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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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21-02-2006 17:24

We need 100 people to donate £10 a month for 6 months in order to help Spirit until his appeal in April.

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Feb 23rd, London Rising Tide - Rubbish, consumption & climate chaos.

21-02-2006 12:22

On Feb 23rd LRT will play host to Heather Rogers, who's just written a book called 'Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage'. She will show a 20 minute film and lead off a discussion looking into rubbish, consumption, climate chaos, capitalism and whatever else catches our eye.

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Manchester Mayday Warm-up Weekend

21-02-2006 09:58

Free Trade Hall in Manchester
Join us for three days of pre-May Day celebrations and political actions!
A coalition of activist groups in Manchester is planning a series of actions over May Day weekend. More details will be given nearer to the event. Check the website for updates…

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Mindwalk 31: Driving to Baghdad

21-02-2006 06:23

Audio of convoys and patrols by US & UK soldiers. Sounds of beating victims from the recent whistleblower video from the UK set to Klaus Nomi. William S Burroughs, Raymond Lafferty & Jody Paulson chime in, including skits from Kanye West. Poetry by Lord Patch, Charles Bukowski and Vera Lynn with the curtain call "Iraqi Victims Reprise".

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Solidarity actions with imprisoned anarchists in Barcelona

21-02-2006 03:02

Free Ruben and Ignasi!
On the 9th of February the anti-terrorist police arrested 3 people in Barcelona. One of them has been released, but Ruben and Ignasi continue to remain in prison, on charges of being involved with arson attacks and an unexploded bomb incident. The targets of the arsons were all involved in Spanish prisons, i.e: C.I.R.E - Which is a body involved in forced prison labour. In Spanish prisons torture is commonplace, especially in the beginning period of detention. Acts of solidarity with Ruben & Ignasi are essential.

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Dalston Lane Theatre

20-02-2006 18:36

Action on roof
Today, Monday 20th of February, local activists from Hackney occupied the Victorian and Georgian buildings at 4-14 Dalston Lane, E8, in order to stop the threat of demolition.

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roof top activists challenge illegal occupation

20-02-2006 15:11

Dalston Lane Theatre - Workmen and Police forced entry to the occupied theatre this morning - there are now (14.30 hours) activists on the roof of both buildings and more people are needed. The second building is still occupied.

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Venezuela Talk and Films

20-02-2006 12:19

Bolivarian Revolution, Coal Mining and Indigenous Resistance
Wednesday 1st March, 7.30pm, The Sumac centre
245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham

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British casualties in Iraq: MOD stalls the release of figures under the freedom

20-02-2006 11:23

Attempts to find out the true extent of British casualties in Iraq are being stalled by the Ministry of Defence

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How Tower Hamlets Council is wasting precious cash to shield Crossrail

20-02-2006 10:50

London's East End Borough of Tower Hamlets is witnessing a unique political confrontation between large parts of the constituency and the Council over Crossrail. The contents of the hybrid Crossrail Bill now in the UK House of Commons is at the centre of the dispute that has already caused serious political repercussions in the area. The Khoodeelaar! Campaign against Crossrail hole has been mobilising support against the Council in an unprecedented way.
The community is opposing Crossrail plans. Including the dubious 'need' argued by Tower Hamlets Council for aCrossrail station at Whitechapel. Campaigners are set to publish later today [Monday 20 February 2006] legal grounds for a High Court action against the Council.

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Nantes (France): Why are we occupying the construction site of a prison?

20-02-2006 10:11

A group of several dozen people is currently occupying the trees which are on the future site of the E.P.M. (a prison for minors) d'Orvault, near to the city of Nantes (France), in an attempt to stop the construction. We want to show our opposition in a determined manner to the state and economic violence which is destroying our lives: imprisonment, misery, ghettoisation, the politics of "security", racism, wage labour...

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It's Everybody's World

20-02-2006 04:56

"The reality is that of 580,000 soldiers who served in that war 325,000 are on permanent medical disabilty and 11,000 have subsequently died - an astonishing figure of 56% of those who served are now seriously ill with radiation related sicknesses, eupehmistically labelled "Gulf War Syndrome" by the medical and military establishments that refuse, of course, to acknowledge its true cause." And much more.

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2nd Renaissance -8

19-02-2006 21:47

Innocent people might lose their lives
Ultimately the old order will lose the battle to preserve their privileged way of life, based on all prevailing scarcity, pseudo-democracy, and the rule of law. But in the interim, hundreds of millions of innocent people might lose their lives in bloody resistance to the changes being made by the Old World Order (OWO).. If such a terrible thing happens, it will all have been for nothing, because:

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19-02-2006 19:27

Live Streaming Video coverage begins at 8pm Pacific Standard Time,
Feb 20 Monday
Tune in to
for full coverage. Windows media Player required.

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Flyer in solidarity of squatters and anarchists recently arrested in Barcelona

19-02-2006 18:00

Flyer in English. Please download, copy and distribute. Internatonal solidarity is needed to defend our compañeros from the latest repressive wave in Barcelona.

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Critical Mass Links to stuff about it all

19-02-2006 15:33

The content of this lot shows that CM is important for local transport, personal fitness, safer cities. Right up to the global scale of stuff with pollution, climate change, big business.

CM is just yet another manifestation of the [very] old adage

"Think Globally -- Act Locally" I think it is important that we do so act locally!

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Let’s radicalise and extend our fights

19-02-2006 14:56

This flyer will be an short reflection about our struggles and the necessary extension and radicalisation of them.

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Belfast postal wildcats win!

19-02-2006 14:15

At a packed meeting at lunchtime on Friday 17th February, in Transport House, Belfast, striking postal workers decided to end their wildcat strike and return to work having won their dispute.

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London Shell Petrol Station Blockaded

18-02-2006 21:59

Shell Petrol Station Blockade
Today 40 activists fom Rising Tide, Rhythms of Resistance and other groups shut down a Shell petrol station in Islington, London in solidarity with the International Day of Action against Shell's onshore pipeline in County Mayo, Ireland.

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18-02-2006 15:21

A CALL for INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY for anti-WTO political Prisoners and PRESSURE to CONTINUE DERAILING WTO: International Action Week, Feb 27th - March 5th 2006 in solidarity with 2 anti-WTO political prisoners who stand trial in Hong Kong, thousands of political prisoners behind bars worldwide, and millions
of prisoners of WTO-related policies.

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