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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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G20 Defence Needed

23-05-2010 14:23

Were you or someone you know at last years G20 protests?? Do you have any footage or can you give a witness account of the brutality I experienced on Threadneedle St between 11am-1pm?? If you can please get in touch.

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Camden Police have "lost" CCTV & otherevidence in youth murder trial.

23-05-2010 03:08

Police in Camden have said that they have "lost" CCTV evidence in a murder trial "because it cost £500". They have also said that mobile phone evidence was "unclear" and that an oyster card was "accidentally wiped". Shama'arke Hassan was shot dead and youthss were arrested. Now the police have "lost" evidence against the people they are accusing of killing him.

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Participate in the NUJ and ‘38 Degrees’ Nationwide Day of Action

22-05-2010 21:57

New Birmingham & Coventry NUJ Branch Banner, produced by IWW Artisans
Tuesday 25 May lunchtime protest outside BBC Mail Box Birmingham
Join the local NUJ Branch protest against cuts by the BBC

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Hounslow Freedom Pass Holders Refused Renewal

22-05-2010 21:24

These are the two cases that have come to light with council spokeman lying through his teeth saying the Government set the criteria.

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International bike ride links communities in resistance: Merthyr to Mayo cyclist

22-05-2010 08:23

Today, a 50-strong international bike ride begins the 400 mile journey from a community resisting Britain’s largest open cast coal mine in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales to County Mayo, Ireland, where local people have spent the last ten years fighting a Shell-led gas development. We aim to offer direct support to these two local campaigns resisting the fossil fuel industry.

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The English Defence League are marching at 2pm today [Saturady 22nd May]

22-05-2010 03:16

The English Defence League will be marching tomorrow along with other groups described by the EDL as patriots from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. They will b egin the march at 2pm in Tothill Street, London SW1 and will march up towards Downing Street, Trafalgar Square and to Waterloo Place. Trevor Kelway has put out a callout for the EDL to join the march in London.

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A New Oil Rush Endangers the Gulf of Mexico and the Planet

22-05-2010 02:46

"In the process, however, most of our easily accessible onshore oil and gas reservoirs have been depleted, leaving only less accessible reserves in offshore areas, Alaska, and the melting Arctic. To ensure a continued supply of hydrocarbons -- and the continued prosperity of the giant energy companies -- successive administrations have promoted the exploitation of these extreme energy options with a striking disregard for the resulting dangers. By their very nature, such efforts involve an ever increasing risk of human and environmental catastrophe -- something that has been far too little acknowledged."

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PHILIPPINES: Sabotaging the path to the strategic stalemate

22-05-2010 02:16

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP-Maoist) has spent a tremendous amount of manpower, financial and materials resources in the electoral campaign, in the process forging a tactical alliance with the landlord-bureaucrat capitalist Manuel Villar, the Nacionalista Party--and indirectly with the family of the late fascist puppet dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

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Cellphone Antenna Sabotaged with Fire, Bristol

21-05-2010 18:17


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Dissident Island Radio tonight - a sizzling show

21-05-2010 13:40

disco inferno
Greek unrest // Resisting the EDL // Middlesex uni occupation // Conservatives save the environment // BPM on the decks

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20-05-2010 22:43

Ryanair has been banned from charging extra money on credit/debit cards in Germany.

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Thailand's Class War

20-05-2010 19:15

Some of this info has been taken from wikipedia.

State violence has been met by violence from the Red Shirts, who targetted the stock exchange, shopping malls, banks and media outlets in Bangkok seen as sympathetic to the government. The Bangkok Post and Channel 3 television were both evacuated. Outside Channel-3, cars parked outside the building were set on fire and protesters then entered the Channel 3 building and set it on fire. In total, 30 buildings were gutted with fire, as a curfew was laid down and extended to 21 provinces across the north and north east of the country overnight. The curfew has been extended by 3 days.

Will this mean the rural working class will finally get listened to? Probably not just right now but this just the start. Former PM Thaksin Shinawatra is right to say that the government clampdown will see the start of a guerrilla war. Investors/companies are already moving out of Bangkok. The Red Shirts may have lost the battle, but the may just win the war in view of the potential that exists in view of their sheer numbers, despite a heavy state clampdown. Time for the rich elite to cede some of their power, otherwise even more significant chunks of the middle class will turn against them as well and join in their complete annihilation.

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Canadian anarchists torch bank

20-05-2010 17:47

ANARCHISTS claimed responsibility yesterday for a firebomb attack on a Royal Bank of Canada branch in the nation's capital and warned of more chaos at G8 and G20 summits in Toronto next month, reports AFP.

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Videos of Paris No Borders action published

20-05-2010 14:13

No Borders and Calais Migrant Solidarity activists gathered in Paris for a day of action for Freedom of Movement around the Gare du Nord.

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Top Italian Policemen get up to five years for Genoa attacks

19-05-2010 13:14

Good news - the fascist police of Genoa, who attacked people in the Diaz School have finally received sentences! For those of us who where there or across the road, this is a very late but welcome verdict.... though none of those responsible face prison (surprise surprise).

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Athens, Bangkok, where next? Revolt now!

18-05-2010 20:13

from the mouth of a protestor in bangkok (allegedly):

"People of higher class look down upon us even though we serve them," said the slingshot-wielding Sakhorn, who has spent the last four nights sleeping on the streets behind the tire barricades, without a shower or a change of clothes. "They think we are stupid because we are poor."

With a flourish, he pulled the slingshot and white pebbles from the pocket of his jeans, which are shredded at the left knee.

"This is all I have got, and the government calls me a terrorist!" he said. "I believe in negotiations if it done by our leaders. If not, we will keep fighting even if it takes years."

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The UN - Still Relevant Even if Ineffective

18-05-2010 18:36

In a world in which the technological capacity to kill en masse or with high specificity, to observe intrusively or to monitor activity and communications at a collective or individual level, the capacity and potential exists not only for death and destruction, accidental or deliberate on a vast scale or for genocide of targeted groups but also for manipulation and coercion of groups and individuals in ways that most people could not imagine.

Our only international institution that even comes close to a project plan for salvation is the United Nations; it’s all we have. What the UN lacks is not relevance but effectiveness.

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River workers' strike over - deal struck - but strike wave grows

18-05-2010 00:39

The river vessel strike ends - but other strikes keep rolling...

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Tate Modern 10th Birthday Sees Action Against Slick BP Sponsorship

17-05-2010 23:45


Tate Modern was forced to close down parts of its No Soul For Sale tenth anniversary exhibition on Saturday (15 May) whilst it struggled to remove dozens of dead fish and oil-soaked birds hanging from huge black balloons let loose in the Turbine Hall.

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Property of the state

17-05-2010 21:38

An anti-system poem named 'Property of the state'. This poem refers to a mans life journey, a fight against oppression and finding the path to salvation.
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