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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Indymedia Screening showing NO LAGER, Sunday 19th june

14-06-2005 10:15

Two films about detention centres for refugees, and
inspiring actions that have taken place outside and inside them across the world and in Oxford

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Trolley Town

14-06-2005 09:41

A forum about TESCOPOLY

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14-06-2005 08:03

Tippa Naphtali updates on Mikey's campaign
The event MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER 'staying focused - keeping up the struggle' was led by the Mikey Powell Campaign for Justice and supported by Migrant Media, the filmmakers that made the INJUSTICE film.

The event bought together a number of families and artists including the world renowned poet Benjamin Zephaniah, (who famously refused the OBE), in Birmingham on 27th May 2005 to help launch a major new campaign, and to shine a spotlight on the cases of many other families affected by deaths in police and institutional custody.

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report of US embassy demo: GIVE UP THE TERRORISTS!

14-06-2005 01:28

around forty people came to a picket on monday afternoon outside the US embassy in london, to protest the protection of self-confessed terrorist luis posada. there were speakers from hands off venezuela, rock around the blockade, bolivia solidarity campaign and colombia solidarity campaign, as well as samba from rhythms of resistance.

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Online petition - Too often pro rightist capitalism slogans are spoken

14-06-2005 01:16

Raising awareness.

It is about how the news should report the issue of trade and society using unbiased terms - for example, unregulated trade instead of Free Trade - 'Free' is a powerful word - powerful enough that it selected to be used all around - buy one get one free - etc. I would hope that this campaign could be sucessful in two different main ways:

1) change media reporting - a victory for commonsense as the masses become less influence by these influential pro-business slogans.

2) those who argue against unregulated trade will tend to call it unregulated trade - rather than saying, "I AM AGAINST FREE TRADE" because people who may not have fully looked into the issues may think from the slogan, that we must be against an aspect of freedom! because is free is such a powerful and postive word - it should not be used to describe something of considered by many to not be so wonderful.

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Off The Buses!

13-06-2005 20:15

New Labour council in Neath to eliminate school bus service!

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Brum Food Not Bombs first public serving

13-06-2005 19:44

Food on Friday Night
What was just an idea on May Day this year was realised on Saturday 11th June at Birmingham Food Not Bombs' first public food table in Birmingham City Centre.

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PSYCHOGEOGRAPHY IS BAD: A Bunfight - this Friday

13-06-2005 19:21

you are here but why?
Are you tough enough to fight it out! Are you a drunk deriver? Is psycho-geography a tool in the class struggle? Who will rule the London Psycho geographers crowd? Let the battle commence!!

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Shayler to debate with O'Hara in London

13-06-2005 15:38

Ex-MI5 and self-styled whistleblower David Shayler is to debate his career with arch critic Larry O'Hara At Conway Hall on Tuesday 21st June 2005 7pm

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Abundance and Scarcity

13-06-2005 13:44

The demand for a basic income attacks one of the basic pillars of the capitalist society: the notion that only persons who work may eat. Every person on this earth has a right to share in social life and wealth only because he or she exists as a person.

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Butcher Blair sends Burundians home to die - Take Action Now!

13-06-2005 09:34

The British government has stepped up efforts to deport war-zone escapees back to their countries of origin, leading to unprecedented criticism from the UNHCR.

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Juan Carlos Galvis Colombian Trade Unionist Speaking Tour Dates

12-06-2005 23:33

Juan Carlos Galvis, one of the Coca-Cola workers named
in a civil action against the corporation and its
bottling companies in Colombia charging collaboration
with paramilitary death squads, is currently on a
speaking tour of Europe. Juan Carlos has had several
close relatives murdered, and has survived death
threats and actual assassination attempts. He is
President of the CUT union federation in
Barrancabermeja and the Secretary of Organisation of
his own union SINALTRAINAL - the National Food and
Drink Workers Union. He has already spoken in
Birmingham, Oxford and Paris where he has received
standing ovations.

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Sheffield Peace in the Park [anti-G8] :: The Pictures

12-06-2005 22:00

Peace in the Park 2005. There was music from the main stage, the open mic stage with the speakeasy cafe and more. Also a kids area, healing area, and film tent. There was food stalls, meditation space, DJing workshops, campaign stalls, massage, artists and artisans, discussion, art workshops etc ......

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Sheffield 'Stop the War' March [anti-G8] :: The Pictures

12-06-2005 21:51

Demonstration against the G8 Justice and Interior Ministers in advance of them coming to town. People gathered in town on Devonshire Green, Sheffield. Marched through the city centre, and on to the Peace in the Park Festival.

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Vigil for Corin Redgrave as Basildon defers virdict

12-06-2005 19:46

A candle-lit vigil was held last night for actor Corin Redgrave following his collapse at a council meeting held to decide the fate of Britain's largest Traveller community

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Gay Equality parade, Warsaw, draws 3,000 people!

12-06-2005 15:29

On saturday the 12th June, a 3,000 strong demonstration in Warsaw, Poland, for equality for gay people and culture in Poland was marred by threats and aggression from right wing opponants.

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Canterbury Gay Pride Success

11-06-2005 17:51

Today's Gay Pride event in Canterbury, Kent was an unmitigated success.

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11.06.05 Sheffield Dissent Critical Mass

11-06-2005 16:08

Sheffield cyclists take over the roads in protest to the g8 and pending meetings in the city this coming week.

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exclusive F#ck the G8 rap track to download

11-06-2005 16:04

Check this exclusive track: recorded this week to coincide with the resistG8 movement against the G8 summit. This track is an exclusive. pass it on. support the movement.

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200,000 people evicted in Zimbabwe

11-06-2005 15:02

200,000 people evicted in two weeks and another million threatened in Zimbabwe, appeal for urgent action.
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