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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Daily Mail Glasgow offices invaded by Anti-Benefit Cuts Protesters

14-04-2011 15:48

This afternoon around 15 Anti-Benefit Cuts held a leafleting session outside the Atos assessment centre in Cadogan Street, Glasgow advising other claimants on how to deal with benefits medical examinations. It was part of the 3rd National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts being held in at least a dozen cities around Britian organised by a network of claimants' groups. Members of the Crutch Collective, the SWP, SSP and others held up banners and placards declaring that Atos robs from the poor to give to the rich, while IWW songs played in the background. The Work Capability Assessments carried out by Atos have been heavily criticised by CAB, the Child Poverty Action Group and others as being unfair and not based on medical opinion. The process is driven by the government trying to cut 2.5 billion from Employment Support Allowance to pay for the public debt caused by the banks gambling on the financial markets. Those going in for the assessments appreciated what was being done.

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Climate Camp – South Coast: Resurrection for the Insurrection

14-04-2011 14:08

Imagine another world. A world where people matter, where the outstanding issues of the day, climate change, community resilience and workers rights are addressed and we can look forward to a more radical and sustainable future.

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Portuguese Petition : The relevance of the ratings agencies

13-04-2011 22:07

Last week, a group of Portuguese economists filed a demand for a legal investigation concerning the most recent actions of the three main ratings agencies - in what presumably could be an attempt at manipulating the normal functioning of the financial markets , and an insurgence in the normal functioning of the Portuguese democratic process. An online petition is now available for anyone who is willing to provide support to this action. (in Portuguese)

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Dale Farm Eviction - Solidarity / Numbers Needed...

13-04-2011 19:03

Numbers Needed For The Attempted Eviction Of Dale Farm Travellers..Any Assistance In Halting This Government Sanctioned Act Of Ethnic Cleansing / Facism Appreciated...

(lifted from P Poser-Solidarity & Respect)

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Syria Today 04 13 2011

13-04-2011 12:29

Syrian revolt spreads to ruling Alawite tribes. Cities sealed. Executions in army
The popular uprising against Syrian President Bashar Assad is still spreading. Tuesday, April 12, one of the Assad family's own Alawite tribes and the key Sunni city of Aleppo joined the movement demanding the president and his kin's removal. Assad fought back against the expanding threat to his survival by mobilizing all his military and security resources, including the loyal young thugs of the shabbiha gangs. They have orders to shoot to kill and not permit ambulances to collect the wounded. Tanks seal the most restive towns of Teraa, Banias, Latakia and Hama.

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delocalized actions no g8

12-04-2011 23:35

want do something?

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delocalized actions no g8

12-04-2011 23:34

want do something?

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show your support for Campaign To Save Bahman (Shirkou) Moaarefi From execution

12-04-2011 20:27

Stop brotality of islami regime
To all anti-capitalist,
To all anti-religious atrocity
To all those who fight for Justice,
To all political parties, Human Rights & Women organisations,
To all Freedom fighters and those whom fight to save civil librety

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Meeting with a Workers’ Initiative Polish trade union delegate in London, 15.04

12-04-2011 19:50

Meeting with a Workers’ Initiative Polish trade union delegate in London, 15.04
A meeting with the International Secretary of Workers’ Initiative anarcho- syndicalist trade union from Poland will take place on. Friday, 15 of April, at 7pm in Freedom Bookshop, Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High St. London E1 7QX There will be also a screening of “Plyta” movie about the wildcat strikes and workers’ struggle organized by Workers’ Initiative at Cegielski plant in Poznan, Poland.

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Anarchist action - Mitie vehicle torched.

12-04-2011 11:05

Let us be clear on something: we are not demanding anything. The libertarian world that we desire is here, in our beating hearts and clenched fists, not to be found through the concessions of our enemies, allegience to this or that party/union/'social movement'. We have no dialogue to be made with the world we have discovered ourselves to be at war with, as it is at war with us. And we are not alone. Across the world the attacks multiply - some claimed clearly by comrades in the perspective of the struggle against State, Capital and Hierachy in whatever forms, many, as always, a mute expression of the rage of stolen lives, broken hearts, trampled desires. Also made beautiful in their rebellion.

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IRMS security works with Gardaí to block Rossport Solidarity Camp protesters

11-04-2011 22:42

Gardaí and IRMS work together to stop protesters
A protest today by the Rossport Solidarity Camp members at the Shell compound in Aughoose resulted IRMS security assisting the Gardaí in detaining campaigners.

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Authorities reward those who leave the Zapatista resistance with social support

11-04-2011 20:02

"Buying consciences", trying to bribe people out of the resistance

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BP Flash Mob

11-04-2011 18:09

Sunday 17 April 2011, 2PM at Tate Modern, Bankside, London, SE1 9TG

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3rd National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts April 14th Glasgow

11-04-2011 16:44


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Philippine Government Has Failed to Address Poverty in its First Year in Office

11-04-2011 15:32

The latest Social Weather Station (SWS) survey showing an increase in hunger is a major concern that must be taken seriously and not brushed off in a squabble over statistics. According to the March 4-7 poll 20.5% of respondents -- or an estimated 4.1 million families -- have gone hungry at least once in the past three months. This is up from the estimated 3.4 million families recorded in November 2010, i.e., almost one million extra families are going hungry today due to poverty. Along with the other examples of poverty and marginalization – such as the shocking deaths of up to 30 people in Palawan, including children, due to easily preventable ailments such as diarrhea – this demonstrates that the situation of the masses is deteriorating.

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Benefit Cuts Protest - Day 3 this Thursday - call for support

11-04-2011 14:17

The Third National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts takes place this Thursday 14th April.

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Support the NHS picket in Cambridge, 09/04/2011

10-04-2011 15:52

Yesterday (Saturday April 9th, 2011) a small but significant group of activists gathered in Cambridge Market Square to lodge their disapproval of the government's current proposals to all but privatise the NHS by devolving funding to local GP practices - a bizarre idea by anybody's standards.

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Food Sovereignty Tour + Agroecology Short Course in Venezuela – July 10-22

09-04-2011 16:12

You are invited to participate in a study tour to study food sovereignty, social movements and social change in Venezuela, July 10 to 22.

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Food Sovereignty Tour + Agroecology Short Course in Venezuela – July 10-22

09-04-2011 16:08

You are invited to participate in a study tour to study food sovereignty, social movements and social change in Venezuela, July 10 to 22.
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