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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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"Essay on Lucidity" - blank votes to show their disappointment

27-03-2004 05:24

Portuguese Nobel laureate Jose Saramago's latest novel, a fable about a right-wing government's violent reaction to an election in which 83 percent of the votes cast are blank, went on sale with the author predicting the book would spark huge controversy.

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Croaker Cola

26-03-2004 20:34

Here's an interesting article on Coca Cola business taken from the always excellent weekly Schnews issue 447.

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Oxford Women’s Festival - Greenham film screening

26-03-2004 17:03

Thalia Campbell the co-ordinater of the sculpture project
The was a screening of the undercurrents film "Greenham the making of a monument" as part of the women’s festival, bring many of the original Greenem women together to remember this powerfull direct action movement from the 1980's. If there are a women’s group who would like to organise another oxford screening the is a copy of the film available for use.

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Womble On Dudes!

26-03-2004 16:52

The occupied Grand Banks is an example in self-determination, sufficiency and community spirit and how to defy and take back power from the government, who only ever abuses it.

Government is the problem, it can never be part of the solution.

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Today in Palestine 26th of march

26-03-2004 14:34

a summary of the events

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French riot police attack firemen with tear gas in Paris (photos)

26-03-2004 13:04

On the 25th March firemen in the whole of France took to the streets to demonstrate for the recognition of the dangers involved in their job and the safegarding of their regulations.

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Cambridge against the G8?

26-03-2004 11:36

The G8 (the leaders of the richest and most powerful nations) are holding their annual meeting in the UK in 2005. In keeping with the commitment of people around the world to oppose the policies that come out of such meetings, a network has been set up to co-ordinate resistance to the meeting next year.

See for more details.

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African People's Solidarity Committee - audio

26-03-2004 03:38

Audio clip of Penny Hess speaking at the 12th Session of the World Tribunal for Reparations to African People

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Excellent new anti-G8 2005 website

25-03-2004 23:50

The G8 Summit is taking place in the UK in the summer of 2005. have just put up a webpage with really good info about the Dissent! mobilisation against the Summit, and capitalism in general.

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Marshalls ofice ocupation

25-03-2004 19:37

Marshalls photos

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Kids 'banned' from Social Centre

25-03-2004 12:40

The wombles occupied social centre in Tufnel Park was forced to close it's doors to under 16s today....

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Mayday cancelled - apathy in the UK

24-03-2004 18:57

Mayday collective cancell mayday - Shocker!

BBC reports that mayday has been cancelled due to apathy...

ha ha, what bollocks!

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Clean it up Tony!

24-03-2004 16:33

Report of vigil held at Downing St on Mother's Day to protest about depleted uranium and cluster bombs left in Iraq.

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20 Years After The Great Miners Strike

24-03-2004 10:52

Event at Sheffield City Hall Ballroom this Sunday 28th March.

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On the Frontlines with Howard Wallace

24-03-2004 06:22

Howard Wallace is a long-time peace activist, trade union organizer, senior and gay rights activist. He has been a Teamster and recently retired as a leader in Local 250 of SEIU, a large health care union in Northern California. He currently works with Senior Action building support among seniors, the lesbian and gay community and labor for health care reform and rights for health care workers. He also helped found Pride at Work.

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Post card from Liverpool - What the tourist board wouldn't want tourists to see!

23-03-2004 20:48

Picture post card from Liverpool to tourists of the world - This is the reality!
Granby Street in 2004, it's over twenty years now since the well known Toxteth riots. While many saw the riots as a social uprising against repressive and racist policing, the accompanying photo-montage shows that the community around Granby Street in Liverpool 8 is looking more run down in many ways than it did after the 1981 riots. Granby Street is just one example of the insidious gentrification of Liverpool city centre which is clearing out working class people, a process which is now spiraling outwards at break neck speed.

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Brochure handed out by greek anarchists in the M20 anti-war demo, London

23-03-2004 20:43

Below are the two parts of the brochure we handed out during the M20 anti-war demo..

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Telestreet Conference

23-03-2004 16:03

[This is a preview of the Telestreet meeting Etera 2]
[Below this introduction I have posted a provisional program for the meeting]
Etera 2 meeting, March the 25th 2004 in Sennigallia, will be the second meeting of the Telestrade or Telestreet. A national movement of micro-tv stations (sometimes transmitting to no more than a few blocks) scattered across Italy. Telestreet operates between the legal and technological cracks of the Italian mediascape. Literally squatting the shadows or blank spots where the signals of terrestrial broadcasters cannot reach, leaving shadows on the spectrum which the Telestreet groups occupy.

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IMC screening of DSEI video - Indefensible in Brixton tonight

23-03-2004 12:04

Screening of DSEI video - Indefensible
TUESDAY 23rd MARCH 2004 7pm - 11pm (film starts about 8pm)
in THE UPSTAIRS BAR, Brixton RITZY, Coldharbour Lane SW2 (3 mins from Brixton tube)

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Eviction resistance in Kentish Town (now!)

23-03-2004 11:19

An attempted eviction of a squatters living in flats over the co-op supermarket in Kentish Town is currently being resisted.... (11:45am Tuesday 23rd)
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