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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Sack Parliament footage screening tonight

10-10-2006 09:09

Tonight at the rampART from 8pm there is a presentation and screening of a film about indymedia and the uprising in Argentina. Prior to the main feature we'll be showing short films from indymedia video collectives in the UK including footage from yesterdays Sack Parliament event...

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EDO Corp Sued For Racial Discrimination

09-10-2006 23:21

More legal woes for arms company EDO Corporation.

The Washington Post reported Monday that EDO face a US Federal Court law suit after accusations of racism against an African-American owned company.

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Sack Parliament - More Photographs

09-10-2006 22:03

Outside Parliament
Pictures from this afternoon's demo in Parliament Square, London, and some brief comments.

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09-10-2006 19:32

Are you inspired by suffragettes and their struggle for the vote? Sheffield Popular Arts has researched the stories of local women and have come up with some intereting facts.

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UK's national ID scheme will cost £5.4bn

09-10-2006 19:16

UK's national ID scheme will cost £5.4bn to set up and run over the next 10 years, the Home Office says.

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Feminist Fightback updated agenda

09-10-2006 17:33

The first Feminist Fightback activist conference will take place at the School of Oriental and African Studies, in London, on Saturday 21 October.

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Palestine Today

09-10-2006 17:25

Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre for Monday October 9th, 2006.

One Palestinian killed and five injured in an army air strike in the Gaza Strip, while an Israeli soldiers kills a Nablus resident at Huwwara checkpoint south of the city. These stories and more. coming up stay tuned.

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Vigil to Save the Jarawa

09-10-2006 17:21

Survival International are holding a weekly vigil at India House in solidarity with the Jarawa tibe

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Close down Dallas Court!, Fri 13 Oct 2006

09-10-2006 16:45

The next protest in the series of monthly protests at Dallas Court Reporting Centre, Salford Quays, will be held on Friday 13 October at 12-2pm. People, including women, chidren and victims of rape and torture, are kidnapped daily at Dallas Court and taken to detention centres. Many who escape kidnap also report being racially abused and insulted regularly by racist staff at Dallas Court. NWASDG and Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! (FRFI) urges everyone to attend and to support and publicise these protests against the oppression of asylum seekers by this racist Labour government.

Nearest Tram 'Broadway'.

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London October 7th: International Day of Action on Migrant Rights

09-10-2006 15:37

Coming out of the shadows! - Migrants on the march for their rights in London

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London Calling

09-10-2006 15:34

More anti-authoritarian groups are needed to combat the social destruction by government and big business, and to encourage people to take back control of their lives and environment. How can such groups be promoted?

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RUGRATS launch at University of Reading

09-10-2006 14:42

Ever had the feeling that all politician’s are liars? Maybe when they tell you that thousands of pounds of debt just for getting an education is a good thing, or that it really was about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Ever thought that capitalism sucks, making the rich richer and screwing everyone else? Ever felt like staying in bed instead of going to work?

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Another corporate beast behind 'NHS Logistics' privatisation

09-10-2006 14:28

Novation - 'group purchaser' for health products
Most people will have heard about the selling off of a massive area of the NHS to the private 'German' distributor, DHL, who this month are poised to takeover (from NHS Logistics) the warehousing and supply of thousands of items used by NHS hospitals and GP surgeries across the country. What is less widely mentioned in the press, perhaps as it's not as obvious in terms of effect on front-line public sector jobs, is that a massive US procurement operation Novation is also behind the new contract. Brought in to save money we are told, this Texan based company is under investigation by the US justice department for overcharging federal healthcare programmes for goods!

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screening and presentation of the film ''i''

09-10-2006 12:27

We will be holding a free/donation screening of the Argentinian film 'i' at the Cowley Club in Brighton on Wednesday presented by the film makers. The film starts at 6pm and the address is 12 London Road (across the street from Somerfield).

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Turbulence: Ideas for movement

09-10-2006 12:12

We’re currently putting together the first in a series of publications called Turbulence: Ideas for movement. In the first issue, we want to take the slogan “We Are Winning” – famously sprayed on a wall in Seattle during the 1999 WTO protests – and ask, “What, actually, would it mean to win?”. We plan to publish Turbulence to coincide with the counter-mobilisation against the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, Germany in June 2007

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7th October London - March for Migrants Rights

09-10-2006 06:52

Coming out of the shadows! - Migrants march for their rights in London

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Oil and Gas in Ireland

09-10-2006 02:32

This is an outline of the latest developments in oil and gas exploitation off the West coast of Ireland, showing the wider context of the Corrib gas conflict.

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Shell in Mayo: A Backgrounder.

08-10-2006 23:05

Erris is a remote wild corner of Ireland’s western Atlantic coastline.
Over the last six years a group of corporations, Shell, Statoil, and Marathon, supported by the Irish State, have been attempting to force an unwanted development on the community there. Shell is major player in the group, with the two others owning lesser shares.
They are trying to build a 9 km on land high pressure production gas pipeline and a on land gas refinery to exploit the Corrib gas field, which is in the Atlantic ocean.
They plan to expand the development to exploit more gas and oil fields.
They have been consistently resisted culminating in the shutting down of construction by mass pickets in the summer of 2005.

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Bullet Boy screening @ Everything4Everyone

08-10-2006 15:24

Next tuesday's (10/10) E4e Cinema screening at Everything4Everyone will be Bullet Boy.
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