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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Dixie's Vintage Stall Cambridge's Last Fur Retailer

22-01-2011 21:15

Vintage fur perpetuates the fur industry, as fur is make 'acceptable' in the vintage scene, it finds it's way on to the catwalk in the form of new fur. Indeed new 'imperfect' fur is often passed off as vintage by manufactures and finds it's way into vintage retailers.

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Dissident Island Radio 21 January - ready for download

22-01-2011 17:12

Stop GM // Bloomsbury Freeskool // Anti Cuts Updates // Free radio veteran in Amsterdam // Thessaloniki 4 trial update // Drowned City // Sarah Bear

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National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts - 24/01 - latest news

22-01-2011 13:00

The poster reads: “60,000 Reichs Marks is the cost to the people’s community for this hereditary disabled over a lifetime; People’s comrade, that comes from YOUR gold. Read ‘New People’ – The monthly periodical of the Political Office of the National Socialist German Workers’s Party.”

“The cost of disability benefits is simply UNSUSTAINABLE” – Maria Miller, Minister for Disabled People in an interview with the tabloid press in November 2010.

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British police infiltration in Copenhagen

22-01-2011 12:54

British undercover police worked in the Youth house in Copenhagen in the winter of 2006 and 2007.

At least one British undercover police officer infiltrated, under the cover as an environmentalist activist, the political groups connected to the Youth house in the years 2006 and 2007.

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just a thought ...

22-01-2011 02:59

Who were these people - who was this woman? Winston Green in the 70s.

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Support Kashmir - 26th January "Black Day" protest

22-01-2011 00:26

On the 26th January kashmiris are protesting against the occupation,
they are calling the day "black day"

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Student walk-outs on Wednesday 26th - bulletin to print and distro!

21-01-2011 21:26

This is the bulletin that came out of the class struggle working group at Network X. We'd like to encourage you to consider printing a few off, and giving them out at your local college over Mon - Wed next week.

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Rail unions collaborate in London Underground job losses

21-01-2011 15:54

London Underground (LU) is pressing ahead with its axing of 800 jobs, with no opposition from the Rail Maritime and Transport union (RMT) and Transport and Salaried Staff Association (TSSA).

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Stroud Views & Burblings Issue 2

21-01-2011 12:44

Second issue of this new local freesheet. Covers EMA, Gloucestershire library closures, Network X and upcoming dates. Next issue will be on housing and come out around Feb 3rd... feel free to submit content/ideas/jokes please

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United States Has a Choice in Tunisia

21-01-2011 12:31

The Tunisian Intifada has proved that democracy and regime change can be homemade, without any U.S. intervention. Ironically any such U.S. intervention now is viewed in the region as a threat of a counterrevolution that would preempt turning the Intifada into a revolution. U.S. hands-off policy could be the only way to democracy in Tunisia. But a hands-off policy is absolutely not a trade mark of U.S. regional foreign policy. However, the United States has a choice now in Tunisia, but it is a choice that pre-requisites a U – turn both in the U.S. approach to Arab democracy and in its traditional foreign policy.

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Our Enemies Discuss How to Squash Us

21-01-2011 01:57

An Irish former-revolutionary now sell-out / former police chiefs who dealt with Miners Strike, Poll Tax and Brixton etc all discuss how to beat us, politically and literally. So so much interesting stuff in here, needs close study and lessons learnt on the basis of.

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BNP In Financial Turmoil

20-01-2011 21:23

Clive Jefferson BNP national treasurer
BNP’s delayed accounts reveal financial disaster zone

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Everyone To Southwark Town Hall - Anti-Cuts, 25th Jan, 3pm

20-01-2011 20:11

Tuesday 25th JANUARY 3pm – Protest at Southwark Council meeting re: cuts
Assemble 3 pm at Southwark Town Hall, Peckham Road SE15 (Junction of Havil St and Peckham Rd)

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Lib Dem Scientologists

20-01-2011 19:09

Lib Democrats influenced by entryist Scientologists

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International Week of Direct Action against SHELL begins!

20-01-2011 11:44

Good Morning, We have just heard that Shell oil have received permission to complete their raw gas pipeline in Co. Mayo Ireland.

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Shell given permission to complete Gas pipeline in Mayo

20-01-2011 11:37

This morning we heard that An Bord Pleanála (the Irish planning board) has granted Shell oil permission to finish their raw gas pipeline.

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Homophobic tory minister criticises islamophobia

20-01-2011 11:31

Baroness Warsi has criticised the social acceptability of Islamophobic prejudice. Perhaps in her new campaign against bigotry she should look towards her own faults, having campaigned for parliament in 2005 on a platform of opposition to equal ages of consent for homosexual and heterosexual sex, and support for the homophobic Section 28 from the days when the tories were honest and open about their bigotry.

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Anti-Benefit Cuts Leafleting Glasgow Monday 24th January 3pm-4pm

20-01-2011 00:57

ATOS Health Care
Corunna House
29 Cadogan Street
G2 7AB

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"Mark Stone" and the Achilles' Heel of Activism

19-01-2011 15:04

They called him "Flash": Kennedy made £50,000 a year undercover
The unmasking of activist "Mark Stone" as Police Constable Mark Kennedy has sent shockwaves through anti-capitalist groups around the UK. Police infiltration had long been considered a given by the more savvy demonstrators. But the fact that Kennedy had played such an integral part in the organisation of high profile direct actions - and police repression of them - has exposed the Achilles' heel of activism: its reliance on the good will of people who are often total strangers.

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Full Unemployment Cinema Education Special - Jan 30th, London

19-01-2011 14:23

"Down with teachers! Up with revolution!” EDUCATION FILM SPECIAL

Sunday 30th January 2011, 6PM
at Colourama
52-56 Lancaster Street,

Free Entry!!

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