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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Canadian National Elections: Time To Dump the SealClubbing Warmonger Party

03-04-2011 13:40

On Friday March 25, 2011 the Canadian House of Commons found Prime Minister Stephen Harper guilty of contempt of Parliament. According to parliamentary law, contempt of parliament is a federal crime of which SteveHarper has been found guilty.. Harper is barred from seeking re-election on May 2, 2011. Nevertheless warmonger media in Canada
and the discredited PM continue to campaign. No federal government or cabinet minister has ever been found in contempt before.

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Why you should conceal your face at protests and demonstrations

03-04-2011 10:01

Decoding masks and evaluating the risks of police surveillance

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Dissident Island Episode 79 April Fools: DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

03-04-2011 09:27

Dissident Island Radio April Fools: DOWNLOAD IT NOW

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Operation Brontide: Met target anticuts protesters

03-04-2011 01:33

Police are calling for information on people whos images they obtained from 'a range of sources, including CCTV' during anticuts protests on the 26th of march.
I for one reckon I saw ed milliband and boris johnson throwing a breeze block through the windows at the ritz and will be sure to explain this, at length, on the phone. I hope other upstanding citizens will follow suit.

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NATO’s fascist war

02-04-2011 19:20

You didn’t have to be clairvoyant to foresee what I wrote with great detail in three Reflection Articles I published on the CubaDebate website between February 21 and March 3: “The NATO Plan Is to Occupy Libya,” “The Cynical Danse Macabre,” and “NATO’s Inevitable War.”

Not even the fascist leaders of Germany and Italy were so blatantly shameless regarding the Spanish Civil War unleashed in 1936, an event that maybe a lot of people have been recalling over these past days.

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Trial of Egyptian pacifist Maikel Nabil Sanad for "insulting the military"

02-04-2011 15:12

War Resisters' International observer in Cairo

In the case of the detained Egyptian pacifist and conscientious objector Maikel Nabil Sanad, who is being tried on charged of "insulting the military by spreading false information" and "disturbing public security" [1], War Resisters' International has now sent an observer to Cairo, to attend the hearing at the military court on Sunday, 3 April 2011.

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Protest Outside The Daily Mail – Stop the Defamation – Stop the Lies - April 14

02-04-2011 14:09

Thursday, April 14 · 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Daily Mail Headquarters, Young Street (off Kensington High Street), London W8 5TT

As part of the third National Day of Action Against Benefit Cuts a protest has been called outside the Daily Mail’s head office in Kensington on 14th April 2011.

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The law is not being enforced impartially

01-04-2011 17:05

Politicians, the mainstream media, and the Police all dismiss serious crimes against ordinary people as mere “anti-social behaviour”, but think that trivial crimes against the rich and influential are shocking and should be treated as serious crimes.

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Lying Brent Council

01-04-2011 15:37

Charteris sports centre in Kilburn NW London stolen from the people by Brent council

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G8 is everywhere, so are we!

01-04-2011 15:06

International call for decentralized actions on 26 and 27 May 2011

Deauville and Cannes are casino-cities in which the scammers of the G8 \ G20 will decide on the wealth and poverty of humanity. But this time we won’t be attending the party.
Because it’s not just there, it’s everywhere we’re confronted with facades or images that glorify the capitalist arrogance. Profits from the premade crisis are shamelessely shown despite their systematic use for delinquency and social control

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BP and Culture: Time To Break It Off!

01-04-2011 13:22

A week of action to kick BP out of our cultural spaces

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Swiss Activists start Nuclear War

31-03-2011 17:00

There are reports coming out of Switzerland that a parcel bomb exploded today.

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Funding Cuts Bring More Pain In The Arts

31-03-2011 12:39

Urban Strawberry Lunch has been sacrificed to pay for bankers and war
Arts Council England has announced that it will be cutting funding for more than two hundred cultural organisations from 2012. The losers include theatres, galleries, and artist groups, all of which now face an extremely uncertain future. This comes after the coalition government cut the Arts Council's budget by £100 million in the Comprehensive Spending Review. Thousands of cultural practioners now face ruin, for the cost of two Apache attack helicopters, or 10% of this year's bonuses at RBS - the state-owned bank.

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Earth First Summer Gathering: Update and Workshop Callout

31-03-2011 09:47

This year's Earth First Summer Gathering is currently being organised. If anyone would like to run workshops or have discussions around please get in contact.

To keep up to date with Earth First Summer Gathering news subscribe to

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My march for the alternative

30-03-2011 19:54

Last Saturday up to 500,000 people joined the TUC's March for the Alternative. Many hundreds, if not thousands, of other people protested against the Con-Dem cuts in different, spikier, ways. Here's my story and reflections.

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EGYPT: Emergency update: Maikel Nabil Sanad to be tried tomorrow, 31 March, 10am Cairo time

30-03-2011 16:48

War Resisters' International received information that detained Egyptian pacifist and conscientious objector will be tried at a military court tomorrow, 31 March, at 10am Cairo time, on charges of "insulting the military" and "obstructing public security". He was detained on 28 March late in the evening, and has been under investigation since (see co-alert, 30 March 2011,

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National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts - 14th April - latest info

30-03-2011 10:44

Millions are set to be affected by savage cuts to housing, disability, sickness and welfare benefits. People with disabilities, illness, the unemployed, single parents, carers the low waged, part time students, volunteers, homeless people and college students are all likely to see a devastating drop in disposable income with many slipping even further below the poverty line.

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Pictures from March For The Alternative (part 3).

29-03-2011 16:13

I hope this isn't the alternative.
Third part of my picture feature about Saturday's March for the Alternative.

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Pictures from March For The Alternative (part 2).

29-03-2011 15:41

Even Hare Krishnas were there...
Second part of my picture feature about Saturday March 26th 2011 March for the Alternative demo in London.

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Extreme Sound Anti-Nuclear Compilation Now Available To Purchase!!

29-03-2011 15:37

Extreme Sound Forum and members of the international extreme electronic underground have banded together to show their opposition to nuclear power & to express their solidarity with the people of Japan by releasing this amazing 18 track digital compilation! All proceeds raised from the sale of this compilation will be directly donated to help the relief efforts currently underway in Japan!
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