art Not Oil made it's first visit to the National Theatre to highlight Shell's sponsorship of the autumn production of Oedipus.

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There are many more of us than them - BPP's massive mobilisation

19-10-2008 12:12

The BPP's massive national mobilisation turned out to be a rather damp squib. 11 fascists (including a kid) huddled together outside HMV protected by lines and lines of cops. around 400 anti-facsists were joined by scores of locals who, on being told what was happening, stayed to say that the BPPs filth won't be accepted in Yorkshire.

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Neo-Nazi demo shut down in Leeds

19-10-2008 12:09

On Saturday 18th of October, the British People’s Party (BPP) planned a demonstration in Leeds, outside HMV. They intended to protest against “racist” black rap music, handing out leaflets demanding “rights for whites” and calling on the store to stock White Power music. Richard B from Leeds Revo reports.

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First West Africa Regional Conference of the African Socialist International

18-10-2008 20:59

The Africanist Movement will host the first West Africa Regional Conference of the African Socialist International (ASI) in Freetown-Sierra Leone from October 20-22, 2008.

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The truth about the Bulgarian government

18-10-2008 11:33

The voice of the youth in Bulgaria abouth the government

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Liverpool Police and Antisocial Behaviour

17-10-2008 18:51

Publication of a Complaint made to Liverpool City Council about Antisocial Behaviour from Police Officers in Liverpool City Centre, where civil unrest was orchestrated by Liverpool Police n 10th October 2008.

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No Borders Network Gathering 8 & 9 November

17-10-2008 16:19

No Borders is a network of grass-roots organisations that support freedom of movement and the abolishment of borders. The No Borders Gathering will bring together groups and individuals from across the UK to discuss, network and plan together.

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"Transphobic Awards" slammed by leading youth organisation

17-10-2008 14:27

Trans Youth Network to demonstrate against transphobia in London on November 6th
The Queer Youth Network has spoken out about its "disappointment" at the nomination of Guardian Journalist Julie Bindel for a Stonewall Award, a gay equivalent of the "Oscars".

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Cant Pay Wont Pay!- Demo in the City -Today 4pm

17-10-2008 13:07

Seeming as many friends will be in London for tommorrows anarchist Bookfair it seems only fitting that we should come together in a display of our collective anger at a senile and demented economic system refuses to die.

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Smash EDO - a fitwatchers perspective

17-10-2008 10:23

Once again the ability of Smash EDO to stand up to police bullying and intimidation was impressive and inspiring. This was perhaps most obvious as the police blocked the march to the EDO factory and marchers stood their ground against police batons and pepper spray.

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Animal Rights Activists Remanded in Custody

16-10-2008 18:11

here is a short summary of the facts so far in regard to the 4 activists arrested the other day please do not speculate further in the public domain.

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Education Chief Disciplined for Discrimination, Blames Brighton Council for Bad Advice

16-10-2008 17:55

Philip Morgan leaves the General Teaching Council hearing, September 2008
A senior manager has been found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct for discrimination against a transgender teacher. Philip Morgan was employed by Brighton & Hove City Council as Education, Training and Employment Manager. The General Teaching Council for England (GTC) disciplinary panel said the ex-headteacher had “brought the reputation and standing of the profession into serious disrepute.” The Council did not reprimand him, but fought and lost against the Equality & Human Rights Commission at an earlier Employment Tribunal.

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radical/alternative Tyneside guide online

16-10-2008 15:10

Tyneside is a great place to live. But sometimes it takes ages to find the gems that make it special. This guide is a short cut to help people find the places and resources to take (back) control of our lives.

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