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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Totalitarian Fossil Fools Day report

04-04-2008 17:47

Total Petrol Station Marylebone Rd
Totalitarian Fossil Fools Day took place at the Dorest House Total Petrol Station 170-172 Marylebone Rd on April 1st. Joining in with the events of the 5 protesters demonstrated against the French oil company's fossil foolishness causing climate change and pollution as well as the usual protest against Total's support of the brutal Burma junta. Total funds the evil junta with 500 million dollars a year and its gas pipeline in Burma was built with slave labour (see

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Brown's Cannabis Ourtage

04-04-2008 11:43

Cannabis campaigners call for Prime Minister to listen to the advice of his own Advisory Council on Misuse of Drugs on cannabis classification and call for an inquiry into the legality of the law itself.

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MP hurts cyclist whilst driving out of parliament - was he breathalised?

04-04-2008 08:38

A crazed war monger, who had probably just left the commons bar, mows down a cyclist trying to save the planet he is intent on destroying.

Whilst it is standard procedure to breathalise drivers involved in accidents no mention has been made of whether this was done.

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ASBO Squat: Destroyed & Now Evicted

03-04-2008 22:57

After many meetings and planning, in August 2005, a number of concerned individuals took direct action to squat a large house / block of flats. The place had been empty for the previous seven years and was in a great state of dis-repair.

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Demand for Justice in the Tax Credit System

03-04-2008 20:54

After years of bullying by HMRC a group of mothers fight back. Tax Credit Casualties formed by Paula Dean from Rotherham holds its first packed public meeting.

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Scientology Cult Lands in Moseley, Birmingham

03-04-2008 19:33

Pitmaston House, Moseley, Birmingham
The Church of Scientology Cult has announced that it's establishing it's second biggest base in the UK in Moseley, South Birmingham. The dangerous cult has bought a huge grade II listed building, Pitmaston House, which is estimated to be worth at least £4.25 million. The former insurance building was listed after a local campaign managed to save the building from developers but now it looks set to turn into a base to recruit people from the local area and to fulfil the claims of it's leader, David Miscavige, that the Church is expanding. The Church of Scientology is no stranger to Moseley, before it opened it's offices in Birmingham city centre, it ran a shop on the Highstreet during the 1970s/80s.

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Birmingham City Council Endorses Sinister Scientology Cult

03-04-2008 17:56

Birmingham City Council is endorsing the 'L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future contest', a science fiction competition run by the dangerous cult, the Church of Scientology.

Birmingham City Council also link to the competition site where you can win "The L. Ron Hubbard Gold Award, a magnificent trophy with a god [sic] quill and star set in red-based lucite". The site's 'shop' links to 'a publisher of the fiction works of L. Ron Hubbard' the deceased founder of the cult.

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Direct action gets the goods once again, this time in London

03-04-2008 13:10

An underpaying, exploitative restuarant boss in London was forced to pay a foreign kitchen porter his owed wages and also holiday pay when a picket arrived outside his restaurant, backed up by threats of legal action.

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EuroMayDay Promo Video

03-04-2008 11:27

A EuroMayDay promo video has been made and is on YouTube. Check it out! Link it. Add it to your blog/MySpace, etc...

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Kosovo constitution needs to provide more guarantees for Roma, NGOs say

03-04-2008 07:56

In a letter sent to the Constitutional Commission and representatives of the international civilian administration in Kosovo, Roma NGOs ask for substantial improvements of the draft constitution which has been prepared by the Constitutional Commission.

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Oxford Activists Hit Welsh Power Station: Press Release

03-04-2008 07:30

At 7.30am this morning, activists successfully blockaded all entrances to Aberthaw Power Station in Barry, South Wales.

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Nottingham’s Zimbabwean Community stand together

02-04-2008 22:06

The Zimbabwean community, guest speakers and supporters attended an evening of traditional Zimbabwean food, music and testimonies from survivors of Mugabe’s regime on Friday 28th March and stood together again in demonstration in Nottingham’s Market Sq. on 29th March, the day of Zimbabwe’s elections.

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Urban conricerca 2008: inside the Culture of Capital

02-04-2008 21:39

Starting this Friday, 4th April, a 'conricerca' or workers' inquiry into the class composition of Liverpool will begin. More details will be posted on Indymedia, but here is a short analysis from one of the founding members of the group, who has recently moved to the UK from Slovakia.

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Fossil Fools Blockade E.On Offices Surveillance and Specialist Equipment

02-04-2008 20:59

At the protest against E-on activities with fossil fuels / new coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth in Kent, there was a large police operation [as you might expect]. Related posts: "Fossil Fools Blockade E.On Offices in Nottingham : Pictures 1 & 2" [links below] describe the event.

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28 Million Americans On Food Stamps $25 a Week ($1 per meal)

02-04-2008 19:56

Democracy Now reports on poverty in the USA

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asbo evicted

02-04-2008 18:29

the asbo was this afternoon evicted
and about bloody time
i wonder where the violent residents will lay their shame now
its just a shame its not winter

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FFD - Norwich Union withdraw £6.1 billion from Fossil Fuel Industry

02-04-2008 15:26

Leaflet Front
On 31st March, Norwich Rising Tide started the fossil foolery early.

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Operation Happy Shopper

02-04-2008 11:35

A short summary of Opperation Happy Shopper, a Protest against the CCHR exhibit "Psychiatry - An Industry Of Death" For more infomation on the the exhibit itself, please read the following link;

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Continuing Conflicts that Create Refugees, March 2008

02-04-2008 10:19

Eight actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated in March 2008, and four improved, according to the new issue of CrisisWatch
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