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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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No 2010 Vancover Olympic Games on Stolen Native Lands!

04-12-2008 23:10

A coalition of Indigenous elders, social justice activists, community activists and organizers are voicing opposition to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.
No Olympics on Stolen Native Lands! pass the word and forward widely

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04-12-2008 21:25

Both the current DRC troubles and the 1994 Rwanda "regime change" aka 'genocide' are aspects of an Anglo-American power play to effectively control the region and it's strategic resources. The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda is a kangaroo court process designed to eliminate and silence political enemies of their proxy Rwanda. These prisoners affirm: "that the ICTR has put us in prison, first and foremost for political reasons. On that account WE ARE POLITICAL PRISONERS OF THE UNITED NATIONS"

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Pro-Forma text to send to police forces if your DNA is held

04-12-2008 20:23

Following todays ruling by the European Court of Human Rights it makes sense for activists to get their requests in right away. This will put pressure on the police to start removing DNA and fingerprint evidence were people have been arrested but not charged.

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new labour 'arbiter mach frei' attack on poor

04-12-2008 19:20

the welfare reform bill is a vicious attack upon vulnerable people. Even proposing such authoritarian measures as using lie detectors on the sick.

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World calls time on UK plc

04-12-2008 16:16

The paucity of action on the part of liberal minded, left-oriented activists in the face of the very real economic and political crisis facing the UK is mind boggling. Whilst the BNP is out in force with its political machine providing recently buggered workers, savers and pensioners with plausible sounding explanations non-fascist activists continue to focus on the minutiae of social life.

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DAN blocks Whitehall against Welfare Reform Act

04-12-2008 11:23

Yesterday (Wednesday 3rd December, International Day of Disabled People 2008) at 2pm, activists from the UK Disabled People's Direct Action Network (DAN) and London Coalition Against Poverty (LCAP) blocked traffic both ways on Whitehall, directly outside Downing Street, for over 45 minutes in protest against the new Welfare Reform Act, which replaces Incapacity Benefit with a much more punitive "Employment Support Allowance" and forces disabled people into "workfare" schemes which are effectively free labour for corporations.

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PLEASE HELP stop the EU sacrificing Climate, People & Food‏

04-12-2008 03:28

EU legislation forcing up biofuel use in cars must be stopped - the harm that will be done simply cannot be underestimated.

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The Mad World of Work

03-12-2008 20:57

The latest issue of Nerve magazine is now out, and available free from the Catalyst office (85-89 Duke Street), News From Nowhere on Bold Street, and various other outlets around Merseyside. It is also online, at This time the focus is on definitions and experiences of work.

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NDC: A brief history and critical examination

03-12-2008 20:40

The Neighbourhood Development Company (NDC) is the Nottingham partnership receiving money from the government's New Deal for Communities programme. It has had a controversial history, most recently resulting in the sacking of its entire Board for breaches of the Code of Conduct. This article takes a critical look at the organisation and proposes an alternative model for community development.

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Imperial justice: cops bully London protestors

03-12-2008 17:52

Protesters at the Woolwich Court on Monday.
Protest marred the trial of Hyrbyair Marri and Faiz Baloch in London. The two have tried to organize the Baluch resistance against Pakistan military atrocities in Baluchistan, that includeds killing, rape, torture and disappearances.

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DAN protest today about the welfare reforms

03-12-2008 13:54

Just been Fwd'ed this about the action carried out in london today by the Disabled Action Network (DAN)

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Hello London! What ethnic backgrounds have we got in tonight?

03-12-2008 03:16

Form 696 will require all live music performers in London to fill out 8 pages of personal details and expected ethnic background of the audience.

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Firebird benefit carboot now on 14th Dec

02-12-2008 23:12

There is a change of date for the Firebird/Community Justice Centre benefit car boot, see for previous article.

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Newspaper of Anarchist Black Cross - St.Petersburg (Russia) – 2nd issue is out

02-12-2008 18:28

Newspaper of Anarchist Black Cross - St.Petersburg (Russia) – 2nd issue is out

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Dark Nights #4 - Anti-Prison, Anti-State Bulletin

02-12-2008 17:31

Four page anarchist anti-prison freesheet available to download and print out (PDF format).

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Bad Messenger Native Abuse: Hidden from History Exposed!

02-12-2008 17:19

When an issue is as important as genocide and the Indian Residential Schools in Canada, it is as important that those speaking of it speak the truth. And that "spokespersons" NOT come from the very Oppressor group responsible for these crimes in the first place. Hidden from history exposed...

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Welcome to the Zanu-Labour Police State

02-12-2008 16:04

Should not all border entry points, now manned by uniformed guards, not display an official welcoming sign: Welcome to the Zanu-Labour Police State?

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Class struggle contingent with Bangladeshi workers on 6 December climate march

02-12-2008 12:18

Class struggle against climate change! Join Workers' Climate Action, No Sweat and the Colombia Solidarity campaign in marching with garment worker trade unionists from Bangladesh on the 6 December National Climate March.

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Domestic Violence Victims failed by government legislation

02-12-2008 11:46

Activists and Politiian gather in Market Square, Cambridge.
One in Four women in the UK will suffer from domestic violence. Although there are measures in place to help most people in this situation, a number of women with insecure immigration status are left trapped in abusive relationships. Last weekend, the Cambridge City Amnesty International Group organized a protest to demand that the UK government provides protection to ALL women who are victims of from domestic violence.

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Ayodeji Omotade V British Airways

02-12-2008 08:22

Ayodeji Omotade
"What would you do if someone on your flight was distressed and crying out for help? Would you stay silent or would you speak?  I spoke and BA didn't like it.  This type of corporate tyranny must be challenged and stopped." Ayodeji Omotade
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